hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much for watching our video today this patient attended due to reduced hearing and as we can see when we look in here we can see lots of skin debris lots of little tiny bits of ear wax in there as well so we’re gonna go in with a standard size on the tube just getting a grip on this skin just getting the first it’s just a blunt angle you’ve seen a few of these videos before we’re just starting to get this long strips of dead skin coming away that’s been hanging around in the ear canal so I’m just trying to wiggle it just to keep it feeding out of the ear canal I just broken off the end there so I’m just going to use the crocodile forceps just get a grip on this skin yeah so we’re still working on the outer part of the ear canal at the moment because we got this out this long strip to get hold off you can see you’re just feeding this continuous bit of skin there we go let’s just get to the end there so get rid of that and you can see the act of the the next section they’ve been brought forward so you can see where it’s just blocking all around the outside edge of the ear canal so we’re trying to get a good grip on this with a suction tube there we go I’ve got the next piece of this ribbon-like skin just trying to keep as much of that so we got a race nice firm grip with a suction tube slowly gently pulling this out of the ear canal you don’t just see it feeding back out I’m gonna fear fair distance away from the ear canal mouth so I’m gonna have to switch and just even get a grip on this with the crocodile forceps now difficulty with crocodile forceps is sometimes it can actually share the little bit of skin that you’re holding almost the it’s more likely to break so just gently pulling this still feeding out just remember this is just pure skin it’s just old skin debris you know you can see it’s quite a long strip of skin there we go it’s got a little bit more to come away so this is this is a tail end of it we can just see a little blue with people you just don’t know you can always the eardrum itself just take you know there’s every you can see there’s a little piece of ear wax just stuck to the eardrum there very gently turn that one little piece of ear wax away being a very delicate this is quite sensitive part of the year here we go that’s disappeared Olivia nice shiny eardrum all looks nice and healthy patient here much better this is the two pieces of skin that we removed the first section you can see here up to about seven centimeters the second piece we took out the remainder is the first piece of little bits of ear wax in the bottom of the tank there yeah well as always guys if you liked the video then please like share subscribe and I’ll see any comments leave them below all the best and as always take care

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  1. jesus christ!! For some reason I love these videos! Wish you were closer to where I live, I need my ears checked too!

  2. I notice that the vast majority of your patients are white and elderly. Do you find that Caucasian people have more of an issue with ear wax than other races? Or is it a socio-economic issue where perhaps other races aren’t able to afford the services you provide? Curious if it’s something that occurs with only a certain population of folks.

  3. As it was coming out 🤫😷🌍He heard all the dying people around the World …Take their Last Breath !!😳

  4. Utterly obsessed with these videos amazed every time at what comes out and how much , makes me want to finally get my ears each because of years of reduced hearing

  5. Why throw it away? Why not have it immortalised in clear resin and proudly displayed on the mantlepiece? Great talking point.

  6. why? why wouldn't you clean your ears or do something before it get this bad? people just doesn't give shit about themself or they just dirty…. great video but the person is nasty….

  7. Insane. It took him THAT long to say "Gee,I think I'll get my ears cleaned out." Was he waiting until it reached his azz?

  8. OMGosh! This patient needs to go into the "Organic Flytape" business! Poor thing. I bet that felt soooo much better!

  9. That was a riot to see the two long strips coming out of the ear. Was your mouth open in amazement to actually be pulling this out lol 🙂

  10. Who else has a rise in anxiety as he is pulling out the skin from the ear and then breaths a sigh of relief when all the skin is out

  11. Every time I watch this video, I image being in the room as that 4-inch piece of waxy dead skin is pulled away from the patient's ear, dangling in the air, suspended by the croc forceps and the doctor at the other end. Makes me laugh every time.

    Anyone else think this is a classic ear wax video?

  12. Mr Rhys, OMG! How in the World does someone get that kind of Wax buildup in their ears? Obviously, you and your Patient's are Europeans. I'm a Caucasian American. I've never had a problem like this or any I've seen on your channel.. Is this a European thing or what? I don't even know anywhere to get something like this done unless it's an ENT Specialist?

  13. Just saw this and i was singing "neverending story…. Ah ah ah ah ah ah" coz wow!

    But what condition causes skin in the ears to shed like that? And how long did it take to form such long Blockage?

  14. Oooo would that tickle while being pulled out?
    It’s like a tape worm
    Don’t you get the rest of the bits of wax around the canal?

  15. I love these videos! I watch them to help me fall asleep and your voice is so relaxing and the removal is so satisfying! 😊 Thank you so much for the videos!

  16. Sometimes I really love a little clip. I don't always have 10 minutes to watch a video, and it's a bonus when it's such a quality extraction.

  17. WOW I'm really surprised that the inside of the ear didn't look skeletal with nothing but bone showing, I've never seen that much skin come out of someone's ear,as long as I've been watching you. Thanks again for sharing . Dr. Barber.😃

  18. By the time I got about 1:30 into this video I was having flashbacks to Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, when the only remaining indigenous lifeform left from Seti Alpha 5 crawled out of Chekov's ear…

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