방탄소년단 (BTS) ‘피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears) MV REACTION [I’M DEAD]

방탄소년단 (BTS) ‘피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears) MV REACTION [I’M DEAD]

What’s going on everyone? My name’s Cam, and I’m here to react to BTS No one is bigger BTS fan than me. I don’t care what anyone says no one is a bigger BTS fan than me I swear to God look I got my BTS shirt on I got – [incoherent babbling] I’m all decked out and I’m so excited to watch this music video and then listen to the album I might do like a- an album listening reaction, but let’s just get into the music video. I’m so excited mmM. Okay. Let’s do this Okay, Jimin, Jungkook. Okay, the boys, everyone’s here. I’m like shaking. I’m like shaking. This is fucking- I don’t know- okay, here we go Okay, so art exhibit ‘Course Jin’s out in the distance being his weird-ass dead self Okay, that shirt is ridiculously nice the collar I’m into it their aesthetic right now Jimin’s voice I’m vibing this! Jimin needs to go solo- Suga~ [he looks so mesmerized by yoongs ;)] singing? I’m so happy right now Everyone’s doing a rap-sing type of thing. Sing monster? Green Apple Juice XD [what’s he on about? ;D] Jungk- I mean J-Hope Hit me with your arrow [hand on heart] V~ V’s blonde hair cut is gOrGeOUs! Everyone’s got such a nice voice Jungkook – brown hair and blue eyes – is unreal Okay, Jungkook looks stupid good. He looks stupid handsome. I love you? I’m dying the sets that bighit always put together are unreal So much J-Hope right now. I’m in a dream It has like a tiniest bit of reggae like electronic – like a reggae-tron I don’t think Jin’s had a line. Has he? Poor Jin~ No don’t do it! AAH I’m vibing this so hard now Ooh- okay. That effect is ridiculous. That’s sick. I’m so happy right now. Do you hear that vOiCe?! [shook by tae’s vocals] Rapmon vaping – sounds like a Rapmon thing to do Rapmon’s English always gets me confused, but I’m proud of him because he really knows it really well Suga on the organ right now. That is ridiculous – that is a ridiculous set piece This has to all tie into the whole story the whole huge – Jin has six different versions of himself- -theory. That’s the theory I’m behind: that he has six different versions of himself, plus his true self. Oh my God my fucking God I can’t get over these sad faces. Don’t it what is he doing? Oh my God? I’m stressed out stressing What is he doing? This has to mean something? I – for the of love me – do not want to figure it out right now. I can’t! I’ll just look at theories online for hours and days, okay? All right, Jin, okay. All right so Jin swings that way that’s fine Look at that What does that mean? Look at this – look at the visuals What does any of this mean? I have no idea but I fucking loved it! Everyone has blue contacts in and it’s making me crazy Okay, what does that mean? I mean something, that means something. Jin’s just breaking Okay, so first thoughts second third thoughts thoughts all around. I’m not talking about big deal, okay um The visuals in the music video were disgusting and by disgusting I mean absolutely insane ummm They all looked absolutely gorgeous Jungkook – brown hair, blue eyes – [in italian accent?] honey, that shit’s real okay? And then everyone just looks so good in the video The video is unreal the visuals are amazing the set pieces the effects were unreal um The song itself was really really good. I really like the vibe. They always do something different, and it’s so good and Like they’re doing this- Sing-rap thing like Suga was doing like a sing-rap And then Rapmon was doing like a sing-rap and then J-hope is ? And J-Hope had long lines, and I was really into that and I don’t think Jin had very many lines. He had like one line, but still he was the star of the music video. So you know what we’re good. I’m going to listen the rest the album maybe I’ll do like an album listen through if anyone gives a shit so um I hope you enjoyed that um other channels right there ^^ You don’t hove to worry about them, but anyway, I love Korean music, but I love BTS the most. Holy mother they’re so much better than everyone! I don’t mean to start a fight with anyone, but they’re so much better than everybody anyone could ever- -not stan them. They’re just unreal! anyway love you peace out look forward to other reaction videos and subscribe for more so have an awesome day!

