$500 Princess Polly Haul… IS IT WORTH IT??

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel my name is Adrienne binge hi in today’s video I’m doing a little
clothing haul I haven’t done one of these in a long time and I don’t
normally do them but I’m leaving for Croatia keep the vlog Channel and the
Instagram for some updates over there I got a ton of new clothes and I just
thought I wanted to show you so I’m gonna show you these could be school
outfits they’re comfy outfits they’re classy outfits they’re cute my whole
style is like comfy but cute like I have to be comfortable
I love loungewear and like athleisure clothes these are more like cutesy
clothes but they’re also super comfortable so all the clothes that I
got today are from princess Polly they’re one of my favorite favorite
stores it’s actually an Australian clothing company but you can order it
here in the US and you can actually get 20% off your order with my code which is
right here Adrienne 2x oh and that lasts for two
months after when this video is posted and without further ado I’m just gonna
like show you the items and try them on okay so the first thing that I got is
this like silk dress it is so comfy like the material is just so soft and like
almost cold which I feel like for Croatia will be super nice cuz it’s
gonna be pretty hot there so I’m gonna want like breathable comfy things and
this just feels like literal silk it feels so good so we have these like ties
at the top so the straps are obviously adjustable which is super nice I think
it actually adds a cute little flare that there’s like a little bow up there
so this is cute another cool thing out dresses like this is I feel like you can
layer them over like t-shirts or long-sleeve shirts you can wear them
with like combat boots or heels you can dress them up or down which i think is
awesome I got this in a u.s. 4 so we’re gonna try it on all right here is this
dress excuse the wrinkles I obviously haven’t steamed it yet it’s super super
comfy it’s very flattering I like how it feels and fits and I of course like
untied these and made them the right level that I wanted the only thing is
that there is this like lining right here I think to just make it a little
bit thicker right here but I actually might cut this out because I don’t
really like this line right here but other than that I really like how this
looks super super cute alright next is this pair of shorts I just really can’t
go wrong with like jean shorts and I saw this pair online so many different times
and thought about getting them and then I
finally pulled the trigger I just thought they’re super cute and different
a little bit so they’re these jean shorts but they have this little like
cinched waist band situation I think they’re called like paper boy paper bag
I don’t know something paper paper bag shorts denim paper bag shorts and fun
fact I actually ordered these ones and they came in the wrong size so I finally
got the right size so these are just cute I feel like you can wear them with
a felt you can wear em with a crop top or flowy top the only thing I’m gonna
have to check out is like how my old booty looks in these shorts but I think
it’ll be good I also got these shorts in white which I’ll show you in a second
so let’s see how they look these are at the denim shorts they fit way better
than I expected I actually really like them just love this light thing at the
top cinch nest it’s just super cute so I’m a big fan all right so next is the
white pair in the exact same style so this is the white pair it’s still denim
material same like roughly situation at the top and it does give you a belt loop
so you can put about with them wondering if these are gonna fit the same way
these are also a u.s. for seeing with those I’m pretty sure everything I got
was a four I do get nervous like sitting places and getting my butt all dirty but
whatever it up that’s what we just for right so these are super cute there’s
also like a literal elastic waistband I don’t know I just feel like that helps
to feel a little bit more secure and again you can wear a belt with them
which is nice all right so here’s what these shorts look like they’re kind of
loose but like I’m kind of a fan you can wear them with basically anything with
any type of shoe and they just kind of roll up in the bottom they’re really
really comfortable that’s the nice thing and I feel like I can wear it with about
without about yeah right next is one of my favorite favorite favorite pieces and
I’ve been wanting to get something like this for a long time and I just haven’t
but I’ve seen them be super popular lately so not only is leopard print like
super in style right now but I feel like also so is this style of skirt so this
is just like a medium length skirt which normally I feel like would be really
awkward and not cute on me but lately this style has just been really catching
my eye because I feel like it’s a little bit more fitted at the top and then it
kind of flows out but not super flowy like I don’t think I like the really
