Hi everyone I hope you’re well?
Today I wanted to talk about my winter foot care and foot wear kind of routine and,
how I care for my feet my paralyzed, weird feet. I don’t know about you but I have
a love-hate relationship with my feet ,I think they’re quite cute and pretty, but annoying and silly at the same time. And I have some problems with my
feet because of my paraplegia and circulation and things like that. So I
thought I would share with you, kind of what I do to help them and keep them in
the best condition that I can. Up until a few years ago I really neglected my feet
which is not cool, probably because I just couldn’t bare for them to be
touched. I didn’t want to look at them and all those kind of things but I’ve
moved on, I’m past that now and I think it’s really important to look after our
bodies the best we can so. I thought I would show you what I wear in winter to
keep them warm which is going to come as no surprise to you because it’s all I
wear, like they are literally surgically attached to my feet. I wear tall Uggs all
the time .I know they might not be to everyone’s tastes. So I thought would bring you
upstairs to show you my one and only Ugg boot collection. I love them because they
are so comfortable, they are so easy to wear and put it on, and they’re also really
really insulating. When I’m out and about and it’s like minus one or two you can
really tell the difference and they really keep them warm. I scotchguard my
UGG boots so that they do stay waterproof
as well. I always go for the tall ones so that they keep my legs as warm
as possible. So I’ve got this lovely chocolate pair, and I’ve got this
chestnut pair which are looking very very worse for wear, these are so old I
think they’re over 10 years old I think I had these before I had Daisy ?crazy
Daisy! You can fold them over to give them an extra look. These ones are my
slippers the are super old but because I wear them- or I used to wear them- every
single day they really really kind of got worn in. I don’t know about you but I
crawl a lot on the floor to get around easily, so yeah my shoes tend to get
quite worn out from crawling around but I have found these to be the best things
for my feet they are so comfortable they don’t rub they’re easy to get on.
Recently Shaun and bought me of pair or Christmas and they were Costco ones
they were a fraction of the price but I can’t tell you how happy I am with them
there is literally no difference you can see they’re a little bit slimmer in the
foot which I really really like because sometimes the UGG boots can make you
look a bit, duck feet ,and these ones have got a little zlip on the side which
makes them even easier to get on and look at that lovely shearling inside and
they are super warm and honestly you can’t tell the difference between these apart
from looking slightly slimmer, very hard to tell the difference really in feel
and quality to the really expensive Uggs. Those ones are absolutely fantastic and
for like £30 who’s gona complain? So what do I do to look
after my feet ? Well I have to be careful to keep, (I know this doesn’t sound ver attractive but we’re all friends here) I have to be careful to keep athlete’s
foot bay. Because my feet don’t move, not a lot of air circulates in them. I also
wear two pairs of thermal socks in my ugg boots; and yeah I thought I would
show you my lovely sock drawer right because I changed my socks a lot I have
a pair of SuperDuper thick socks these ones have got go Glen Coco on from Mean
Girls they are thermal socks as well and then I wear thinner cotton socks underneath
so I wear two pairs of socks the thinner pair and the thicker pair
over the top and they are on 24/7 apart form when I shower or bath though. I’m quite mindful of that. One thing I have started to do is get Australian
tea tree oil which is a great antiseptic it is fantastic for any sort of fungusy athletey footie type things or just keeping it a bay. I put a few drops
of this on some cotton wool pads and then Shau n will rub it into my toes and
in between my toes and on the nails. “what is it Shaun?” “Australian tee tee -” mumbles and giggles “Australian tee ttt”
Giggles “just tell us what it is man!!!” “Australian tea tree oil” “do you know what
other stuff it’s good for” “everything…. keeps the mozzies off you.” If you have watched my summer footsore routine, you will know that during the summer months I have shellac painted on my toenails so,
if you haven’t watch that go and have a look and find out why I have Shellac
on my toenails but in the winter I like to have the Shellac
removed so it gives it my toenails an opportunity to kind of breathe and just
the air to them and however at the moment I am sporting a little bit of
nail varnish because my sister and my mom and I we went for a spa day and I
just couldn’t bear the thought of going to a spa with un-painted toenails (never
heard of) so I do have a little bit of nail varnish on at moment and Shaun and
Daisy painted that for me, but yeah that needs to come off to let my toes breathe.
Another thing I use as a preventative method is some sort of powder and this
is a super absorbent foot powder from boots it’s really inexpensive it’s
really easy to get also, I use this brand as well Mycota which is another one to
keep athletes footers bay and or thing helps it if you have got it but it’s not
that strong. I would recommend that you go for a powder because you want to
absorb any swept and although I’ve tried the
sprays before you’ve got to be careful because you may have loss of
sensation like me you can’t feel if the spray is going to burn you and also
because our feet are paralyzed I can’t like open my toes out to get the spray
in between the toes and get like an even coverage. If you’ve got some powder you
can just shake it on rub it through the toes and on your feet and you’re good to
go and it makes your feet feel really nice and fresh afterwards as well and
nice and dry which is what I like. I don’t know if anyone else out there
has this but I always have phantom sweaty feet! my feet will feel to me like
really icy icy cold and dripping wet with sweat (it sounds so gross) but then
when I actually feel them they do not feel like they feel to my body! Does
anyone get that? That is really weird. okay and another thing that I use is
this I think this is featured in my summer foot video. This is amazing, this is “O’keefs for healthy feet.” This brand is really really good and they do hand and
body as well, but I’ve only used that foot one and it’s like a little cream
that comes like this, it has no smell at all it is not greasy but it is super
super hydrating and I put that on my heels and on my feet as well to keep
them nice and moist, and also in the winter months I put it on my knees and I
put it on my elbows and also my hands because my hands get SuperDuper dry from
being out and wheeling and doing all that kind of stuff, but honestly wake up
in the morning and you have got baby soft hands! and that’s great that’s
available in boots -not the cheapest in the world not- like gonna break the bank
but it’s worth spending the extra pounds or dollars and trying this I don’t think
you’d be disappointed if you gave this ago. That is it for my winter foot care I
hope you have found it useful? Let me know what you do to care for your
feet in the wintertime. If I’ve missed anything out or I don’t know of any tips
and tricks then let me know and the others know as well. Short but sweet
video I hope you enjoyed it thumbs up if you did don’t forget feel free to share
this video with a friend and I look forward to seeing you in my next one. xxxx

