? Easy DIY Business Dress in 10min ? | Dress Like a #BOSS

? Easy DIY Business Dress in 10min ? | Dress Like a #BOSS

Hi Loves
my name is jocy and welcome to my channel for this dress you need 1 yard or meter of
stretch fabrics Fold it double and use a fitted dress to cut
the shape Cut it until halfway then cut the bottom in
circular shape Fold it over and cut the other half Then cut the front part of your neckline Pin the top and the sides Then sew it using a zig zag stitch Hem the neckline, arm openings and bottom And this is the final look
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videos Thank you so much for watching and tune in
next week for another DIY Boss Look

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  1. You did an amazing job. I use to watch my mom sew like that and I would mimic her. Sadly I don't sew anymore.. lost my touch lol. Keep up the good work ????????

  2. Thank you, this will be my second project in line God's willing, as usual great job. I'm new to seeing and you make it so easy

  3. You are just Too Much Ladies right on time for "International Women's​ Day" beautiful as always what kind of fabric are you using? Thank You

  4. As a content creator, can you recommend to YouTube to switch from thumbs to 5 stars? One thumb simply does not express how I feel about this dress.

  5. you are not giving the correct measurement of shoulderlength,waist length,burst length ,for ladies dress stiching these are all important,how to cut with this measurements.?

  6. This method might be easy and comfortable but not proffesionnaly done even on in the inside…especially the edges.Aslong as you do clothes this way to yourself it is okay but not to customers and sell them.

  7. love it as always. will be doing this one also. I love how doable you make sewing. I hate using patterns. Even though I have plenty of experience using them. around 40 years. I still love to do your projects more.

  8. Beautiful dress , I love your style and simple sewing , you make it simple.. thanks for all your tutorials.

  9. Hey! K hou egt super van je werk maar k heb altijd moeite met naaien én
    Met knippen heb je misschien paar tips waardoor t makkelijker gaat? Groetjes dina

  10. This is the first of many outfits I plan to make from your tutorials. I added cap sleeves to mine. It is so cute!!!! Thank you for picking up the torch that fell when Meesha died. Thank you for reigniting the travel bug in me……..

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