16 Things That Are Better the Old Fashioned Way – Gentleman’s Gazette

16 Things That Are Better the Old Fashioned Way – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss 16 things that
are better the old-fashioned way. As you may notice in everyday life, companies
are great into innovation because as humans, we like new things and therefore they constantly
come up with new products. Sadly, some of those are actually worse than
their predecessors and in this video, we focus on those good old things that are still better
and outperform their newer counterparts. Our list of 16 things includes 8 actual things
and 8 activities. So let’s start with our things. First of all, products. The first thing that’s better the old-fashioned
way is the clothes bush. As you may know, I’m a big fan of it and you
can check out our video on clothes maintenance, to learn more about it. Essentially, you should go for a handmade
product because it lasts longer, the bristles will stay in, they won’t come loose, and on
top of that, it’s superior to a lint roller because it’s a one-time investment versus
an ongoing investment and you can get much better into cracks. On top of that, a clothes brush can help you
get into little contours such as a hat or the shoulders of a suit. You can even use it for shoes, however, I
suggest you use brushes used for shoes only for shoes and for nothing else, otherwise
you get dirt and shoe polish all over your garments. The second thing that’s very ideal the old
fashioned way is natural fibers. In the 1930s, modern fibers, synthetic fibers
became popular and they were the new thing and sometimes you can find them in bespoke
garments. Today, a synthetic fiber is indicative of
a lower end garment because higher end ones always rely on natural materials. No matter if it’s wool, cashmere, cotton,
linen, silk, you name it. If you want a quality fabric, go for a 100%
natural materials. Unfortunately, regulations allow for items
that are 90% of cotton and 2% of something else were labeled as a 100% cotton so when
it’s unnaturally stretchy and it says a 100% cotton, chances are, there are some lycra
in there or some synthetic that gives it that touch and I’d rather stay clear of that and
go for the 100% cotton. So why should you go with natural fibers? Generally, they have excellent properties. Cotton, for example, absorbs a lot of moisture,
wool does not but it’s a great insulator and it’s a lot more wrinkle resistant. So depending on what you need, you can get
a natural fiber that serves your purpose. Cashmere has a very small diameter with a
little micron and as such, it feels very soft on your skin. In terms of durability, natural fibers are
good but they are not as good as if they’re blended with let’s say polyester or nylon. Usually, if you have workwear or outdoor wear,
you see these blend combinations and maybe you see it in a trench coat and you can check
out more about that in our trench coat guide here. Overall, the climate in a suit made of 100%
wool is better, you sweat less, you feel more invigorated, the wrinkles will come out, it
will drape nicer, and it will last longer without creating a shine that you see with
synthetic fibers especially if you iron them. Third thing that’s better the old fashioned
way is suspenders. Sometimes known as braces, they have an advantage
over belts in the sense that they hang on your shoulders and as such, you can have your
pants a little looser, also the pants will stay at the same level all day long versus
with a belt, they would usually slide down ever so slightly so you constantly have to
pull up your pants. So if you go with suspenders, you can go with
clip-ons or with buttons. I personally prefer the buttons because they
are sewn on and clip-ons can come off. They are also a cheaper version. Ideally, you have a pair of pants that have
buttons, I prefer them on the inside. You need two in the front on the left, two
in the front on the right, two in the back and you are good. Now, you sometimes see the fishtail trouser
back which are specifically made for suspenders and they help to have the trouser hang neatly
and be comfortable all day long. Suspenders provide a smooth look and your
pants will look dapper all day so if you go with a white tie ensemble, tail coat, a morning
coat, or maybe a black tie or tuxedo, or dinner jacket outfit, always go for suspenders and
skip the belt. Also, if you wear a vest or a waistcoat, go
for the suspender because the belt will make the bottom of your waistcoat bunch up and
it looks unfavorable. Fourth item that’s better the old fashioned
way is a good old wooden hanger. I know you probably see those plastic ones
these days and they are a lot less expensive and you can even get more in your closet,
however, having a nice wooden hanger that is matte and that can absorb some sweat and
that supports your shoulder is much better for your jacket any day. The fifth item that’s better the old fashioned
way is a fountain pen. Most people these days use just a ballpoint
pen and that’s all they know and that’s all they have. With a fine nib and ideally in gold, you create
a really nice font, a little more pressure, you get wider lines and slimmer lines which
makes your signature fake proof and on top of that, it’s just a nicer, cleaner line. It’s also more fun to write and I prefer it
to a ballpoint pen. As you may know, fountain pens was the thing
that started my whole interest in classic men’s clothing because as a 14-year-old boy,
I found one on eBay and when I got it, it was very similar to what I had as my school
fountain pen so I sold it again, made all the money, and from then on, decided to buy
and sell fountain pens all over the world and so I got into cuff links, and to clothing,