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  1. Hi everyone.
    There are time stamps in the description box.
    I’m having a few issues with the CC so bare with.( or please feel free to help me out here http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=eFUI2J9Olok) Don’t forget to let me know how you care for your feet.
    Gem 💎

  2. I struggle to keep my legs and feet warm so im gonna try some of these and i love those boots might get a pair 💖. I uploaded a video yesterday on perks of being in a wheelchair would be awesome if you checked it out much love xx

  3. I use Medi-honey cream for any skin cracking on my feet and legs. You can't get it from your doc on prescription (unless s/he is exceptionally generous) so I buy it on Amazon. It is cheaper if you buy two at a time. I also use Avon Footworks moisturiser. It leaves your tootsies minty-fresh! My aunt cuts my nails for me because apart from my big toes, my nails grow VERTICALLY 😱. My knees don't bend either. My feet are always moist at night because I wear polyethylene splints to help me stand up and walk. You might get some weird foot fetishists commenting on this. The other day some fella subbed to my channel. I watch a lot of other Disabled people's channels, and after doing due dilligence, I found out he's into amputees in a weirdo way, so I blocked him. You can't be too careful.

  4. I have a question, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful 🙏. You said Uggs were comfortable – are you able to feel them? I always wondered that, if someone is paralyzed, do they have a sense of sensation for comfortable footwear? O:

  5. Heh my feet tend to sweat a lot!!! It’s really annoying! But my extremities get super cold really easily. I’ll have to use some of your tips!!!

  6. Hi Gem another great video! For me, I stay away from moisturising cream.. because I’m also prone to athletes foot (since I used a particular antibiotic called Erythromycin years ago) I find moisturising cream actually promotes more athletes foot. I use daktarin cream on prescription daily which is especially for athletes foot. You can also buy this without prescription.
    I also don’t wear normal socks due to rubbish circulation, markings and swollen ankles so go for diabetic socks. I can only wear men’s leather diabetic slippers because that’s the only suitable shoes I can find! I love your Ugg boots – didn’t know you had a collection! 👌
    I notice you use talc. If sweating is a problem you can eradicate this by using driclor. This greatly reduces then eventually permanently stops sweating to a particular area of the body. Driclor Antiperspirant Roll On Applicator 20 ml https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008R7BT5S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_CsFuCb7ZDCRD8
    Bleeding is a major issue for me when cutting toe nails. Due to my sci I can’t feel if I’ve chopped the skin off and have bled right through socks and plasters frequently. I now use an electric nail file which is much safer than anything else and no more bleeding toes. Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic nail care system Pink + 3 replacement files https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074MB4MJC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_OqFuCb6B2WTMY
    Hope this is a help! I’m definitely going to paint my toe nails after seeing yours! I might buy some slipper boots to! 😉 x

  7. My old leg was paralysed pre amputation but i used to get that phantom sweaty feet sensations and now post amputation I still get that phantom sweaty feet sensations 🤷🏼‍♀️🤗

  8. O'Keefe is sold in the States also but you're much more attractive and vivacious than their spokesmodel in the TV adverts here. 😉 ♥

  9. The one thing i do from wearing boots allot is change out socks allot. Normaly twice a day for normal days, if Im camping or on scuba trips i try to do 3 times. I also do the foot powder and i ise them inside my shoes to dry them out if im going to wear them allot. Its allot of work but better than getting an infection, especially if you cant feel it.

  10. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets the “phantom feet sweats” 😱 its usually when I’m in bed and my feet feel soaking wet but when I feel them they’re fine lol (I have a spinal cord injury as well)

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