flared skirts this one I’m hoping is just like a little bit
more fitted it’s also that really soft silky kind of feel and this is just so
cute I mean look at this pattern you can wear it with like a white sure crop top
really anything and you can dress this up or down which I really love so this
is also a US four and we’re gonna try this on alright as predicted I am
absolutely obsessed with this skirt it is so cute it’s fitted like just
perfectly because it’s kind of like tighter on the top and then it still
flows out and I feel like I could wear this with sneakers or like heels I’m so
happy with how it fits all right next is a cute flowy little top so it looks like
this it’s like olive green I love this style I think it’s so so so cute I’m
just gonna need to figure out what to wear underneath it because I feel like
I’m not very blessed in the upper region and so I just need to figure out like
how to make it look good with like a bra underneath or something like that and I
really really love this color I just think it’s really pretty again this is
very breathable and flowy so anything high-waisted I feel like
you’d be able to like wear this to school with something underneath like a
cami or bralette and with like high-waisted pants but obviously in the
summer you can wear this with a swimsuit underneath or anything else really right
here is this shirt I still don’t fully know what to wear underneath it because
it’s a little bit open but it’s so so so cute I love the flow eNOS it’s super
comfy the color is adorable I’m a big fan you really could wear this with
anything I feel like I keep saying that about everything but I really do love
this and on the topic of shirts I’m also wearing this shirt that I got from
princess Polly so I’m just wearing it with this necklace
that I also got which I’ll show you in a second and a bralette I’m not wearing
high-waisted pants so it’s obviously a little bit of skin just showing but I
think that this pattern is so pretty you just tied it right here in the
middle and it’s very breathable it’s very flowy like in Croatia even if I’m
sweating I feel like I won’t really mind and it won’t show but I think that it’s
so cute with a little red accent roses and then the back is just the same so
I’m like a huge huge fan of this shirt and I feel like they have a lot of
shirts that are kind of in the same style which I loved oh yeah next here’s
another purchase that I’m very excited about actually I’m pumped about
literally every single one of these purchases it should be like I really
nailed it with this selection so I got these linen pants and I do feel
like you like pants are very hit-or-miss especially with me I feel like certain
pants were like super flattering and then others are just not at all but I
got these linen pants they’re white and they have kind of this tie at the top
and then they’re literally just flowy all the way down there a little bit
flare legged but they look so soft and I’m really hoping these fit really well
because they’re so breathable so these are us four and we’re really really
hoping you spit me because I really love them I think they’re super cute all
right please pit I like these too much Oh tight oh man okay bad news the pants
are so cute but they’re too tight they will not zip and on the topic of pants
that are flowy that you can wear with anything I got another pair and I’ve
been really trying to find some plaid pants lately and just haven’t found ones
that I’ve liked or they’re all from like other stores where the sizing is a
little bit different not to call out any specific brand so anyway I saw these and
thought they were so cute again they’re just like these flowy pants these ones
are a little bit crops so they cut off kind of like at your ankle which I also
think is cute some people aren’t a fan of that I love that and the thing that I
was the most surprised about when I opened these is how breathable and light
these are as well they’re so soft and just lightweight material so they look
really solid which is awesome you can like totally wear these to a business
meeting if you wanted or just school or anything but they’re super super
lightweight so they’re perfect for like warmer weather or cooler weather if you
put on like socks and boots but I’m just a big fan of like the pants look lately
and I realized I don’t have very many like unique pairs of pants besides jeans
I pretty much wear jeans and yoga pants like every single day mostly yoga your
are these pants it’s so confusing these fit me perfectly and the white ones
didn’t but they’re the same size so they just cut off like right at the ankle
they’re so comfortable and I feel like they’re so flattering and look really
really good so I’m a huge fan of these pants I love them
next I got this top that I’m not gonna lie kind of made me laugh when I took it
out of the bag because it quite literally it just looks like a piece of
fabric so it’s this snakeskin a tank top but it literally just looks like a cloth
with like straps coming off which essentially is what it’s like but when
