15 Easy BEST FRiEND or COUPLES Halloween Costumes | Boyfriend and Girlfriend Halloween 2019

15 Easy BEST FRiEND or COUPLES Halloween Costumes | Boyfriend and Girlfriend Halloween 2019

– Hey guys, we are
filming another costume- whoa, okay We are filming another costume
video for you guys today and it’s all couples costumes. – Couples costumes. – And they’re all great. So, let’s go check them out. (Halloween music) Hello!
– Hello! – We’re filming a costume video and it’s really hot
– It is. – You don’t look like Steve. You need to grow your hair out like, 8 million inches. – [Asa Voiceover] Okay guys, as you know, Steve played a vital role in the Stranger Things season this year. To start off with this outfit, we have his long, white socks
which go up to mid-ankle with your white converse, and his classic Scoops Ahoy
costume with Steve on the front, tie, and his ‘Ahoy’ hat. With this costume,
it’ll look like you came just out of Stranger Things. – [Bailey Voiceover]
Okay, so you guys can see I’m matching Steve’s costume
with my long, white socks and white converse that
are not very clean, because I wear them a lot. And then, of course, you can’t forget about my sailor shorts and on top I have my ice cream
vest with ‘Robin’ name on it and my hat that says ‘Ahoy”
with this cute little red tie, ice cream cone, all the
typical Robin things, you guys know what I’m talking about. Update: I’m now Curious George. And Asa, hey man in the big yellow hat! – Hey! Now she’s set.
– Oh we even have bananas! – You’re welcome. This is what I’m wearing
to school on Monday. – Yes! Wait, for real?
– No. – Pinky swear.
– No. – Pinky swear.
– No! – I’m holding you to that! – [Bailey Voiceover] I have my
black flats and brown tights to go with my Curious George costume and then I found this brown dress, but honestly I think any
brown dress would work. The most important part, honestly, is just finding a monkey
tail and monkey ears because that’s really
what’s gonna differentiate the costume and actually make
it look like an actual monkey. Cause, you know, you’re Curious George and, well you gotta look like a monkey! – [Asa Voiceover] Okay,
for this costume we have The Man in the Yellow Hat. I mean, honestly, I think
he should just be called ‘The Man in the Yellow Everything’! Pretty much everything, except for his boots,
belt, tie are all yellow. This guy is the perfect partner
in crime to Curious George. – Guess who I am? Scooby! Give me your best Shaggy impression. – C’mon Scoob! – [Bailey] I don’t think
you’re doing a very good job. – I know. – So, this is apparently part
of the Scooby costume, but, I’m unsure- oh, boy-
(laughs) of how to wear it. This just looks bad. – [Asa Voiceover] Okay,
for the next costume we have Shaggy from Scooby Doo! And, as you might know, this was a huge meme in the past year, so of course we had to
throw this in there. I have the black Converse, white socks, and just normal khaki pants along with his traditional
‘Shaggy’ green shirt. The only thing I’m missing
is some Shaggy hair, but if you do have that,
that’s just a bonus. C’mon Scoob, let’s eat some Scooby Snacks! – [Bailey Voiceover] You
guys, I’m not even gonna lie, this Scooby Doo costume
is so stinking adorable. So, I also have my black
flats for this costume and the difference
between this brown dress and the other one is that this one is specifically suede which I think adds to
the Scooby Doo costume, and then of course, the black polka dots. And then, we just bought a
package that had these ears and the Scooby Doo collar
in it, because, you know, it’s the iconic Scooby-Dooby-Doo costume! That’s a great look,
that’s all I have to say. – (Asa beatboxing) – I’ll freestyle rap, are you ready? ♪ Yeah my name is… ah I can’t rap. ♪ – Awwwww.
– (laughing) I’ll beatbox for you,
okay, and then you rap. (beatboxing)
– ♪ Yeah, we’re out here ♪ on the street, and we’re
wearing dark sheets, and we’re getting really sweaty ’cause there’s all of this heat, yo getting hot, sitting with the wrappers yeah – (laughing) That’s it? What’s you’re rapper name? – Uh, Swag Money Rap Boi. – Okay, do the dance again Asa. Ugh you’re not a rapper. – Can’t touch this
– Ohh, my… – [Asa Voiceover] Yo yo yo what’s up? It’s Swag Money Rap Boi. Alright, for this costume
it’s pretty simple. You just get a dark hoodie
and some dark pants, and a hat, get your gold chains, and just get a bunch of candy wrappers and staple them to your shirt. This one is a go-to move, super
easy to do and looks great. – [Bailey Voiceover] ♪ What’s
up, I’m a candy wrapper I’m an up scaled trapper she can’t beat my bronze with this she can’t, I’m a clapper got my black sweatpants,
and my hoodie on too with the candy pinned
on, but you already knew. I’m Yzma and he’s Kronk. This is the most iconic
duo I have ever seen. This is such a good look. How does Yzma talk? Pull the lever Kronk! Okay, now it’s time for
two of my most favorite characters ever: Yzma and Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove this movie is literally
one of my favorites and it’s always playing in our car. But, to start, you can see I
have the iconic black slides and white lab coat,
along with the lab gloves and the potion that
turns people into llamas. Or, at least, we think that’s what it is. And then, we tried to DIY her hair and glasses to be lab glasses and don’t forget about the iconic line: “Pull the lever Kronk!” – [Asa Voiceover] Ah ha
ha. Yes, it is me, Kronk. I have these black slippers, and big ol’ lab coat, long, long gloves, and this potion. And don’t forget, you gotta
have a flag on the hat. Squeakity squeak squeak squeakers. You know what, I think I’m
gonna drink this potion; it looks pretty good. – Everybody appreciate what
we go through for these Halloween videos please (singing the “Chicken Dance”) – [Asa Voiceover] Ah ha.
