8 Surprising Underwear Facts

8 Surprising Underwear Facts

– Underwear.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪(theme music)♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Look under there. Under where?
Under you clothes. What’s under there?
Underwear! – Underwear!
– Link, I am willing to bet that you are wearing underwear right now.
Right or wrong? Well, I’m not gonna prove it,
so, yes, I am. Okay. Then I’m willing also to bet that
you might just be an expert on all things – underwear.
– Oh, okay. – Well, I hope you are.
– Thanks for that vote of confidence. – I have a lot of experience with it.
– We’re gonna find out just how much experience you have and how that
translates into knowledge about – underwear as we play:
– ♪(game show music)♪ What Do You Knows
About The Clothes That We Wear Under
Our Clothes? A.K.A Underwears.
Okay, here’s how this works. If you get five out of eight
of these correct, – they’re fill in the blanks,
– Mhm. if you get the blanks right,
you get a special new under garment. – (laughs)
– I’m always in the market for a new – under garment.
– And if you don’t get five out of eight, I just keep that under garment
for myself. – Oooh.
– Wear it under my clothes. – Or over depending on how big it is.
– I could. Yep. Okay.
Starting off with: A Texas A&M student had to have
blank removed after he recieved and atomic wedgie while pledging
for a fraternity. (laughs) Man,
I got an atomic wedgie by the – whole soccer team my freshman year.
– Yeah, and I ke– I told you this. I kept the underwear.
Like, they were all ripped apart. – Did you have to get anything removed?
– It was a right of passage. The only thing that makes sense that he
would have to get removed would be – the underwear.
– (laughs) So, I’m gonna say,
from deep within himself, – they had to remove the underwear.
– Surgically remove the underwear? – That is a deep atomic wedgie.
– Great guess. Wrong answer. – (buzzer sound)
– It is a testicle. – (laughs)
– Oh no! Oh gosh. Yeah, a little damage was done
and had to have it removed. – Interestingly–
– Was it, like, another student’s – or his own?
– It was his own testicle. – That’s better. That’s better.
– Yeah. – (crew laughs)
– And this actually became a tradition. Now all Kappa Alpha members
have a testicle removed in honor of him. – (Link and crew laugh)
– Grrr. Man. Two enterprising eight-year-olds in Ohio
put their brains together an unveiled blank-proof underwear after roughhousing
with each other. Eight-year-olds roughhousing
each other. – Yeah.
– I’m thinking blood. Blood-pro– – I mean, if you’re really roughhousing.
– (childish voice) “Hey, – we can make these blood-proof.”
– (laughs) Well, I mean, pee-proof?
So, I’m changing my answer. (laughs) (normal voice) Okay.
Sometimes you pee on youself – when you get–
– When you get roughhoused. Yeah. – Yeah, I do.
– (crew laughs) Eight-year-olds might still
pee their pants, like, (childish voice) “We need to get some
pee-proof underwear if – That’s your answer?
– we’re gonna continue rough housing.” – That’s your answer.
– (normal voice) Yeah. Pee-proof. – Well, it’s wedgie.
– (buzzer sound) – Wedgie-proof.
– Oh. That’s kinda redundant
with the last one. (laughs) Yeah.
I thought maybe that would help you, – but it hurt you, I guess.
– I had to move on from the – world of wedgies, man. Too soon.
– They’re called Rip Away 1000s. They have Velcro fasteners
that come free. – That’s–
– Somebody roughly pulls on them. Smart enough.
An eight-year-old developed it. Yes. Women in Victorian Era–
(laughs) Women in the Victorian Era– – I am gonna use articles today.
– Okay. Women in the Victorian Era wore
knickers without a blank, believing it was more hygienic.
Knickers without a blank. – First of all, what are knickers?
– Pants. – Pants?
– Underpants. – Underpants?
– Yeah. Mm. My mom used to take me to the
Victorian Secret. – (laughs)
– I’d look at the knickers. – (crew laughs)
– No, she’d go into the Victoria’s Secret, I’d have to–
I’d wait outside in the mall. – Oh, yeah. It’d stay awkward in there.
– It’s like I’d stand out there and my – mom would go in.
– Yeah. I don’t like to be helped – by anybody if I have to go in there.
– And then one time she never came out. – That was the last time I saw her.
– Oh. She’s still enjoying herself in there. – Underknickers? Without a–
