48 Hour Water Fast Results | Snake Diet Rolling 48s | Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020

48 Hour Water Fast Results | Snake Diet Rolling 48s | Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020

hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and I
apologize for the late video today talking Tommy takes action here on
YouTube and I are doing a February fasting routine of 48 hour fast with
what our cardio in 1 weight training session within the three days so two
days of no eating one day of a Omad low carb whoa 100 or below carbs
meal okay so his fast internet 9 p.m. yesterday mine in about 10 p.m. he ate
five fried eggs one Apple was one tablespoon of peanut butter and a chicken Breast he did excellent I did not eat
yesterday because I don’t want to eat at 10:00 and um so I ended up Oh No
so tomorrow on his channel he’s gonna talk about today so he will say I send
them pictures of everything I ate and I told him how many hours I fasted I did
put a portion of my meal my Omad meal on Instagram make a fast weight loss um
let me see what else ok today we had no school here in Kansas City I’m gonna
share talking to Tommy take some actions exercise he sent me screenshots
yesterday of the exercise he did in in Florida it is 80 something degrees at
like 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock when he was running he went running and jogging
yesterday I didn’t do any exercise yesterday and that’s it the fast was
pretty good oh and now I’m gonna show you our weights and we both did really
well talking Tommy takes action did a forty
one minute and forty four second run by his house eighty two point three
Fahrenheit degrees at 511 and we’re over here at three degrees this morning so
crazy he also did a 12 minute walk and he
weighed in after his 48 hour fast at 220 point 4 you remember we were 223 and we
thought we went up to 230 we don’t know what our weigh-in was before this but I
weighed in this morning at 2 19.2 after my fast thank you for watching please
subscribe to talking tummy tucks back and the next LAN is probably going to be
on his channel in a day or two thank you for watching bye

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  1. ❤️🔥We are killing this challenge ❤️🔥 Let keep this train going 💪!! I'm heading back to the gym today!! See you all soon!!

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