Colonel Sanders here. For this costume you need
some black dress shoes, you need an all white suit, and, you know what, don’t forget about the bucket of chicken! Remember: get a white
wig, and a white mustache, just like me, and some glasses. And you will be lookin’
like the chicken king! Keep on cluckin’! – [Bailey Voiceover] Okay,
so, I have chicken legs here like actual, literal chicken legs along with my feathery
skirt and white tights which actually turned out more adorable than I thought a chicken costume might. And then, of course, my white
long sleeve and my feathery… I don’t know what you’d call this? Cape, sort of thing? My beak, and my chicken headband. (laughs) And that turns me into a chicken. So, enjoy this chicken costume. – [Asa Voiceover] Hey y’all, its Woody. And, for this costume, you
need some cowboy boots, some jeans, and don’t
forget you need a holster to put on your belt. That way, you can hold your guns. Also, you need the classic cowboy hat, vest that goes over the
perfect lookin’ Woody shirt, and don’t forget your sheriff badge! And if you can, put ‘Andy’
on the bottom of your shoe so everyone knows who you belong to. – [Bailey Voiceover] Bo Peep
made a big breakout this year in Toy Story, so of
course we had to add her. With her black flats and blue jumper, along with the pink tie around her waist, a couple ties around her wrists- and you guys would know
the importance of those if you’d watched the movie, and the cape and bow, and then you cannot
forget her iconic cane. That turns me into Bo Peep for Halloween and this costume is so cute. Chip and Joanna, who?! – Us! – [Bailey] Who are you? – Chip! – You look good in hats! See, Asa over here is like
“I don’t look good in hats”. Vote in the poll if you guys think that he looks good in hats. My hair is so greasy ’cause we keep putting things in and out
of it and it’s sweating, so, we’re trying to find
a solution to the problem. Oops! Comment down below if
you also have greasy hair Ha ha! Alright, you guys know we live in Waco which means we had to put Chip
and Joanna Gaines in here. So she’s always seen wearing brown boots, jeans, a cute t-shirt and a green jacket. I don’t know why we think this of Joanna, this is just a Joanna costume. So of course, we had to put
‘Shiplap’ on the t-shirt along with ‘Magnolia’ on the
back, I mean, how could we not? This is Chip and Joanna
we’re talking about! – [Asa Voiceover] Hey y’all, my names Chip and I’m here from Fixer Upper. I mean, some of my friends
call me ‘Fix-it Felix’ cause’, all I need is a hammer and I’ll take your house and I’ll fix her up! Ha, get it? Fixer Upper? Hahaha. Well, anyway, so for my costume, all you need is some
cowboy boots, some jeans, and a nice long sleeve shirt
you would wear to church. Then you just put on a
vest and a baseball cap and that’s it! You look just like me. Ugh. Fine, yeah, I’ll tell you
about my outfit, okay? Gosh. My name is Napoleon Dynamite. I thought you already knew that. Ugh. Yeah, all you need is just some shoes and you can wear whatever
kind of shoes you want! Ugh. But, I’m wearing black ones. And then, probably just
wear some jeans and uh, a ‘Vote For Pedro’ shirt because Pedro is my best friend and he always knows how to get the ladies. Gosh. Okay, then you just need
to have some big glasses. Lastly, don’t forget, ChapStick always makes things better. – [Bailey Voiceover]
White converse, jeans, this ‘dad’ polo, along with
a fanny pack, scrunchies, and a friendship-making-bracelet bucket equals Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. Who is just literally an amazing character that will never die. So, of course we had to add
her into our Halloween video. And, hopefully I did her
justice with this costume. – [Asa Voiceover] Hey guys,
so, obviously I’m a taco. Yes, I’m the taco to her Belle. Haha, get it? Anyway, so, for this
costume it’s super easy. You just need some black
shoes, black shirt, black pants and a taco costume to go on top. You can find these online, or even just in your local Halloween shop. Lastly, if you bring a taco with you, you are gonna look like a pro. – [Bailey Voiceover] If
you guys know me at all you’ll know I already had this
Belle costume in my closet ready to go at any time. So we have this beautiful Belle dress, along with her iconic yellow Belle gloves. And we added a cute choker and a scrunchie from Lash Next Door. And that turns me into Belle! The princess. Is this your first time ever
getting your nails painted Asa? – Yeah. – How do you feel right now, e-boy? – It’s kind cold. – Nail polish is cold?