you actually put it on the correct way look super super cute this is probably
not something you’d wear to school unless you have like a cardigan over it
I figured this would be really cute for maybe with those white linen pants or
like for going out in Croatia or just like a beachy dinner II look so
basically the straps cross in the back and you stick your arms through and it
pretty much just has like one strap in the back so it’s a little more a risque
but I think it’s super super cute all right so here is this snakeskin top it
is very very small and revealing but if you like maybe for a night out it would
be super cute there’s literally nothing on the back besides this one strap but I
feel like for summer and for like again going out or just like being outside
it’s pretty cute next I have been eyeing this dress on
the website for like literally months and I just never bought it I don’t know
why but finally I was like okay I need this so it is just this red little dress
it’s so cute the pattern is so cute it’s a little bit short it’s pretty flowy and
it has these like arm little sleeve things it’s strapless but it has these
little flowy arm things and worried it might be a tiny bit too short but in the
back it does tie so like I can loosen these straps I can so we’re gonna try
this on I’m really hoping it works because I actually ordered another red
dress from there that was too small I’ll actually show you that right now so I
had ordered this one before it’s just like red polka dot and I actually didn’t
love the way that it fit me so I’m actually returning it but it’s fine
because I really like this pattern better anyway so I’m really hoping that
this is me let’s try it on all right you thank goodness this fits me so well here
is the red dress I absolutely love it I’ve seen people wear it kind of both
like off the shoulder like this and on the shoulder I’m not sure which one I
like the best but then look how cute the back is like crisscross still the tag on
I’m a big fan this is so comfy flattering breathable everything alright
and last but not least before I show you a couple accessories I got this really
cute like very unique looking sweater set so I’ve been like obsessed with sets
recently so like matching tops and bottoms so what this is and I’m not
bringing this to Croatia because it’s definitely too warm but this is like a
knit sweater skirt so it’s like white a little bit on flying so it’s a skirt
that’s high-waisted then on top it’s a matching cropped but
like baggy sweater with long sleeves so it’s kind of one of those sweaters where
the sleeves are cinched at your wrists but then this parts kind of like loose
and baggy super cozy super comfy I could also see myself just wearing this
sweater on its own or vice versa the skirt on its own but I just think this
will make first super cute little set like especially for photos but also for
life duh and since I do live in California and
it’s perfect for like winter because the winter is never actually very cold so
this would like keep me warm but also BQ and also be not too hot so let’s try
this on okay I am obsessed with this set first of all this is the comfiest thing
ever and I also just think it’s so cute the
skirt is very very flattering on Daboo D and then the sweater just
matches perfectly and it’s like this cute
flowy situation I’m in love with it love it I love it alright so that is all the
clothes and then I got three accessories the first one is this necklace so this
is actually one necklace and it comes with this chain and this like little
lock I just thought this lock look is so so cute so this just comes in one it
claps in the back and I really like it and next I got these gold hoops so these
are just some thin gold hoops that I thought looked really good with this
necklace kind of combination and I lost my pair of like gold hoops I lost one of
them which is always the most annoying things you have one and you like don’t
want to throw the one away but the one is useless without its mate so I just
bit the bullet and got some new ones so I really like these are very cute and
then the last accessory that I got are these like silver hoop earrings but they
have these little dangles coming down are you guys that is the end of this
video I hope you enjoyed it and if you guys want to go shop on
princess Polly on the website you guys can get 20% off by using my code
Adrienne x0 and that will be for two months from this post date you can
alternate free 2-day shipping for any order in the US over $50 which is super
neat neat super cool super awesome and they also offer using after pay which
means basically instead of paying for everything upfront you can pay in four
installments with no interest which is awesome
so yeah check it out I’ll link it down below if you guys want to see what I got
I will link all the items and I hope you guys enjoyed this video
can’t wait to show you all of my Croatia content and blogs and Instagram photos
and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye

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