8 CuPs Of WaTeR?

8 CuPs Of WaTeR?

Hello Children We all know the 8×8 rule 8 cups of 8 ounces of water a day now I’m not the most Hydrationally Tolerant person But if you’ve ever tried drinking 8 cups of water in one day Which is 1.9L You’ll know it’s a bit aspirational That’s why I think this advice is pretty balogna and I’m going to investigate This article by Lawrence E Armstrong and Evan C Johnson wanted to find the human water requirement by looking at the plasma arginine vasopressin a biomarker for total body water concentration, in different data sets The AVP level for a hydrated individual is somewhere around 2.0 pg/mL by the way The graph tells us that 120 college aged women drank an average of 2L of water The table showing plasma AVP and plasma osmolality from water restriction is mostly to prove measuring AVP is legit for measuring hydration levels. but more importantly Armstrong and Johnson concluded that it took 1.7 to 3.2 L per day for the plasma AVP level to get around 2.0 pg/mL so we should be drinking about that much but it varies based on outside factors. Lawrence Armstrong is a professor of nutritional sciences at the university of Connecticut Evan Johnson is a professor of kinesiology and health at the university of Wyoming They are credible but this article was published on MDPI AN open access scientific journal platform That is open peer review meaning articles don’t have to be peer reviewed and they got research funding from Danone the food company An article written by Mariela Nissensohn, Daniel Fuentes Lugo and Lluis Serra-Majem supports part of the original article they agree that the daily water intake is unclear and varies from each person Another article written by Hans Braun, Judith von Andrian-Werburg and other scientists supports the original article they studied the urine osmolality of men and women in Spain, Germany and Greece. They found that people mostly drank about 1.9L, but it still fluctuated daily. Another article disagrees with the original. It was written by E Jéquier & F Constant and published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The article says that the average adult should be drinking 1.5L a day. Now to relate these articles back to the course Diversity: Lot’s of things live in water, like Euglena, a photosynthesizing protist or amoebas, an animal like protist. In animals we learned that the average person is made of 60% water, and that it is an essential nutrient for performing bodily functions. Take the circulatory system for example, without water our blood would just be sludge. Not only that, plants use it for circulation too, but plants use the source and sink system, where excess water and sugar moves to places of low water and sugar instead of having a cardiovascular system. In genetics we learnedCells also need water for cellular respiration during interphase which the cell needs to perform before the cell is able to properly enter meiosis. In evolution we know water shaped humans 40,000 years ago an ice age happened, Afri- Africa got a drought and humans had to adapt and be smarter. Survival of the fittest dictated the survival of homo sapiens during these trying times and only those who were smarter were able to do the do. Was my hypothesis correct? Well yes and no, because 8 cups of 8 ounces of water can be used as a basis of how much water you drink but water intake varies from day to day and is completely subject to your lifestyle.

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