A Derm’s Best Tips For Dry Skin | Dear Derm | Well+Good

A Derm’s Best Tips For Dry Skin | Dear Derm | Well+Good

(calm music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Mona Gohara Welcome back to another
episode of Dear Derm. So this morning when I
was getting in my car, I looked at the thermometer
and it said 31 degrees and the second I saw
that number, I was like, we gotta talk about dry skin. A lot of times when my
patients come into the office and they ask, Dr. Gohara, is
my skin dry or is it dehydrated and let me just clear up
all confusion to everybody. There’s really no difference. When you have dry skin, it means that there’s
not enough water period. It could mean that there’s not
enough water being trapped in or that there’s too much
water leaving the skin. So one way or another, when
you start seeing dry skin, just know it’s your mission
to start replacing that H2O. So there are three different reasons why your skin could be
feeling a little bit dry or dehydrated. It could be a routine thing, it could be an environment thing or it could be a physiology thing. This is what could be
happening in a skincare routine that could be disrupting
the whole situation and causing dry skin. Number one, you could be
using a harsh cleanser. Harsh cleansers disrupt
your epidermal barrier. That’s the top layer of your skin and your barrier is
like fully responsible. It is like the thing that is responsible for keeping water locked in and keeping water from evaporating out. So the second that baby’s disrupted, it’s like game over and dry skin. Make sure you use a gentle
cleanser every single day. So when you’re in the aisle, make sure to avoid products
that have sulfates in them. The longer chemical name
is sodium lauryl sulfate. Just steer clear. Look for products that
say gentle cleanser, hydrating or PH neutral. The second thing that could be
causing a little bit of chaos and dry skin in your
routine is over-exfoliating. Y’all know that over-exfoliating is definitely a thing, right? People scrub left and right
trying to get rid of pimples, trying to get rid of wrinkles, trying to get rid of this or that. No reason for it. You know what I tell
my patients every day? Scrubbing is for toilets. It’s not for your skin. Be gentle to your skin and exfoliating one or two times a week, that’s completely fine. That’s enough. Give your skin a break. So the biggest product culprit of dry skin is our good old friend Retin-A
or retinol or retinaldehyde, any vitamin A derivative. We love them, they’re the
best thing that happened since motherhood and apple pie. They help us to fight wrinkles and acne and give us an even complexion but they definitely can give us dry skin if they’re overused. So here’s what you do. A pea size amount, put it
on the tip of your finger, divide it equally amongst the
four quadrants of your face so a quarter of a pea, a quarter of pea, a quarter of a pea, a quarter of a pea. Say that fast four times. And then put on a moisturizer. Work up gradually. Do it one time a week
then two times a week then three times a week and I guarantee you won’t have dry skin. So make sure to separate
glycolic acid from retinol because together they’re
definitely a recipe for dry skin. So the last thing that
could be causing an issue when it comes to dry skin in a routine is not actually using
the right moisturizer. So remember that lotions
are lighter than creams. Lotions are primarily water and less oil. Creams are more oil and less water. So if your skin is dry, girl,
you gotta go for a cream. Forget about that lotion. Patients come in my office all the time like Dr. Gohara, I
don’t wanna use a cream, I’m gonna get acne, it’s
gonna leave me looking greasy. Don’t be afraid. It’s all about how much you use. Don’t squirt the entire
bottle in your palm and put it on your face. Absolutely not. Just do a little fingertip
to fingertip action and rub it on your face gently. I actually use Vaseline morning and night and I’m not walking
around like a grease bomb. That was a lot of
information so let’s recap. The four things that could be
causing dry skin in a routine are number one, a cleanser
with sulfate in it, number two, over-exfoliating, number three, too much retinol and number four, you’re
just not using a cream. All right, category number
two, the environment. How is the environment
contributing to dry skin? So when it’s freezing outside, I definitely take hot
showers, I shouldn’t but I do, I get in the car, I blast the heat, the wind is full force on my face. All of those things are super
disruptive to my skin barrier. Moisture seeps out. So definitely before you leave the house, make sure to make sure your
skin is super well lubricated. So the third reason you
could be having dry skin is from a physiologic reason. It could be something like
a rash like rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or it actually could
be something more internal like your thyroid. So if you feel like there’s something else going on with your body and
you know your body best, make sure to go see a board
certified dermatologist or your primary care doctor. So when it comes to fixing dry skin, there’s two ways you can approach it. Number one, with your cleanser. Use a gentle cleanser,
something that’s hydrating and PH neutral. Avoid those sulfates. Number two, use a heavier cream and look for ingredients
like hyaluronic acid, squalene, glycerin or ceramides. So it’s getting colder outside and just like you’re
layering up your clothes, think about layering up your moisturizer. Put on a hyaluronic acid serum
and then put a sheet mask, a really hydrating sheet
mask right over it, watch your favorite TV show
and your skin will glow. So one of my favorite
products to use in the winter is this La Roche-Posay product
called Toleriane moisturizer. It has SPF 30, a key ingredient. This is super hydrating. This product is definitely
packing a one, two punch. You can walk out the door, feel moisturized and protected
all at the same time. Another one of my favorite products is this Vichy moisturizer. It is loaded with hyaluronic acid. One of my absolute favorite ingredients. So you can put it on
your face in the morning and throughout the day
your skin will feel softer with a dewy glow. It’s awesome, I would go for this. So those products were great
for protection during the day. This is one of my faves at
night, this Avene cream. It has some of the ingredients
that I talked about earlier like squalene and glycerin. Perfect to go over a retinol. You can go to bed. Your face will be moisturized
and feel super protected. One last tip before we wrap it up. When you get out of the shower, pat, don’t rub your skin dry with a towel and then make sure to
slather on your moisturizer. That locks in the ambient
moisture from the shower and you’ll be good to go
for the rest of the day. Thanks so much for watching Dear Derm. Make sure to subscribe and
comment below with any questions. Bye, see you later. Dear derm, I wonder why my skin is so dry. Well, if you subscribe to Well+Good, you’ll find out right now.

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