A Song about Sweater Weather

A Song about Sweater Weather

(piano music) – Hey, Petaboy here. Here’s a song I wrote recently. – [Girl] Hey, that’s Daddy! – And it’s all… You see me? – [Girl] Yes, right there! – In the picture? – [Girl] Yes. – Okay. And it goes something like this. (piano music) Alright. And then I have this one little part that I don’t know if it fits
with the rest of the song, but… But I like it. It fits, it’s the right cord structure, but you’ll see. I like it. It goes like this. (piano music) You get the idea. But then we’d attempt to come back here, but I don’t think it makes sense coming back here. I mean, listen. (piano music) I don’t know. Some how it’d end. But that’s the riff anyway, so hopefully you enjoyed it. Have a good day! See ya next time. Maybe! (piano music)

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