and that’s where I am today. The only time a fountain pen is not ideal
is when you are on a plane because of the different air pressure, the ink can leak so
if you travel by plane, make sure your nib always points up. If you like the convenience of a ballpoint
pen but you want to use real ink, check out a rollerball and you can learn more about
fountain pens on our guide on our website here. we also have guides on rollerball pens and
ballpoint pens. The sixth thing that’s better the old fashioned
way is a photo album. I know most people take pictures with their
phones today and it’s nice and convenient and you can snap shots that you otherwise
would never take, however, having a physical photo album that you can go through with your
parents or your loved ones is just a one of a kind experience that can’t be replicated
on a screen. It also makes for a wonderful gift because
it’s tangible and it has a higher value and sometimes the quality can really outshine
a mobile phone. They also make for a great decoration on coffee
tables. These days you can also have your digital
pictures made to hardbound photo albums that you can design online. It’s a very nice gift for your loved ones,
for friends, for people that are dear to your heart. The seventh item you should invest in is a
cast iron pan. Cast iron can be heated to incredibly high
temperatures and if you grease them right, they are naturally non-stick. A Teflon pan is nice and has its uses, however,
over time, the Teflon coating will chip and it’s bad for your health versus a cast iron
pan. If you treat it well and don’t put it into
a moist environment, will last you a lifetime and it’s great for searing steaks, making
eggs, and maybe not something that’s acidic like tomato sauce but other than that, it’s
great to have a cast iron pan in your repertoire. The eighth thing that’s better the old-fashioned
way is good old hats. The reason being, back in the day, a lot of
men wore hats and so they were companies that focused exclusively on the higher end of the
market. There was also more felt available and the
quality was simply superior. Today, there are a few hat manufacturers and
very few that make felt and so the quality has declined. On top of that, you can find vintage hats
that have nice finishes such as this velour finish which is very hard to find especially
in this quality today. If you’re concerned of buying a used hat because
someone else has worn it before, rest assured that you can replace the hat band and you
can clean your hat. That way, it’s new and at a fraction of the
cost of a new hat. For example, the hat I’m wearing here right
now cost me merely 20 bucks and this one I actually bought for 3 bucks at a flea market. Here, I had the hat band replaced on the outside
at a local hatter and it cost another 5 bucks but it really changes the look and it really
goes well with my suit. All you need in order to buy a vintage felt
hat is your head size and you can easily measure that in centimeters around your head and then
simply convert it to hat sizes. In case you can’t find them at local stores
or flea markets, it pays to check on eBay because you always find some there in your
size. Now that we discussed things, let’s talk about
activities. The ninth you should do that’s better the
old fashioned way is getting dressed to go in public. I know it’s tempting to just wear your sweatpants
or your pyjamas to go and grab some groceries at the same time, if you have respect for
yourself and you show up properly attired or nicely attired, people recognize you for
it, they will respect you more, they pay you more respect, and you’ll get better service
and people think of you more highly and overall, you have better experience and it also makes
you feel different yourself which expresses itself in the way you walk, the way you talk,
and the way you appear. Eleven, handwritten notes. If you write your condolences because someone
died or if you write a thank you card actually using a handwritten note has so much more
weight than a facebook message that says I’m feeling with you. To learn more about funeral etiquette, please
check out our video here. And for a guide on hand written notes head
over here. Twelve, have a difficult conversation in person. I know it can be tempting to text someone
or talk to them over the phone if you are upset with them or maybe use an instant messenger
or Facebook to express your discontent, however, in person, what you say can be very different
depending on the way you look and how you express yourself and that has a huge impact.Also,
people are less likely to be mean in person than if they are on the phone and as a gentleman,
it really pays to have that respect to others and show up in person and even if it is a
hard conversation because you have to fire someone, or you have to cancel a contract,
it’s usually much better and the outcome will be much better and there maybe a chance in
the future to resign or work with them again if you do it in person. It’s also important to give them the opportunity
to respond and not to interrupt. Thirteen, hosting an actual dinner party. I sometimes get an invitation on facebook
which says “Oh, meet me at this restaurant.” and I always think, that’s not a real invitation,
that’s just a way to hang out with each other however, if I’m having a dinner party and
I put the effort into it, I create the menu, I look at the wines, the desert, and maybe
other things that I want to show to people, maybe I combine a slideshow from our last
vacation, it’s just a much nicer warmer experience. It’s in your own space which give you the
opportunity to be comfortable and create an environment where people can openly discuss
what they want being being disturbed by others and on top of that, it’s just the best way