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  1. "Thots all around, and I'm not talking about BTS–" I JUST FUCKING CHOKED ON MY TEA, THANKS CAM 😂😂😂

  2. Ok I’ve got to say I’m a new subscriber and I’m so freaking happy I found you, gurrrrllll I get every single word you said throughout the whole video. I wish I can go to a BTS concert with you hahahah you are amazing 💜

  3. I have this one idea. If you look at this MV and the Jap. version -> What if Jin sold his soul or something so he can go back in time to fix things, because everything went wrong? Then V might be Devil or some Demon possess him. (Just random thoughts)

  4. OMG okay I'm way late on this but I just started watching you and am trying hard to get through all your reactions but like Hobi oml just rocks my socks off in this song. I don't think that this music video is tied into the other things at all, I just don't get that vibe, I think it's something completely different. But then again, it could be Jin just imagining a new world with the same hallucinations. But V is an angel, Jin sees the wings on the statue and kisses the statue, the statue is V or the physical representation of V and when Jin kisses him, V's wings disappear and he becomes a fallen angel. I also think that Hobi might be a cupid because of the bow thing just saying. Love your reaction!

  5. actually, this mv was based off of a book that i believe rm read.. i dont know much more than that

  6. Welp, good luck with the theories cause I was on Google and YouTube for hours and I can't even… THE THEORIES FOR THIS SONG ARE INSANE!!!!!

  7. 카메론님 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 예전이나 지금이나 깨알같이 재밌는 제스쳐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 예전 영상에서 좀 더 낮은 목소리를 내시네요. 최근 영상에서 목소리는 하이톤이고요. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 또 변함없는건 '난 죽었음.'이라고 하는 대사 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  8. I just jump to your video and this reaction is cute and is a true army reaction. I was like, okay I'm gonna subscribe and watch all BTS reaction you have WHICH THERES 729 OF THEM. SIGHS. YOU. JUST YOU WAIT. IM GONNA WATCH ALL

  9. Coming back here makes me so happy😭😭😭😭 I love Cameron being the biggest fanboy specially when he said there are so many others but they are the best😍😍😍😍😍 I love BTS 💜

  10. I’m watching this two years later but every time I react to BTS blood, sweat and tears, I’m in my room in my bed stuffing my face and freaking out so fricking much I’m basically shitting myself and let’s not even talk about the time I watched a bts concert live on the internet cause I’m too broke to buy tickets 😂

  11. Who else is having a Cameron Phillip marathon??? Only me? Oh okay.. miss him 😭😭😭😭 come back soon Cammm!!!!!!!! 💜

  12. im so glad i found this channel i watched nearly all of your video cameron thank you sooooo much for uploading the videos about bts

  13. Back when you're still calling them V, JungCook, Suga, J-Hope and RapMon. And Jin. And Jimin. Because those are always their names.

  14. "No one is a bigger BTS fan than me "
    "I'm like- shaking "
    "I'm so happy rn"
    "hit me with your arrow."
    "I'm dying. "
    "I'm in a dream"
    "No don't do it-AH. "
    "I'm vibing this so hard rn"
    "That effect is ridiculous. "
    "Rapmon's English always gets me confused but I'm proud of him"
    "Oh my God… my fucking God."
    "I'm stressed out. "
    "This HAS to mean something- I'll just look at theories online for hours… and days "
    "Look at the-WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?! "
    "I have no idea but I fucking love this."
    "Everyone has blue contacts in and it's making me crazy "
    "I don't know how anyone could NOT stand them."

    Don't worry. This is only every army out there ever .

  15. Okay, I've been a fan of BTS for about a year exactly now and been an actual ARMY for a few weeks (and when I fangirl, I fangirl HARD, so I already know just about all of the jokes, I've watched so many videos, so lets just say I know a lot) but will someone please explain why Jin is always looking at flowers in vases in multiple videos (blood, sweat and tears, fake love, love yourself: answer…)

  16. Cam now would be like..

  17. it is so odd to hear you calling them by their stage names!! it sounds so foreign now that you call all of them by their real names!! haha <3

  18. hehe seeing old Cam you can kind of see how you wanted to react but might have been too shy? would be funny if you reacted to the old songs again and did the comparison xD

  19. This is the first time where I was really focusing on the reactor then focusing on the mv like always I do for some reason. After all Cameron is so handsome 😍❤

  20. Boiiii me and u are more than fans
    Were at the same level
    Dont compete with me
    Im the true ARMY of 방탄소년단
    And I already died when the they debuted

  21. So I watched this when it came out…fist BTS song I heard… I've been a fan for two years…💜💜💜 All the dark times they have pulled me through… They have grown so much and it hurts… I'm so proud.

  22. When this song came out I was literally shaking after watching it. I was almost vibrating i was so awestruck. I lived 3 corridors down my Army friend and the minute I finished watching this mv thrice, I had to tell her to check out this fucking masterpiece of an mv and I ran faster than jungkook runs in ISACs, to tell her to watch it. In my head I was like "My kings did that"

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