10 Coats You NEED This Season | **Winter Essentials**

10 Coats You NEED This Season | **Winter Essentials**

hi guys welcome back to my channel I
know none of you asked but I decided to show you my other where from my side of
the world North America it gets pretty cold and I accumulated a pretty
impressive collection of coats and I wanted to share it with you and show you
what kind of coats I get to make a boring outfit a great chic staple
so let me show you the first category of codes that you want to pay attention to
our pattern this is the easiest way to add something special into your wardrobe
I personally love to go monotone with my winter outfits all black or white or
gray whatever it is and just throw a really fun pattern coat on it these are
also really easy to find high priced version for it and a low price version
for it this is my new snipe jacket that’s on the higher price point and
then I have my beloved the Zara one that I’ve had for few seasons and they always
have this type of pattern there every season so accessible for everybody and
just takes an outfit from Lauren to shape these type of coats are also super
fun to layer because you can use different type of jacket underneath
first of all to be warmer but also to create a little more depth into your
outfit the second category is color another
coat that you should have to bring a little bit of magic into your outfit
this one is my favorite from a couple of seasons ago it just really adds my
personality into an outfit and then obviously have colors that will
complement the rest of your wardrobe for me I love to play around with colors
like pink and blue this category is all about structure structure can really
make a statement for your personality and whatever five you’re carrying this
one has been my favorite vintage find this year and I love the bold strong
shoulder a teddy coat okay I have to confess I was really not into the teddy
code a trend that was last year it was too juvenile for me but this I can get
with this is my new teddy code but the more upgraded grown-up version from
smite and I absolutely adore it faux fur honestly there’s nothing else
you need to say about it every girl’s must-have I opted for a pop of color
like red it has absolutely love the material and the weight love this
category of codes I feel like as the most utilized one in my closet this is
the things that I wear when I go out with the kids when we go for walks every
day when I go to the gym when I come back from the gym I have this go for a
jacket and that is so thin and so easy to carry and pack with you but also keep
you really really warm and then I have this super bug bomber jacket that’s also
a great one that I use in the winter times and this one is actually
double-sided I have a couple that are a little more chilled that is loud but a
bomber jacket is definitely one on my list for my winter clothes collection and then we have the Beleza I love
getting Blazers that can also act like an overcoat you want to make sure that
they’re a little bit longer than usual blazer you want to make sure they are
oversized so you can put thick knit sweater under and honestly if you pop
the color or just wear it like of overcoat it can pass as one really
easily really want to know what was your favorite jacket for my collection form
or fashion content check out style oversized items and

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  1. If you liked this video then watch my How To Style OVERSIZED Clothing | Everday Outfit Ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njqTCTBQySY

  2. I love the faux fur coat. It's inspiring me to take mine out of storage and wear it again! But I also need to know where your cardigan in the beginning of the video is from!! ?

  3. I love your collection and how you try to make a more affordable version of the items for us ?♥️, luv you keep going girl you'll become bigger ?

  4. Ms Valeria so unfair how can we pick a fav, they are all GORGEOUS. This is such a fun video and the editing is on point girl. You seriously brighten up my day ?………..???

  5. What size do you choose for those first few coats? I want to wear my coats large to fit my sweaters but I don't want to look like a child in my Mother's coat 😛

  6. Said it last week and will say it again, I’M SO THANKFUL for you and your channel Valeria, you just give so much positivity and inspo all the time! Also my style and mentality has changed too, I’m 23 but I relate to you on so many levels and I feel like I there’s a lot of things (marriage, kids, work ethic) that you share w us that will be helpful for me in the future. So thank you, SUPER THANKFUL for you V!❤️✨

  7. Love the video and can super relate living in a cold country calls for lots and lots of coat! Also I love the jeans you're wearing in this video, could you tell where is it from? Or a link maybe? Thank you in advance!

  8. There’s literally no coats for short girls. Last weekend I went to the mall and tried probably like a 100 different ones- no luck. Any idea which store has some petite lines?

  9. From where is the red one with white stars that appears at the beginning of the video in one picture? love him

  10. Me on my way to the mall to spend my paycheck because Valeria said I needed a new jacket ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  11. I wish I can wear one of these but here in Bahrain its never go below 18c ?… kindly do trench coat version n where we can find good quality with affordable price

  12. Majority of these coats look awful on the average person. Don't look good unless you are tall and skinny. Wish you would have shown a couple of coats with more structure, belts, etc. None of them were particularly "essentials".

  13. These coats look soo good on Valeria but she is tall and I am not ?
    I noticed a lot of clothes she wears (wide-legged pants, long coats, etc) look good and fashionable on tall people but not on short people

  14. I wish I live in somewhere colder so I could have a coat collection and layer my clothes properly without being drowned in sweat all day all year.

  15. "..HI GUYS WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL… i know none of you asked.."
    I laughed like a horse ???
    the Teddy coat was my favorite… ♥️

  16. Saw the teddy coat and immediately clicked on the link and then I bought the coat… and two more … I’ve been really into the teddy and fake fur jackets but I don’t know how to maintain them. They always end up looking mangled and tough after a while and I like how they look when I first buy them. Could you make a video on taking care of your jackets?

  17. I live in India…so I absolutely don't need layers, watched this video just to look at gorgeous Valeria… how beautiful is she??…and the editing is so amazing

  18. I really can´t decide which one is the prettiest but I adore all the pink ones as much as the Leopardprint one and the checked coat as much as the faux fur coat… Only the sportier versions weren´t my style.

  19. Hard to choose because I loved every single jacket in your collection for every style and mood. I feel like I want to buy all of them.

  20. Loved the structured camel coat… trying to find one like it right now. Could you do the same type of video for shoes and handbags? Thanks again for an awesome video!

  21. I love your fashion videos, they have honestly helped me so much with figuring out how to style clothes and make them look much more unique and personalized! I definitely look up to you as a fashion icon 🙂

  22. Just got my first coat yesterday i hope i have the guts to wear it cuz im still not confident to wear a coat but i love seeing people wearing it im envy i hope it wel look good on me

  23. Hi Valeria! As always it was a great video, thank you very much! Could you link your Jeans? Been trying to find those without success ?

  24. I love that you focus on giving us actual helpful content instead of reaching the status you have and not caring. Does that make sense? I feel like some YouTubers get a big following and then they kind of just make it only about them but you continue to stay focused on having your brand and giving good advice and fun videos

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