Hey guys my name is Kasey! Welcome to my channel if you are new hello, and if you have been here for a while
welcome back. So today I’m gonna give you a full guide on what to wear in the
workplace from very conservative to super casual workplaces. so you might be watching this video if you have an internship lined up or maybe have an
interview coming up or maybe you’ve been working for a while and you just want to
spice up your wardrobe because you’re wearing like the same six shirts that
you’re rotating and it’s getting really stale which I have definitely been there. So throughout the video I’m gonna be putting an icon to identify pieces that
I think are really good basic to have in your work closet. So we’re gonna start
out with the more corporate side of the work wear spectrum with a full suit so
since this is a more conservative look I’m going with muted tones like black
and white I think slacks aren’t essential to any
work wardrobe you can wear them to an interview or to your day-to-day and they
don’t have to be expensive to be really good quality. Another way to utilize your
button-up is to throw an oversized sweater on top and this is a really
great way to utilize your basics Next, I’m tucking my top in this classic black
pencil skirt lengthwise I try to have it at least 2 inches above my knee when I
sit down since we’re going to be doing that most of the day at your desk and please make sure if you’re wearing a pencil skirt that you cut off the tag in
the back because most times there’s like a sewed X you like you’re supposed to
cut it but sometimes people don’t realize that so the next look is just
wearing the white button-up and I think this is such a versatile piece you can
roll up the sleeves and then tie it in front and make it look like a whole new
top Here I’m wearing a tank top and I try to
keep the straps on the thicker side to keep it more professional so at least
two fingers so some shirts that you might own will be on the more sheer side
and I try to avoid showing a bra at work at any cost so I’m taking a bandeau over
my bra just to smooth the bra lines out for the next outfit I am just putting a
cardigan on I feel like every office dweller needs a cardigan or some sort of
blankets keep them more I feel like my blood runs cold. I always have my
heater running underneath my desk and so a cardigan is a great way to be cute and
stay warm as well I strongly recommend that everyone identify that go to dress
where they don’t have to put a lot of effort but they still look really put
together when they wear it for the next outfit I’m throwing a cardigan over the
dress I really try to be conservative at work so if I’m wearing a bold or
intricate pattern I try to balance that out with wearing a solid accessory so
next we’re gonna take that same black pencil skirt and put it over the dress
and this kind of creates more possibilities that you can use your
dress for so what we are going to reverse it reverse it and have the dress
actually instead of being the top now become the bottom so I love these wide
legged trousers that I got from H&M I actually buy a lot of my work clothes
from there I always get a compliment when I wear these pants and I like to
pair them with a skinny heel to kind of like balance things out and offset the
wideness of the pants so if you have watched my Starck video which I will
link up here you know that a scarf can be tied in so many ways I love wearing
scarves during work because I feel like they make the outfit pop while looking
really professional for the next outfit I am layering the white button-up over
the black top because it can get really cold in an office depending on climate
control and here I’m showing you that you don’t
need to show the layer if you don’t want to you can just keep it in as like
underneath based so so far I have showed you guys a lot of like basic plane
pieces but it’s it but sometimes I like to get out of my comfort zone and
actually wear patterns and here I’m wearing a checkered trouser which I got
from Zara and Zara can be expensive but there’s also a Zara Basics section that
is significantly cheaper than the rest of the store FYI the next outfit I am
wearing is a matching top and bottom combination I feel really cool and
trendy when I have this on and I feel even cooler when I drape it over my
shoulders and wear it like a cape so the next top I’m just gonna show you is
actually completely transparent which would not be okay just to wear on its
own but it is a work top because I’m able to put a tank top under it I find
that if I’m wearing nude or kind of an off-white tank top underneath it it is
less visible so for the bottoms I am wearing a black pair of skinny jeans
which is already like an essential piece of my closet so I’m glad that I get to
like use it at other workplaces which I am at most of my life I think it’s
really important to be cognizant of how much cleavage you’re showing at work