– (laughs) Not a bra, but the thing.
The thing under the bra. – the (inaudble)?
– Go lower. – Go to where the knickers are.
– (Rhett and crew laugh) – Bloomers.
– Knickers without a bloomers? Bloomers, yeah. They have–
Bloomers, you know? – Think, man.
– You act as if it’s obvious. What is it? – Crotch.
– (buzzer sound) – (crew laughs)
– Oh. Without a– – Knickers without a crotch. Yes.
– Crotchless knickers. And, interesting, in 2009,
a pair of crotchless underwear worn by Queen Victoria,
’cause this is something that they did, was declared a national treasure by the
Museums, Libraries, and Archives Council, and coincidentally,
a pair of underwear I have been wearing since 2009 has recently
become crotchless. – (crew laughs)
– But not a national treasure. – (laughs) Just wear and tear.
– No. Not a national treasure. – Alright.
– It happens to the best of us. Link, you gotta get them all right, now.
(laughs) So– – Come on, man.
– Let’s just say you gotta get four right. – Crotchless in the–
– In the late 1990s, Russian scientists thought it would be
a good idea to put a cocktail of blank in astronauts’ underwear to keep
them clean for longer. – A cocktail
– Mhm. A cocktail. – of blank.
– Of what? – To keep them clean for longer.
– Russian scientists. I could see you putting soap in the
underwear, so I’m gonna say detergent. – A cocktail of detergent.
– A cocktail of detergent in the underwear, that way, whenever you soil yourself,
it cleans. – Science.
– Science. – Scientific cocktail of–
– Detergent. – Detergent, huh?
– (crew laughs) – (buzzer sound)
– It’s bacteria, Link. It’s a cocktail of bacteria.
Science-y. – That seems counterintuitive.
– Yeah, well there is– There’s already some butt bacteria in there
but apparently you can add some additional – bacteria. Russian science.
– To keep them– So the bacteria eats the stuff.
Okay. – Eats the fecal mater.
– I can buy that. – It eats the skid marks, Link.
– You know what I just invented? – Detergent underwear!
– Okay. So eat that–
Well, they’re not edible, – (laughs)
– but, like, buy that. They do make those.
Artist Ingrid Goldbloom created a recycled line of underwear made entirely out of
blank. Ouch! – Ouch?
– That means that they hurt. – I would imagine that they hurt.
– Needles. – Ouch! Needles.
– No. Artists can make– – Man, they’ll make stuff out of anything.
– (laughs) – Recycled range.
– Starting very broad. – Artists can make stuff out of anything.
– I’m gonna say – Recycled.
– plastic bottles, or cans. Should I go with–
I’m gonna go with bottles. Plastic bottles because she’s making an
environmentalist statement. – Yeah. Why don’t you go with cans?
– (crew laughs) – Why don’t you go with that other answer?
– Okay, and cans because they need to be – recycled.
– How about just cans? – Aluminum cans only.
– (ding sound) Yes, Link. You’re right!
Just cans is the answer. (laughs) Alright.
Now, plastic bottles. – That’s actually a good idea.
– Yeah. This is a– – (crew laughs)
– Ingrid would weave these things together – and then make them into underwear.
– I don’t care. – I don’t care how she made it.
– You don’t care? – I– Yeah. I got that one right.
– It’s probably cause some chafing, though. The first sports bra was invented in the
seventies by combining two blanks. Ah, so that’s why they call it a
‘sports’ bra! – That’s your hint.
– (both laugh) – As a policy, I don’t take hints.
– (laughs) Yeah. – I’m good enough without them.
– I’ve noticed. Two what?
Combining two what into a sports bra? – Two blanks, man.
– Mm. (laughs) – Knee pads.
– (both laugh) I mean,
that’s my answer. – That’s a–
– I think sport– Knee pads. You know how volleyball players wear
knee pads and they’re like, – “well we could put these up here.”
– That’s a great answer. – (laughs)
– But– – Unfortunately it’s not correct.
– What’s the right answer? – The correct answer is jock straps.
– (buzzer sound) – Two jock straps.
– I mean, think about it. – Some woman–
– One jock strap would work. Some woman took her man’s jock straps
and came out and said, “Honey, look how well they’re held.
I’m gonna go play some sports now.” – (crew laughs)
– I just hope she didn’t get any jockage – on her chest-icles.
– (crew laughs) A New York kid by the name of Jack Singer
