30 Days Drinking Only Water • Life/Change

30 Days Drinking Only Water • Life/Change

(dramatic orchestral music) – Monster headaches. – I’m so tired. – Lashing out. – [Woman in Gray] We want fucking water! – Stop torturing me. – There’s a psychological component. – I might die doing this. I
literally might die doing this. (woman screaming) (dramatic music crescendos) – Coffee is life. Life
is coffee. (sips coffee) – Like, on a normal day, I’m dehydrated. I’m probably dehydrated right now. – I don’t know how to
watch Netflix without wine. – I’m addicted to coffee.
I love soda on the weekend. – I really hope to not be
dehydrated all the time. – I’d like to know what it
feels like to feel healthy. – I wanna be not addicted to caffeine. – I feel really sluggish in
the afternoons around 2 or 3, and I’m hoping that maybe
if I just go all water I’ll have some more energy. – I can do this, 100%. (laughs) – Good morning, everybody. So, got my water, I’m ready to do this, I’m feelin’ pretty good. Actually, I’m pretty
excited. Let’s do this! Healthy living: day one. It’s day three. I feel
like I’m dying right now. Can I chew, like, coffee
beans for caffeine? – I went into this really
confident, but this is actually one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’m so tired. And all I
wanna do is drink coffee. – I have had a ton of withdrawal. I just feel terrible. – Monster headaches, lashing out at other people for no reason. – To me, I feel like this was
probably the toughest week. Cause it was the change. I feel like now I’m sorta
getting used to not having tea. But the biggest bummer,
I think, was socializing. – [Voiceover] David. How’s
that water thing coming, buddy? – The water thing is just great, and I was just getting
some water right now. – Which water were you gonna get in there? – And don’t you guys
have jobs or something? Don’t you have jobs? Get to your jobs. – Eating and drinking are
so tied to my social life. It’s difficult to be at
breakfast and just drinking water and everyone else is drinking, like, a coffee or some orange juice. – This challenge is the
worst possible thing. I’ve gained weight. – The fact that I’m drinking so much water makes me feel entitled to
make choices like nachos. I guess when I came into
this I was kinda hoping that I would notice more energy, or notice something significant
about the way I feel change and that hasn’t happened. – I also haven’t been super
good about not drinking alcohol. I just wanna have fun on a
Friday after the difficult week so I’ve had a few drinks.
(buzzer) and then I went to karaoke and (buzzer)
drank a lot. (laughs) (bouncy pop music) – So we’re gonna play some kind of weird mash-up of Capture the Flag and tag? (woman screaming and laughing) – I feel okay, I feel pretty fine. I’m not too tired, so maybe I have been a lot more hydrated
these past three weeks. – Since I’ve started, the only
water thing I have noticed: the wall I hit at 3 or 4
pm has kind of gone away. – I’ve been managing my sleep better, so I force myself to go
to bed at a certain time if I know that the next
day I have to get up early. Cause usually I’ll just use
coffee to cover all that up. – I also didn’t realize
just how often in my life alcohol is just around, and
more often than not, free. In this past week I was
at three different parties where people were offering
me lots of free alcohol. Stop torturing me. – This is way harder than I
thought it was going to be. This is just, this has been the worst. (dramatic orchestral music) – I’m about to explode
with happiness. Oh my gosh! (people sipping drinks) – It’s been a long time.
(Steven sighs) – This is great. It is before 11:30 in the morning. – It’s one week out and I feel
tired, still, all the time. I feel like coffee should
really affect me now, but I feel like now I’m
just desensitized to it. – Doing this life change was really good because now any future
life changes I wanna make I’m a little more prepared for. – My base lesson is that water should be what you drink as a baseline. – I can’t tolerate coffee anymore. Which is so sad and so difficult. You’re forcing me to be hydrated and not have an excessive
amount of caffeine. You…
You messed with my life. (laughing) You’ve changed my life. (bell tone)

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  1. Wait, so these guys were not water fasting, i.e. not eating and drinking only water? WTF! So drinking water instead of booze, soda, coffee, etc. was the hardest thing you ever did in your life? Wow, you guys are lame as hell…

  2. I thought this was a water fast video. This makes it 100x easier. Oh no I am withdrawing from ice mocha latte extra whip fml like totally

  3. I went from like at least 2 soda per day to drinking only water all the time and had absolutely no issues. Maybe I'm just an outlier?

