7 causes of night sweats

7 causes of night sweats

seven causes of night sweats waking up in the night hot in a sweat is one of the most unpleasant feelings these waves of intense heat can interrupt a good night’s sleep and leave you feeling sluggish the next day so understanding what could be causing your night sweats is the first step to treating them below we’ve listed some of the most common causes of night sweats it’s important to note so that your night sweats might be caused by the hot climate you’re in too many blankets or even a mattress that retains your body heat if that’s not the case one of these seven causes might explain why you’re experiencing night sweats one menopause essentially your night sweats could be night hot flashes medicine that explains that women who are in the perimenopausal state often experience hot flashes which can occur in the middle of the night waking you in a hot sweat to medications some medications might be causing you to wake up in a sweat Webbie explains that certain antidepressants psychiatric drugs and even aspirin can cause night sweats talk to your doctor about the medication you take to see if it could be causing your night sweats symptoms 3 cancer night sweats can be an early symptom of cancers like lymphoma webmd says other symptoms that usually accompany cancer cause night sweats are unexplained weight loss and fever for infection medicine that says an infection like tuberculosis an abscess endocarditis inflamed heart valves or osteomyelitis inflammation in the bones can cause night sweats other serious infections such as aids can also cause night sweats five anxiety stress and anxiety could be causing your body to sweat in the night the Mayo Clinic says other symptoms of anxiety include nervousness tension and fleet trouble six sleep disorders destructive sleep apnea or another sleep disorder could be causing your night sweats other symptoms that can accompany destructive sleep disorder include waking abruptly to gasping for choking daytime sleepiness and high blood pressure among others seven hypoglycemia low blood sugar levels can cause sweating according to medicinenet people with diabetes my experience night sweats due to hypoglycemia at night

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  9. I also wonder if the fact that a person eat late at night or just before going to bed may cause night sweat. You would think that the digestive process may require some energy and generate heat. Sweating means that energy is being expanded and also releasing heat/excreting toxins, having a lot of metabolic waste may be a reason due to all those causes mentioned.

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  12. i went out to see my doctor..i had a bad cold..my body all hot & sweaty while walking in the light rain?
    maybe i ate to much med..some times i cough at night..my nose all stiffy..coughing nose running etc..

  13. So how the hell should i know wich one of the reasons is causing my night sweats🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️just dont watch this its a waste of time and makes u worry for nothing😑😂😂

  14. I find going to sleep i end up dripping-literally dripping can't even get t-shirt off as totally soaked most nights. What's the cause?? As my sleep pattern is all over the place and find deed sleep impossible.

  15. I'm pretty damn sure that mine are being caused by the change in blankets for the winter time. I sweat my ass off in my own bed when my girlfriend wants to add this extra blanket and then we both end up soaking wet every night and sweat. And I sweat every single night all week when I'm sleeping at the Holiday inn hotel and they have thick ass quilt blankets and overly insulated mattresses I'm not totally sure what to do about that one besides sleep on the damn floor

  16. I am pregnant and I have night sweats during my 3rd trimester. Soooo annoying and I have to change 10 times a night. I am absolutely exhausted!

  17. Ohhh God since past few days I am waking up all sweaty like my forehead sweaty and my chest all sweaty and video scaredddd me but I am only 13 so what should I do🤔🤔😞

  18. Bro I never sweat in my sleep like I slept with the heat on before in the summer and didn't sweat but all of a sudden after being sick I'm sweating a lot in my sleep seriously like to the point where my clothes r drenched and it's disgusting and uncomfortable I really gotta know how to fix this

  19. Help? Sweating at night A LOT and so I turn on my fan really high speed close to me and then in the morning I feel cold because the fan is so fast

  20. I sweat so bad at night my ears fill up like tea cups .I had this since childhood I been checked for every reason why I sweat so bad at night .I soak through pillows I wrap my pillows in high adsorbent towels I go through two a night sometimes more.it stresses me out bad tired of it.even in the winter I love it .i still sweat but a little less.one doctor said some of it is my ptsd and night terrors.

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