24kGoldn “Valentino” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

24kGoldn “Valentino” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I’ve never bought any Valentino but one time, after Rolling Loud, this girl, she pulled up on me. She was like, yo, I
have a present for you. And I’m like, what? Because we just met three days ago. And she’s like, open the bag. And she pulls out these
Valentino sweatpants. And I’m like, yo, you bought these for me? And I checked the price tag. 18 hundred dollars for
some Valentino sweatpants. And she was like, nah, I
stole them out of Barneys, but you can have them anyways. And I was like, yo, I love you. It all starts in 2009. I was in third grade. It was Valentine’s Day, and you know how they go
give a Valentine, you know, you’re supposed to put
your little box out. Everyone gives you a valentine. There was this girl Samantha, and it was her turn to
give out the valentines, and I see her get up from her
table, she’s walking around, she gives a valentine to this friend, she gives a valentine to this friend. Then she starts giving the
valentines to some boys. And I see, yo, my bro got a valentine, this random other nigga got a valentine. He’s definitely not as fresh as me. And I didn’t get any valentine. So, you know, that was
the real inspiration, and I had to keep the same energy, and take how I feel and apply
it to my circumstances now. A valentine is love that
somebody else gives you, right? Someone writes you a
card, buys you flowers, gets you some chocolates or something. But Valentino, that’s something
you go get for yourself. You go to the Valentino store, you walk out with a bag, you
feelin’ good about yourself, you’re fresh as hell. Now you don’t need a valentine. A poker face is like when you. That’s my poker face, at least, you know, I’m doing great in the casino. My fake ID says I’m 22. Don’t tell that to my mom, just, yeah, onto the next question. If you need any tips, DM me on Instagram. Life coach, relationship coach, professional Fortnite coach, amateur adult film star. Holla at me. I was short and chubby until
junior year of high school, and then I grew and turned
into a man out of nowhere. I was cute, though, still. I was short and chubby, but I was cute. It was just, like, a baby cute, instead of, like, a man, handsome. So I didn’t have the time to hone my foundational basketball
skills in my youth, but I’ve been training now. I’m ready for the celebrity game, I’m ready to be puttin’ 2K. Ronnie, holla at me, I’m ready. She always wants more, if you’re doing a good job. And by more, I mean
more love and affection, and other wholesome intangibles. This was the line that
got me into college. They were like, yo, he just
did the double entendre, that was clever. We want him at USC. And then I got in. Minute Maid is a lemonade brand. Lemonade, you know, the
drink that Minute Maid makes. (whooshes) No wonder I got into college. I wore the wifebeater just for this moment That was my best Popeye flex. I used to watch the cartoon
as a kid all the time, and I just remember he’d
crack open the can of spinach, and then just be going ham. One hit. He was the original one punch man. Popeye was the original one punch man. When I bought my first
car with my own money, it was a Toyota MR2 Spyder, 2003. It looked like, straight up
like a Barbie, Ken dream car. Light blue, convertible top. I make the poor decision to
decide to go and race my car. And I don’t even get to experience the negative consequences
of racing my car, because on the way to the race, one block away from my
friend’s house where we leave, I get into a head-on
collision and crash my car. Luckily I’m fine, I’m still beautiful. My car was fucked up, and
my money got fucked up, too. I’m actually looking for a
new sugar mama right now. There’s been so many sugar
daddies in the world. It’s 2019, we need some more equality. Why can’t there be sugar mamas, right? Why can’t I get taken
out to a nice dinner, and then go shopping,
and then we go to Dubai? When I think about it,
there’s not really any artist from San Francisco that’s
doing what I’m doing right now. I’m very early in my career. But just the fact that
I was able to kind of escape the bubble of being
caught in that Bay area sound, and just being stuck in that bubble, I think that’s something that
can be really inspirational for other kids, you know,
showing them that, hey, you know, just ’cause
your environment’s one way doesn’t mean that you need to
conform to your environment. You can make your environment
work to your advantage, so all you kids in the Bay, sing, dance, do whatever
the fuck you want. Just be good at it. One of my favorite pairs of jeans I have is these Robin’s jeans, and they have these
sparkly wings on the back. Whenever I’m rockin’ those Robin’s wings, I feel very fly. This summer I was staying
at my boy Nevin’s house, and he had this crazy
spot in Beverly Hills. There wasn’t one gate,
there was two gates. I can’t even get into the crib because the mansion got a gate. I need like, yo, you need to buzz me in. The first gate went up, the
second gate’s not working. It was March 7th, 2019, and I performed with
Blueface at the Nightingale, and my boy bought a table. It was a lot of USC kids there, and because I go to USC, and
I’m part of that community, I’m friends with everyone there. They think that they can just
be gettin’ up in the section, it’s like yo, we go to school together, but you can’t come into my section. I gotta put you in your place. So I had to have the dude
come and take some people out. Cards slide. A Chase is a type of card. And Bay area lingo, we slidin’. So if the club is going up, of course I’m sliding. And I’m probably sliding while I’m sliding to the club, to slide. Have I ever fallen in love with a ass? Yeah, I believe in love at first sight and there was this one girl, man, she shook that ass up in my face, and I fell in love. And then, a couple days later, I realized, I don’t want no valentine, I just want Valentino.

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