5 Cleansing Secrets! How to Cleanse Properly for Acne Skin & Remove Heavy Makeup | Teen Beauty Bible

5 Cleansing Secrets! How to Cleanse Properly for Acne Skin & Remove Heavy Makeup | Teen Beauty Bible

hi Guys hi Guys hi Guys hi Guys hi Guys
hi guys welcome back to teen beauty Bible it’s your girl Kasper and we are
loving it that you guys are loving the new series so last time we talked about
sheet masks right last episode we were talking with Jenny who were talking to
us about how teens don’t really know how to cleanse properly right and a lot of you
guys on the community board were asking for a cleansing video so here it is we
recently did a live streaming about cleansing and how to remove makeup but
this time on teen beauty Bible we are going to do a thorough video on
cleansing talking to you about different ways to cleanse and the importance of
daily cleansing and also some product recommendations so don’t go anywhere and
keep tuned in So in your teen you start become really interested in beauty skin care and makeup right but
how much are you really interested in cleansing as much as you are of makeup
why is cleansing so important and why is it really good to start cleansing
properly in your teen years throughout the day your skin is covered in bacteria
pollutants viruses dirt and old skin cells so it only makes sense to cleanse your
skin before you go to sleep if you want clear and healthy skin but then why do
people say we have to cleanse in the morning as well morning cleansing is
also beneficial as it removes the toxins your skin eliminates throughout the
night while you’re asleep sebum is secreted and dirt and impurities might
build up as well morning cleansing will refresh the skin and prep your skin for
skin care and makeup application but when it comes to morning cleansing stick
to gentle cleansing unless you have makeup left over from the night before so before we look into different cleansing tips on different occasions
let’s look into the different type of cleansers and different benefits it can
have number one cleansing foam number two cleansing oil number three
cleansing gel number four cleansing soap number five cleansing water and number
six cleansing tissue or pads now that we’ve looked into different types of
cleansers let’s go into detail on different types of cleansing methods on
different occasions the reason why it’s important to use different cleansing
methods according to occasion is you need to take into consideration
different factors to keep your skin in best condition number one days without
makeup basic cleansing routine so if you did not go out and did not wear any
makeup throughout the day a gentle but thorough one-step cleanse is enough
choose a hydrating and gentle foam type cleanser and gently rinse off especially
if you haven’t worn any makeup or sunscreens it’s important to steer away
from harsh cleansing a tip to keep your skin not irritated while cleansing is by
using your fourth finger it’s the most delicate finger on your hands with both
of your fourth fingers and with gentle rolling motions rinse away the foam on
your face number two days with sunscreen but no
makeup now on days when you have sunscreen on
please remember guys that it is really hard to remove all the sunscreen with
just one step cleansing remember to double cleanse if you have sunscreen on
the skin but you can go a little easier than when you have makeup on just make
sure to double cleanse using a foam cleanser on the first go use an abundant
amount of foam cleanser and on the second go you could go with a lesser
amount three on days with heavy makeup
obviously if you’re wearing heavy makeup it’s important to cleanse thoroughly
before you go to sleep to keep your skin healthy and bright then how can we do it
now it’s best to invite oil cleanser in if you’re wearing makeup it’s best to
melt away all the foundation eye makeup lip makeup etc etc with the oil cleanser
and then rinse off with a foam cleanser first pump the oil into the palm of your
hands around three times and gentle rolling motions rub away the makeup
especially on colored areas and then and then when you feel like your makeup has been
removed use a sponge cotton pad to wipe away those parts another great thing to
do is use the sponge pad soak it up with water and wipe away using the sponge pad and then do a double cleanse using the
cleansing oil again and this time focus on areas such as the nose and the chin
where sebum and dead skin cells can clog up your pores then rinse it off with
lukewarm water and finish off with a foam type cleanser for perfect cleansing these with excessive sweating and sebum
production on days when you feel oily and you feel like you sweat it during
the day it’s really good to use a cleanser that helps with pore care and
makes your skin feel refreshed cleansing soap could be perfect on these days
and especially if it contains ingredients that helps with pore care it
would be perfect and since you wish to remove excess oil
off from the face double cleansing will help also make sure you make enough
foam with the soap and gently wash your face and like you did for the first step
repeat that step and rinse off with lukewarm water on days with sensitive
skin and acne especially if you have acne prone skin cleansing might be a big
challenge for you since you do not want to strip off moisture but you do want to
remove impurities and dirt and excess oil from the face it’s really important
to choose the best cleanser for you remember not to over cleanse the face
and focus on a cleanser that is low pH gentle mild and hydrating also remember
that on these days don’t rub off the water on your face with a towel because
it could irritate your skin even more use a cleanser that pumps out foams so
you don’t have to rub hard on the skin to make foam or use a gel cleanser to
make enough foam on your hands before you work it on the face remember not to
over cleanse because this can strip moisture from your face and use your
fourth finger with gentle rolling motions and again once you’re done with
cleansing remember not to rub your face with a towel to remove water because
this could irritate your skin even more when the weather gets cold or if we
forget to moisturize effectively on these days it’s important to use a
hydrating cleanser that could also help with gentle exfoliation enzyme powder
will be a great ingredient to help you do this cleansing so look out for this
ingredient when you’re doing this cleanse first pour a quarter sized
amount of powder onto your hands add lukewarm water to start creating foam
and work it onto your face start cleansing your face with gentle rolling
motion and cleanse the whole of your face on this first step now do the
second cleansing but this time focus on areas where you feel like you have more
dead skin cells such as around the nose chin forehead etc don’t forget to be gentle with
your hands ok so on today’s episode of teen beauty bible we sat down and talk
to you guys about cleansing now I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will
be back with another teen beauty Bible video to talk to you guys about your
concerns and please comment like subscribe and press the bell button to
get notified every time we upload a new video thank you guys for watching and
I’m gonna go

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    Anyway now I'm educated I shall use a foam cleanser for my oily skin
    Thanks Casper! Xx
    (Kasper? Casper? KAASPER? ugh I'm so bad at spelling, sorry xx)

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