خل التفاح. الحقيقة التي لم تروى. يجب المشاهده

خل التفاح. الحقيقة التي لم تروى. يجب المشاهده

Dear viewers. Peace, mercy and blessings of God Welcome to a new episode of SUKON therapy in India myths say that apple cider vinegar is an elixir of life with many nutrients and digestive benefits. In this video, I will talk about apple cider vinegar in detail. What are the benefits? What are myths? Before we start, if you are new to the channel, don’t forget to subscribe and support us with like so we can continue producing this kind of educational video. In fact, apple cider vinegar contains neither vitamin A nor vitamin C nor does it contain many minerals. The most important thing and the real reason why apple cider vinegar works on the body and burn fat is acetic acid On the pH scale
PH Potential of Hydrogen Acetic acid is Very acidic. 2.5. This is almost like stomach acid This is the real reason that apple cider vinegar works hard on the body because over time our bodies become more alkaline. Sure, this conflicts with your medical information, as you are told that the acidity in the stomach is constantly increasing and that you should take antacid pills, to protect your stomach but let me prove to you that this is not true. Ok, to simplify things more When we talk about pH, you should know that every part of your body has a different acidity. So if someone tells you that you have acidity. Ok, acid in any part of the body? body fluids such as saliva, blood, urine and CSF. The pH level ranges between 6-7.5 Except for the stomach, the normal heart rate is between 1.5 to 3.5 Blood is the true indicator of the acidity of the body, but it is very difficult to test this because once a sample is taken, blood from the body is oxidized and the real test is very expensive Therefore, we limit ourselves to diagnosing the condition through symptoms most of the time either as Acidosis in acid state or alkalosis in alkaline state The body prefers to keep blood acidity balanced at a level of only 7.3 and this is very important because at this degree the body’s efficiency increases in terms of mineral transmission and the balance of body ions the work of enzymes and also stimulate the work of glands uch as the thyroid gland to increase metabolism But most people have an increase in blood alkalinity or an excessive alkalinity due to various causes and wrong dietary practices. Ok let’s talk about the stomach The stomach uses acid to digest food to allow the intestine to absorb it. People with symptoms such as heartburn, acid reflux or throat uneasiness condition named globus pharyngeus is a condition in which the stomach is very alkaline and because of this the esophageal sphincter valve at the top of the stomach does not close, and this causes the stomach contents to exit into the esophagus and the persistent problem may cause esophageal cancer As for people who suffer from indigestion, bloating, flatulence and belching, it is a condition in which the stomach is unable to digest and break down food due to a lack of stomach acid This is contrary to the prevailing assumption that you suffer from increased acidity, Additional information: Stomach bacteria is a condition in which the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is spread in the stomach due to the weak ratio of stomach acid for a period of time, which allows the bacteria to reproduce. The solution All you have to do in these cases is to drink apple cider vinegar before meals and you will be surprised by the amount of improvement. In fact, my dear viewer, with age, and with no exercise The body begins to age the symptoms of aging are muscle weakness, stiffness of the joints, memory impairment and also, and this is the most important decrease in stomach acid secretion and the pH is heading towards alkalinity. Research has proven that the secretion of stomach acid decreases by 30% when we reach the age of 65 years. there for you need more acid as you age to be able to maintain the stomach, digest food and absorb minerals and vitamins. This is important for growth and for the rehabilitation and proper functioning of the body. Another problem that arises from alkaline of the stomach is the lack of calcium absorption. This results in the accumulation of calcium in abnormal places or calcification of soft tissues and increased stiffness and inflammation of the joints and calcification of the eye lens known as cataract and nerve inflammation and the formation of kidney stones and gallstones and tartar on the teeth. These symptoms are all caused by a lack of stomach acid for a long period of time, but drinking apple cider vinegar reflects these symptoms over time Symptoms of lack of calcium in the body Upper eyelid twitching Leg muscle spasm “calf muscle” Inflammation of the nerves and Arthritis Also, potassium deficiency is one of the consequences of alkaline blood and its symptoms Constipation Hypertension Feeling weak and tired irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, or hear heart rate when sleeping, Another point to mention Cortisol or stress hormon is a hormone that responds to stress, and exertion The body does not differentiate between physical exertion, psychological tension, or emotional stress and deals with the situation by secreting cortisol There is no person who lives on earth who does not suffer from at least one type of stress and the difference is how you deal with it increase in Cortisol the adrenal gland hormone for a period of time Exhaust and devastate the body and also causes elevated blood alkalinity by excreting H + blood acids in the urine and becoming more alkaline. drinking apple cider vinegar gives the body many advantages, such as absorbing minerals, storing calcium in its natural places, making better use of food we eat and helping the immune system. The best way to do it is to drink a cup of water with a tablespoon of mother apple cider vinegar and squeeze half a lemon of it and add a little cinnamon, ginger, or mint And if you like sweetened drink you can use stevia best times are to drink half an hour before meal and it doesnt harm making it your favorite drink with meals instead of soft drinks before I end the video I must tell you that when you feel that you cannot tolerate apple cider vinegar or that you feel a burning sensation with its use There are in fact 3 cases in which apple cider vinegar cannot be used, namely Ulcer, Gastritis, or any inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. In these cases, drinking vinegar or any acid that worsens the condition. Therefore, it is not advisable to take apple cider vinegar now. You should eat cabbage or its juice and use probiotics capsules for a period of not less than a month until you improve. I hope you benefited from the video Share the video with family and friends if you see that the information is useful And subscribe to the channel to watch more videos in the future This is Dr. Fares
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