landed himself a blank by wearing two-hundred-and-fifteen pairs of underwear
at once. Two-hundred-and-fifteen pair
of underwear at once. – Yep.
– Jack? I’ve never heard of Jack Singer. – Oh, well.
– But the first think I think is viral video. – Hmm. Hmm!
– You know? – Okay.
– So, landed himself a plane. I’m also thinking of plane.
He could land a plane. – I’m saying a recording career. No.
– Okay. All great thoughts. Landed himself a career in show business
via viral video. – That’s my answer.
– Not a bad answer. – It was actually a world record,
– (buzzer sound) but we do have the video, which
went viral, of him doing this. – Check this out.
– So, I’m right. – I’ll give it to you.
– (ding sound) – Look, there’s his parents.
– How old is this kid? – (laughs) He’s ten years old.
– Are you kidd– Oh my gosh. Look at him.
He’s crying. – (laughs)
– He’s crying? – He is so upset but–
– I feel awesome! – I can’t believe I broke it!
– I’m very proud of him. – (laughs)
– I’m very proud of him. – Proud. I feel awesome! I broke it!
– I’m very proud of him too. What did you break, Jack?
Oh. The world record. Okay, Link. Listen,
if you can get this last one right, I’m just–
I’m replacing– All the rules are out the door.
If you get this one right, – you get the under garments.
– Show ’em to me. – ‘Cause there’s really no– Okay.
– Show me what’s at stake. – These. Holy moly.
– (Link and crew laugh) – Wow. Okay. Don’t sniff ’em.
– I was gonna stick my eye through – one of the holes.
– Alright. Here we go. – Alright.
– On the Reddit page, “What Strange Things Have You Found
In Your Underwear,” SCIENCYTACOS says,
“One time when I was kid, I scratched my butt,
only to find a blank in my underwear.” – (crew laughs)
– SCIENCYTACOS. Scratched my butt only to find a blank
in my underwear. Scratched my butt–
This could be anything. – It really cold be.
– This is Reddit. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Man. – His name is SCIENCYTACOS, though.
– Mm. Mm. I’m just gonna go with my gut on this one
and say Harry Potter Action Figure. – Figure?
– I don’t know why. Figure. – Hmm.
– Figure. Figure. – Link, it was–
– An action figure. – I keep action figures in my pants.
– Okay. – (crew laughs)
– Permanently. – It was a bean.
– (buzzer sound) – Ew.
– He went on to say, “Like a kidney bean.
Not a bean shaped piece of poop. – Not a digested bean from poop,
– Okay. Okay. Good. but a fully formed, nicely shaped bean.
It was a mystery. My brother, unfortunately,
still remembers this.” – That was riveting.
– (Rhett and crew laugh) – The backstory on that was aboslutely–
– His brother still remembers it! – Remembers the bean. Alright.
– You’re gonna have to remember me – wearing these everywhere I go.
– Yes. Yeah. – That’s what I’m gonna do.
– Starting in Good Mythical More, but for now, thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is.
– I’m Meg from Newberg Port, Massachusetts, and it’s time to spin the
Wheel Of Mythicality. We don’t sell underwear yet in the
Rhett and Link store, but we do sell outerwear like this
Good Mythical Morning t-shirt! Woo! And look!
Here’s a hoodie! You could probably cut it up and
make it into underwear. Not advised. – RhettAndLink.com/Store.
– (stutters) Click through– – (laughs)
– (normal voice) Click through to Good Mythical More.
Click the ‘i’ to get over there. I’m gonna share what a door-to-door
salesman said about this sweatshirt. – Sauce the musical!
– (sings beat) It’s sauce! – (singing) You gotta put it on the stuff
– Sauce! – that you like,
– Sauce! – and it makes it taste alright.
– Sauce! – It’s–
– Sau- Sauce! Missed my cue on the sauce! [Captioned by Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. "As a policy, I don't take hints. I'm good enough without them."

    Shortly before that:
    "How about cans?"
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    "How about just cans?"

  2. Link: "What could this kid find in his underwear."
    Me: "Spider? Ant? Small insect creature thing? Something that makes sense?"
    Link: "Harry Potter Action Figure!"

  3. I was just clicking through the playlist order of videos and I was on the previous video started playing as I clicked the next one "today… we're going to sniff…" and then this video loaded… "Underwear!" …. lmao

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