– Cold? This is funny. A first time for everything, right? – I guess so – And probably the last time?
– Yeah. Hey guys, so, obviously I’m an e-boy. And, if you’ve ever been on TikTok, then you know that I’m
all the rage right now. You just need some black Converse, preferably some black socks-
I have black and white. Black jeans, and don’t forget about the chains. Moving up, you can have a striped shirt, but make sure you layer that. Layer that with something
else that’s dark. And look, who’s surprised? Wearing more chains, here we go. The more chains the better, honestly. I mean, at the end of the day, the more chains, the more girls. That’s my motto. Lastly, just put on a beanie so they know you’re a real
e-boy, and that’s that. – [Bailey Voiceover]
Asksksksk I have my Birke’s and then my extra, extra,
extra large t-shirt and then of course you
cannot see my shorts but they are hidden,
underneath my big t-shirt. Sksksk My Hydro Flask, and all of my scrunchies along with my puka shell necklace and uh, save the turtles! A metal straw, are you kidding? Sksksk and I oop- and I oop- and I oop- Oh, and don’t forget you can
get all of these scrunchies sksksksk on Brooklyn and Bailey shop so don’t forget about that! @lashnextdoor sksksksk and I oop- – [Asa Voiceover] Alright
guys, for this costume it’s another super easy one. Again, we’re gonna stay with the same black shoes, black pants and black shirt, just as a solid base. And next, all you need is
just a masterpiece painting you can just follow a Bob
Ross painting on YouTube and hang that sucker around your neck. Even if you don’t have a Bob Ross partner, if you do it correctly everyone will know who this came from. Hey all. So, today, we need to
get our Birkenstocks, our jeans, our long sleeve
button up, our beard, a paintbrush, and an easel. And you will be ready to
paint happy, little trees. – [Asa] You’re so cute as an old lady! Oh my gosh. – I have aged 100 years. Be safe out there children. – [Asa Voiceover] Again, another easy one. Same black shoes, black shirt, black pants just as another solid base. And this is a super easy
one that you can make if its a last-minute project or you don’t have time to
get a good Halloween costume just get yourself some poster board and make yourself a DIY life alert sign! Just make sure you have
an old lady to save. – [Bailey Voiceover] Okay y’all so it’s old lady Bailey and I just have my wood cane and slippers, and then this nightgown
that I found at Walmart and my curly gray wig and
glasses with the pearls, cause you know, I love me some pearls. Have a good day you youngins! Oh! (laughs) Bye! – [Asa Voiceover] Okay
guys, for this costume this is for people who
have a little bit more time and want to be a little bit more creative. Again, we’re gonna go
with a pretty easy base, with the black shoes and black pants, but this time we’re
gonna add a yellow shirt to match our school bus. On the school bus we have, just, wheels, some rockets in
the back, some windows, and it’s really not too hard to make just get yourself some cardboard
boxes and some card stock and glue it all together. – [Bailey Voiceover] Hey, guys! It’s Ms. Frizzle! And we’re gonna go on a
field trip today, woo hoo! So, to start off with my costume, you have to have black flats and this dress that has suns
and stars and all over it! And you cannot forget about
my sweet, little friend Liz! And, my fiery red hair that you will probably
have to get a wig for unless you have the most amazing hair ever and it naturally grows like this. Nice to see y’all! Okay, you guys know that IT
hit the theaters hard this year so, of course we had to add
it into our Halloween video. So right now, I have my green rain boots, jeans, and the iconic yellow rain jacket. Along with the paper boat, S.S. Georgie, because I mean y’all already know, this is just how it goes
down with the IT costumes. – [Asa Voiceover] Hiya Georgie! So for this costume, you
are going to be Pennywise. What you need first is some clown shoes, and you need the
traditional Pennywise costume. And you could probably find this online or in your local Halloween store. And next, you just need to paint your face probably if you can, do white
all over your face first for that extra touch of spookiness. And then, some red face paint
going up around your lips and through your eyes and on your nose. Lastly, don’t forget about the
crazy wig and the red balloon so that you can lure the children. – And we’re done! You look so scary. (laughs) Give me your scariest clown face. Okay. Scary! – Alright guys, I hope you
liked those couples costumes comment down below what
is your favorite one. – And don’t forget to subscribe too. We love y’all, bye!

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