6 Ideas\Ways To Refashion Your Old Sweaters within 10 minutes| Quick and Easy Diy

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these days so we decided to show you guys some ways to refashion your old
boring plain sweater yes we fashioned six different sweaters and we had so
much fun doing these different types of sweaters we hope you like it lets
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took a solid red color sweater and some pearls start by marking points where you
want to stick the pearls now use fabric glue or hot glue as per your choice
now start applying glue on the marks and place the pearls and then hold them for a
second or so so that they can stick well now also make sure to insert your hand
inside the sleeves to prevent the glue to stick the front side with the back
side now once you have pasted all the pearls on both of the sleeves front and
back they should look something like this and you’re done now for this one you’re gonna need a
sweater with either turtleneck or long length start by marking a slant curve on
both the sleeves starting from the outer arm to the armhole like shown and cut it
out once you’re done double fold raw
edges of the sleeves and sew with needle and thread now the thread should
be the one that matches your sweater color , do both the sleeves then cut a strap of about two to three
inch width from the neck or from the bottom side of the sweater if your
sweater is long enough and then cut it in two parts then take each part and
stitch them onto the sleeves in a ruffled manner as in stitch one portion of the strap and then make a tiny ruffle and then stitch
the end of that ruffle to create a ruffled cold shoulder look now do it on both of the sleeves and hem
the neckline once you’re done and that’s it now for this one you need a
tight-fitting sweater then measure how long you want your sweater to be I took
about 17 inch and then mark a straight line and cut it
out leaving one inch for seam allowance now you can either hem it or just leave
it like that for ripped look now taking the piece that we cut out earlier and
cutting the bottom part of that piece out which has a lot of elasticity in it
if you don’t have it then you can just take any part of it then cut it into
half and cut a small rectangular piece out of it to make your choker from now
simply place both the ends of the strap at the back of the neckline of your crop
sweater together and stitch them down make sure you try the size of this strap
around your neck before to see if it is of correct measurement before stitching it
down and you’re done for this one you’re gonna need a plain
sweatshirt or a sweater a sequined fabric and a plain solid fabric of the
same color cut out shape of heart in a paper and also two oval ones which should
go on your elbows and then cut them out on the sequin as well as on the plain
fabric and you should have something like this then you can either stitch the sequin
fabric with the plain one or simply use fabric glue like we did once that is done measure where you want
your elbow patch to be and then glue the sequins overs to the
elbow do it on both the elbows and then moving
on to the heart apply some glue on the back of the heart and stick it at the
center of the front side of the sweater and you’re done now for this one you’re gonna need a
plain solid sweater lace or a chicken work cloth in white color now simply just
stitch the net cloth under the bottom edge of the sweater like I did so that
it doesn’t show outside once done it should look something like this and it’s
done it’s super simple right now for this last one that is a pretty
simple one you need a furry sweater like this cut it open from the front side in
the center now you can use scale or a measuring tape to cut it straight then
hem the opening by simply folding it inside and stitching it in place
now if you want to shorten the length you can do that as well and once it’s done it should look
something like this that’s it hope you liked it and now moving on to the
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