hey guys so today I have two tops from
Exlura. I have a crewneck color-block tee shirt in a floral
sweatshirt so here is the color-block tee shirt I love this this is my
favorite it has some really nice details it has a nice pocket I believe all
members shirt with a pocket they’re specially a red pocket
it has overhangs right a sleeve you usually don’t see this with a lot of
clothing products and stuff like it’s it’s really really unique the fabric is
so soft just inside outside very very soft it’s not too sheer either like you
find stuff nowadays it’s sheer or thin or it breaks easily you know tear
actually and it’s cotton and polyester spandex blend so it has a lot of stretch
to it this is called wine red and the same style comes in navy blue light blue
and pink as well so I’ll show you what this looks like on me in a little bit this is the other top I have it’s a
pullover hoodie and as you can see it’s pink and grey floral it also comes with
navy blue and floral as well if you don’t want grey the label says it is
cotton polyester and alpaca blend they’re all the percentages you can find
on the back of this tag there’s actually a lot of information on this tag it’s so
strong soft and very very stretchy as well the front has kangaroo pockets as
well you can put your phone in anything you want to hold as well it’s nice it’s
roomy the hoodie has the hood part actually
has the drawstrings to adjust to whatever size you want especially if
it’s quality when I pull them away and make sure your ears don’t get cold
both of these shirts that I have here are machine washable so I’m going to put
them on and show you what they look like so this t-shirt is very very comfortable
it looks good front and back I feels good against my skin I really really
like this shirt the sleeves are long I can even roll them up if I want and
they’re not too tight like I have issued because my shoulders are large and my
arms are slightly big I have issues with tight sleeves so this is nice the neck
opening is really large too didn’t mess my hair up when I put this on so that’s
good so I guess I’ll try on the hoodie as well so this is the sweatshirt this
also feels comfortable soft it’s not too heavy the sleeves are long enough as
well I could fit this with jeans or leggings as well it’s easy to care for
and a great addition to your wardrobe it doesn’t seem too wrinkled or anything
like that I often don’t like pink or floral things that much but I really do
like this because it’s gray it’s it actually isn’t my style but I do like
this a lot actually Exlura carries other clothing on their website as well
and they have on Amazon and their own personal website just to clarify check
out the description section below to find out more information also please
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