this top has a lower neckline but I can still wear it because I’m using double
adhesive to kind of tie things together so I strongly believe that your shoe
choice really cements your outfit it can be a huge differentiator from like a
casual outfit when you’re wearing like sandals are flat to really like bumpin
up the look when you wear heels in this next outfit I am wearing a thick pair of
heels because those are more easy to walk in and you don’t know when you’ll
have to be on your feet the next outfit I’m actually wearing a
slim pair of cargo pants yes they are work appropriate depending on your work
and as you can see there’s two ties so one on the side for the shirt and one on
the center for the pants and I’m gonna combat this by actually just tucking the
shirt tied in and just making it look like a whole different top the next look
I’m wearing a black turtleneck with black jeans and black heels and looking
very much like a spy however if you want a subtle way to enhance the look I’d
recommend layering your jewelry to create more dimension I’m gonna be
layering with a long coat I think this is comprised of a lot of basics that
everyone has and it still looks really chic here I’m throwing a green Zara
cardigan over it the reason why I love this cardigan so much is because it’s
kind of peplum at the side and it’s just a very cute detail that I don’t see in a
lot of cardigans For the next look I am keeping the cargo pants and throwing on
a mock gray turtleneck and surprise the mock turtleneck was actually a dressed
if you had seen my previous videos you would already know that if I wear just
this dress to work it seems like I’m showing a lot of skin so I’m going to
wear knee-high boots over that and just like show a little bit of my thigh which
I feel like is appropriate another way I like to spice up a dress is putting a
huge blanket scarf over this I feel like it is another cute layer as
well as an actual blanket when I sit at my desk and like keep my legs warm so
I’m gonna tell you guys now that I wear Lululemon to work a lot and it’s these
city pants that actually look like trousers they are so comfortable I do
yoga in them and you know I get shit done with them next I’m going to layer a
sleeveless cardigan to show you that not all layers need to cover an outfit the other amazing thing about these Lululemon pants is that they’re very
stretchable so you can stick like a whole dress in there and I’m gonna do
that with my mock turtleneck dress there is no ruffles
no one can see that you like stuck like 20 feet of fabric inside your pants all alright guys and now we’re heading into casual casual land
similar to Candyland but without the predictability without the diabetes sine skinny would jeans especially light wash denim are very casual you can
always combat that by placing a structured blouse on top however if you
feel like that’s not enough you can always place a black blazer on top I
always feel like doing that makes the look more sophisticated one of my go-to
looks is blue jeans and a white button-up I think it just looks really
simple and clean another piece that I don’t see a lot of people wearing but is
really cute and comfortable for work is palazzo pants I mean these are really
cool when I was in middle school and then I like shuddered at the side of
them and now they’re back in my mind they’re extremely comfortable because a
lot of them are a stretchy material and I mean I feel like comfort is key at
work because you have to be sitting there for eight hours a day maybe even
longer these pants are so versatile you can wear them with a baggy top or a
tight top and still look cute so I’ve shown you the pencil skirt but this is
another skirt that I really like to wear to work and is totally appropriate
because of its pairing it with the t-shirt which most
people have and even though it’s a casual piece you can still make it look
elegant next I’m throwing on my favorite mustard turtleneck to show you how to
make an outfit look subtly more elaborate by mixing the textures so the
last bottoms I’m gonna show you are the mom jeans I think this is the furthest
you could go without getting in trouble I feel like heels are key for this
outfit because it looks so casual that you need something structure to tie
everything together for my final outfit I am wearing mom jeans and heels perfect
for a casual Friday so you might have noticed that I’ve repeated a lot of the
pieces but I was still able to create 50 unique outfits that just shows that you
don’t need a huge closet to create a large breadth of outfits thank you so
much for watching this video I like films for four hours like it took me 4
hours to change through all the clothes so if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up
comment if you have any suggestions and videos that you want to see and I will
see you guys next week

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