20 Style Tips On How To Layer Your Sweaters This Winter

20 Style Tips On How To Layer Your Sweaters This Winter

One of the most common ways to layer a sweater is to wear a fitted one over a button down shirt, letting the collar and ends of the sleeves peak out. You can using a cute printed top underneath. If you want something a little less preppy, try layering a fitted sweater over a patterned, long-sleeve top. You can let the ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the top peak out. Even a bulky knit cardigan can be layered! Try putting it over a denim jacket. It’s unexpected and a cool way to wear your denim jacket in the winter. Channel your inner ’90s girl and wear a thin sweater under a tank top with skinny straps. It’s kind of like the slip dress over a t-shirt combo, just with jeans. Another really cute combo is a sweater over a plaid shirt. You can keep it from being too preppy (if you want) by only letting the bottom of the plaid shirt peak out. You know that white dress you thought you could only wear in the summer? Yeah, you can wear it in winter too. Put a knit sweater over it and add some tights. Layer a long cardigan sweater over a buttoned up chambray shirt to stay warm but still look put together. Long sweaters like this can look bulky, but I think the button up underneath keeps it a little more sleek. Keep it simple – a fitted sweater can be worn over a slightly longer white tee. Even just that small addition makes this outfit look a little more exciting! Denim jackets are usually too light for winter weather, sweaters fix that. I love this combo of a fitted sweater over a button down shirt that’s left untucked, with a denim jacket over everything. Cropped sweaters were basically made for layering. Put this over a floral dress, letting the collar peek out if it has one, and add a necklace and ankle boots. You don’t need a cropped sweater to layer over dresses! I love how this long knit sweater looks over a dress, just letting the end peek out. Add over-the-knee boots to look super trendy. Put a cropped sweater over a shirt-dress for a kind of “I just rolled out of bed, look how stylish I am” type of vibe. IDK why it says that to me, but it just feels like it does. Pair your knit sweater with something more unexpected, like a leather skirt. I love the polka dot tights and the sweater coat with this too. Sweaters over dresses can sometimes look a little bulky. If that’s not for you, simply tie it in front to give the outfit more shape. If you bought one of those sweaters with an open front or back, and you’re like, “How the eff am I supposed to wear this?” just layer it over a white tank. One of my favorite looks is a knit sweater over a lacy top. Let the lace peak out and add a statement necklace. I love how this looks with jeans. Or you can try pairing a longer sweater over a lacy dress with over-the-knee boots. This is another personal favorite: Sleeveless sweaters don’t really make sense, but you can make yours work by wearing it over a long-sleeved top. I love this mix of the knit sweater with the classic stripes. Don’t feel like you have to pair a solid over a pattern, or vice versa. Mix prints, like this cute sweater over dress look: Short sleeve sweaters don’t really make sense either, so do the same thing – wear it over a long sleeved top.

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