  4. Wait wtf. I thought they were doing a water diet as in no food either but they could eat ??? So dramatic lol most of us only drink water anyway haha

  5. I hardly ever drink anything other than water (but then again I live in Norway and water is f*cking delicious)… I love water

  6. This seems more of an experiment in not drinking caffeine rather then drinking only water. Would be interested to see how people Le who don’t drink caffeine but drink other things would go on this

  7. I stopped drinking Soda ages ago it makes me feel weird + I love the taste of water so it’s all I need and want to drink

  8. I basically live with my cousins and we all LOVE water….if we go out to eat we would order water to drink or just water even…so when my other cousin came from ny….he ordered a root beer…and when he saw all of us ordering water he was really about to leave…

  9. This is whack! Anyone can pretty much do it. I was under the impression that they would ONLY drink water for a month. Theeeeen I'd be like 😳

  10. this was a bad video. they could talk about all the benefits for our body if u only drink water but not they just had make a shity buzzfeed video

  11. "I don't know why they're having so much trouble, I only drink water!!1!1!" Well no sh*t, if you've never done cocaine then you obviously aren't going to be addicted to it. It doesn't make you better than anyone for not struggling with it, because you've never had the problem to begin with, but sugar is one of the most addictive substances on earth. Y'all probably make fun of opioid addicts because you don't know why they're "struggling so hard" when you've literally never had to go through withdrawal.

  12. I literally thought they could ONLY drink water and not eat anything – see that would be challenging, not being able to drink coffee and soda isnt haha

  13. There was a 40 something lady that only drank coca cola as in for years probably since she was 21 and surprisingly enough she still does and is apparently kind of healthy they say. Still nothing beats drinking water.

  14. I am doing this, it isn’t that hard, if you like soda you should try sparkling water with flavouring but make sure there is no sugar or calories for hat fizz, I’m doing this but with with 11 glasses of water daily, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, I also didn’t eat anything for three days at the start,I went from overweight to average weight.

  15. I’ve never understood coffee dependence. The few times I’ve had it it’s done nothing to me. In fact, it actually made me feel more tired.

  16. This is nothing like Ramadan but still produces some of the same results. This is why we do it. Salaam to all my brothers and sisters across the globe that endure this as prescribed annually!! It truly creates a better Us.

  17. Everyone saying that it isn’t a big deal to just drink water are forgetting how serious caffeine and sugar withdrawal is. Caffeine withdrawal can cause migraines, insomnia, stomach issues etc.

  18. Most important part of fasting is how you break it. Handing them wine and sugar drinks is the worst thing you can possibly do. They could of went into kidney failure

  19. As someone with acid reflux, I basically only drink water all day every day. It isn't that difficult to do as long as the water is always cold.

  20. It's also hard for me to drink water on a daily basis. I usually only drink 500 mL water a day bcs i prefer coffee or milk more. Now I have changed to drink 2 liters water a day, and i see a huge difference in myself.

  21. I’m Muslim I can’t drink, I hate coffee, I don’t like milk it’s gross. I like juice but I’m not allowed to drink it, I don’t like soda…. damn 😂 I only sometimes maybe like 2 times a month drink tea ( I love tea omg-) and water

  22. I did a 29 day water-only fast. I almost died from dehydration, because I started throwing up so much. I read that vomiting may be a sign of not getting enough water. My mouth tasted like a terrible toxic chemical cocktail. It is difficult to force yourself to drink a lot, when the bad taste in your mouth makes the water taste terrible. If you start to throw up, drink fruit juices to go off the fast for a while. You can return to water-only fasting later. The water-only fast was beneficial, and I will do it again, only stop the fast if I start vomiting.

  23. To the kids/teens watching, start drinking water NOW, otherwise you'll be addicted to coffee,soda, or alcohol for the rest of your life.

  24. Water fasting is all about motivation and start with decision. I want to do that weather to loose some weight or cleanse my body or something else. On this video I can't see any motivation no desire to change something no excitement. Just bunch of people bragging haw bad this is, how bad decision they made, how awful they feel. Seriously with this kind of attitude don't do it. I did few times and I didn't feel that bad in fact I felt amazing and with every day passing by I felt that I'm doing this for a reason. So don't watch this video if you motivated enough to try it just do it and see for yourself.

  25. I been drinking only water for about three weeks and I haven’t had withdrawals or the crazy headaches I have more energy and I font have the urge to drink sprite and sleep is soo much better

  26. It really only depends on how you were raised, if you were raised drinking mostly sugary drinks, drinking only water will feel like torture.

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