A Friend’s House? | Blood, Sweat and Tears Cover Vlog #2

A Friend’s House? | Blood, Sweat and Tears Cover Vlog #2

So here we are guys, we’re done shooting. LETS GO, LET’S GO Where will we ride? How much to Sabin? 10? Mek Mek So now guys, we are in Sabin Resort Because, Meeko’s mom will buy us dinner. Photoshoot in the CR DUDE, THE WATER’S RUNNING! I thought, Meeko wasn’t pleased with you. What time was the agreement bro? Intales turned it on using the record button. Yeah, it’s now recording. So hey, here’s the owner of the house, finally we’re here I just arrived Hi bro Oh, you guys are piling up there. It’s gonna DIE! Bro, don’t. I wanna sleep. Make him yawn! *yawn* Its almost 4pm bro. Im exhausted. Go to the side. Which side? Mine I mean, to Elimar’s Center Go near Meeko Step back a little. Step back Come near again. LET’S GO, LET’S GO, LET’S GO! Rain, RAIN It’s raining, It’s raining guys. It’s okay bro.

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