8 Cool Men’s Dress Shirt Thrift Flips

8 Cool Men’s Dress Shirt Thrift Flips

Men’s dress shirts are one of the most amazing things to upcycle because you can always find them at your thrift
store, so today I’m going to share 8 amazing men’s
dress shirt thrift flips. I’m Angelina and this is BlueprintDIY where we remake our clothes to be just as
unique as us. Ok so let’s start off with one of my all time
favorites, number 8 is the classic edgy top. And this one is actually really simple by cutting off the sleeves and the sides, hemming the edge, and then just add a portion of the side back
in. And you’ll find the link to all the full tutorials
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I do next. Alright, I love that this sleeveless blouse
has really clean lines, but the extra length in the front and back
give an edge to it that make it super nice paired with these
shorts. Number 7 is the off shoulder blouse. This one is really simple to do as well. You’ll just cut off the collar and shoulder
portion of the shirt, fold under and sew, then add elastic. I love this top so much with these two toned
jeans. And you can also crop it and maybe add some
trim for a whole different look. Number 6 is the girl boss blouse. For this one we’re going to use two men’s
dress shirts and cut up one to make an extra dramatic puffy
sleeve. For an added touch I also cut some strips
from some striped pants to make a tie to attach under the collar. I literally feel on top of the world when
I wear this top. And if you want even more drama, try layering it over another upcycle like this strappy peplum blouse that used
to be a dress. Number 5 is the sweater dress. If you ever have a dress shirt that is too
small in the waist, try this upcycle. We’re going to cut off the shirt right underneath
the arms, cut and sew two sweaters together and add it to the dress shirt. And voila! For two tubes of yarn and a too small shirt, you have to admit that this is pretty amazing. Ok, number 4 is bow front blouse. For this one I used two dress shirts as well, the front and back of one as the new sleeves, and the part under the arms of the other to
be the tie around the bust area. With the new sleeves and added elastic, this is hands down my favorite men’s dress
shirt upcycle that I’ve turned into a woman’s blouse. It looks so good with this vintage Levis upcycle and really whatever you pair it with, it just stands out. But you don’t have to just make blouses out
of men’s dress shirts. Number 3 is the pleated party dress. You can cut strips from the dress shirt and
add them together. Then iron permanent pleats into them with
a water and vinegar solution. Then you can add them to almost any dress
to give it so much drama. I first did it with this silk dress that I
thrifted. The pleated layers made this dress so good. And then I did it with this dress that was
too tight. I completely removed the bottom, added a little portion down each side seam
to take it out a bit, and added the pleated layers at the bottom. And it truly turned out to be the perfect
little party dress. And speaking of layers, number 2 is the ruffled midi skirt. With this one I alternated the strips from
a dress shirt with strips from two old dresses. I added them to a slip and a jute belt as
the waistband, and oh my gosh! This skirt makes no sense but works all at
the same time. And I tend to stock up on white dress shirts
at the thrift store, but imagine these upcycles in other colors
and prints. Hint, hint, hint. And this shirt needed the perfect blouse, so that brings us to number 1 and my most
recent dress shirt upcycle, which is the cropped wrap blouse. I took this one in in the back, cut the V shape in the front, used scraps to make a collar facing, added ties to the side and smaller ones at
the sleeves. It paired so well with the ruffled midi skirt, but really with anything high waisted. All the links to the tutorials and any upcycle
mentioned is in the description box. And definitely subscribe so you don’t miss
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