$1 Water Vs $332 Water!

$1 Water Vs $332 Water!

[MUSIC PLAYING] What’s up, YouTube? Today we are going to
test out $1 water– well it’s technically
like $0.50– but $1 water versus $332 water. [LAUGHING] Who would buy this? Who would– why? So very simple, we’re just
going to compare the two– which one tastes better,
which one tastes cooler, which one is– I don’t know– why? Why is this $332? We’re about to find out. So I guess let’s go ahead
and just start unboxing this. This is the container
it comes in. Comes in it like it’s own box. Fillico Jewelry Water. Why is it called jewelry? Excellence of ultimate luxury. Look at that. It’s like ritz–
it’s made in Japan. Let’s open it up. Look at that. As soon as you open it,
it comes with a little– it comes with wings. Why do you need wings? And then it comes
with this crown. Why is there a crown? It comes with this crown. Are you kidding me? I don’t even know– OK. Oh look at this. Look at that. $332 water right
behind this paper. [LAUGHING] So anyway, this is
what it comes with. It has a whole bunch of
crystals and it’s like– oh my gosh. This whole glass container
probably costs like $200 by itself. I’m guessing the
wings are for here. Is that how you do it? The crown doesn’t fit here. But let’s listen to this first. There’s no fizz up whatsoever. I think the crown
goes right here. And then you kind of turn
it– are you kidding me? The crown– [LAUGHING] This
is ridiculous, straight up ridiculous. All right, the moment
you’ve been waiting for– the taste test. So everyone knows what
this tastes like, right? Your ordinary,
average water bottle. So let me just take
a sip sp I know. I can have a sense of taste. All right, very
normal, very average– it tastes pretty good actually. So let’s test out
this Fillico water. Hold on, I feel like I
need some music for this. [ANGELS SINGING] OK, here we go,
taking off the crown. All right, here we go. Here we go guys. Wow, I just drink $20. That one sip is probably $20. But I can definitely
tell a difference. This one’s a lot
more smoother like– man, I want to show you guys. Here, all right, I’m just
going to pour it in my hand. It comes out all smooth like. See look. Wait a second. That just looks like water. This is $5 by the way. All right, well,
honestly taste the same. [LAUGHING] It really
does taste the same. The only difference I can say
is this thing is a lot smoother. I don’t know if
that makes sense. But the water goes down
smoother, because here, look at this, because
when I takes sips of it, you can see the
bubbles go up and down. See, look. All right, I just
drank $40 right there. Is it worth $332? Yes. I’m just kidding. It’s not worth $332. Why is this so expensive? Let’s figure this out. There’s a little text here. “Open the door to Fillico. Then the thrilling moment
will always be with you. The pleasure and
happiness is there to be shared and experienced.” He said share and experience. You guys want some? Here you go. There you go. I just gave you like
$20 worth of water. Well since it says the
pleasure and happiness is there to be shared
and experienced, might as well just share
it with the dogs, right? Hey guys, you want some water? You want to share this
experience with me? Come on, puppies. You want some water? Yeah, drink it. Yeah, $20 right here. Yeah, that’s what
I’m talking about. You feel good, right? You feel good? Does it taste the same? Does it taste the same? What? Do you want some water? There you go, guys. Always share with
others because you don’t know who needs $300
water, right doggies? You want this? All right the
verdict is we already know it’s not worth $300. But which one tastes better? The winner is
[ANGELS SINGING] Aquafina. It takes a lot better. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m not used
to the whole– I don’t know– $300 taste. Or maybe I’m just like– I feel bad when I drink
it because every time I take a sip it’s going to
just end up in the toilet. Well I guess the bottle is cool. So I’m definitely
keeping the bottle. Yeah, I hope you enjoyed today’s
$1 water versus $332 water. And here you go. This is how you spend
$250 in five seconds. [ANGELS SINGING] The toilet– it’s
going to love me later. All right, hope you enjoyed
today’s video, everyone. If you want more– I don’t know– comparing $1
stuff to expensive stuff, let me know. Comment down below. I’ll try it out. And until then, I’ll
see you guys next time. Stay juicy. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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