to get to know people and if you have never hosted a dinner party, I strongly suggest
you give it a try even if you have no experience with it and even if you are not a great cook
because other people will respect you for it and you’ll be invited to dinner parties
which is fun in return and it;s just a great way to hang out with friends or new people
that you want to get to know. Fourteen is using a real camera. Not only is it much faster when it comes to
auto focus and the speed of shooting but they are also more accurate and because you have
a larger sensor, you can separate an object much better. Because of that, portraits of people look
a lot better and if you want to frame something, resize something, and make something into
a poster, always go at least with a DSLR, ideally with a full-frame sensor and if money
is no object, a medium format digital sensor. Of course, you can also go with film photography,
however, that requires a lot more skill and most people can’t do that anymore because
they simply don’t know how to operate them anymore. Using your cellphone is much easier, it’s
more convenient, however, because the sensor is so small, everything is usually in focus,
the background, as well as the foreground, and it’s just a hallmark of a cheap picture
with a cheap camera, so it’s not something you could actually frame or show to people
when you print it because the quality is simply not as good. The fifteenth thing to do the old-fashioned
way is wet shaving. I know electric shavers are quite convenient
and they can be handy when you travel, however, if you want a high-quality shave, going with
a double edge razor is simply very quick and it gives you great result. Even compared to Gillette fusion or the dollar
shave club, it’s much less expensive, gives you a better result, and it’s very simple,
it’s also greener because you only have one simple blade to throw away and recycle versus
that whole plastic cartridge. Oh, and when I say it cost a lot less, it
definitely does! You can find blades starting at like 2 cents
and so you can even afford to have a new blade for every shave which gives you a superior
shave but at the same time, it keeps the cost very low. To learn more about shaving, please check
out our in-depth shaving guide here. Sixteen, taking notes by hand. I know it’s very tempting these days to take
notes of a conversation, a meeting, or a presentation, on your phone or on your laptop but research
have shown that as the comprehension and the ability to remember things is much higher
if you actually write it down by hand. So if you are studying for a test, or if you
really have to comprehend something, go with pen and paper because it’s simply superior
to a new device. last but not the least, going with good old
fashioned thrifting or even furnitures thrifting can be a great way to save money, to be sustainable,
and to have a quality product that would have otherwise cost you a whole lot more. When it comes to clothes, you can find great
finds such as savile row suits or high end shirts at a huge mark down, of course, it
requires a lot of time, and if you don’t have that maybe eBay is a better way to go. On the other hand, local estate sales can
be fantastic to find vintage ties, or even furniture. Just the other day, we bought a nice set of
a couch and a chair and originally, it cost $14,000, it was a company called Heirloom
and you can just tell the silk velvet,they are very high quality, it’s extremely comfortable,and
we got the set for just $900. For that price, I could not have gotten an
IKEA couch, and I hate IKEA couches because they are supremely uncomfortable and they
wear out very quickly. If you all break it down to one thing, the
goold old things are usually of higher quality and they were designed with longevity in mind. Sometimes, these days, it seems like a product
is designed to break down just a few days after the warranty expired versus back in
the day, they just try to make a really good product that would stand the test of time. Our grandparents’ generation expected an item
to last and so should you. Also if you break it down on cost per wear,
you’ll probably find that a quality pair of shoes or a quality suit will outperform a
cheaper counterpart. Generally, it takes a bit more research to
find a quality item but if you come to the Gentleman’s Gazette, we’re all about quality
and we try to highlight where you can find a good thing no matter what the size of your
wallet is. If you enjoyed this video, please sign up
to our free email newsletter and videos like this will come right to your inbox and we
also have free PDF guides that help you identify quality so you look your best. SO in this video, my outfit consists of a
dark blue fedora hat from Mayser which is a German company, it’s vintage and I’m wearing
about 90s or early 2000s Ralph Lauren purple label suit with chalk stripes, it’s 6*2 double
breasted, has nice wide lapels with nice cut belly. I’m wearing a Fort Belvedere pocket square
with wool and silk that contrasts and texture with a fine merino wool and cashmere blend
at the suit as well as the red madder silk tie.It’s not a bright red, it’s a muted red
and it’s very sophisticated with a white dress shirt and a navy suit. I’m wearing a white double cuff dress shirt
from Milano, I’m wearing it with the carnelian and sterling silver cufflinks from Fort Belvedere
and I’m pairing it with a ring which is also sterling silver carnelian. Shoes are a Oxblood or burgundy red oxfords
from acemarks and I’m pairing them with a pair of shadow stripe blue and red socks from
Fort Belvedere which you can find here. As always, you can find FOrt Belvedere accessories
in our shop here. See you next time!

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