♪ (industrial music) ♪ – Oh my gosh. Are those people? – Oh god. (sighs deeply) – Is this the mannequin thing?
It’s the mannequin thing. – Oh, the mannequin challenge. – I am obsessed with this right now. – I saw your guys’s
on Instagram. It’s so good. – I love this one. I really do. – Living statues. Wow. – Oh, she held that one pretty good. – (astonished) No! And she held it! – That was impressive. (chuckles) She stayed completely still. – Is that it? That’s really creepy. ♪ (Rae Sremmurd, “Black Beatles”) ♪ – Oh, is this like the new planking? – Oh my god, this is like a thing. – They just did this
at my school yesterday. – Fairly simple Mannequin Challenge. What is he doing up there? – I stare really hard to see who flinches. – This is what we’re doing
with our class time. I hope they’re on break. – They were really holding still.
That was pretty impressive. – (chuckling) This is so weird. – Oh man. How did these challenges start? ♪ (Rae Sremmurd, “Black Beatles”) ♪ – It’s a whole stadium. Like, I can’t. – I mean, that’s a lot of people.
That’s kind of impressive. – Catching her in the cheer lift.
(slight applause) – I don’t understand it.
I think it’s dumb. It’s not entertaining, at least to me. ♪ (Rae Sremmurd, “Black Beatles”) ♪ – (man, echoing) Rae Sremmurd. – This is an actual show? – No, they got the audience to do it? No. Okay, no. People are moving. – That’s awesome. – ♪ …is a real crowd pleaser ♪ ♪ Small world, all her
friends know of me ♪ – I’d love to be there. – ♪ Young bull living like… ♪
– Is that who sings the song? – How many people
are involved in this now? It’s like the new flash mob. – Out of control, you guys.
This is insane. – Okay, I think I’ve seen this one. – Whoa. If you can hold that… – Oh. He’s got good abs right there. – They’re not even shaking.
Is that Kevin Hart? – Is that Kevin Hart? – Was that Kevin Hart?
Guy’s in everything. – Yay! I love him. – Kevin Hart’s got some
really tight quads. I’d be shaking. – What? On a plane too? For real? – Well, that guy moved. – I saw somebody move.
That automatically makes me not like it. – Who is this? Is this the Bucks? – Oh, it’s the basketball–
it’s the Milwaukee Bucks. ♪ (Rae Sremmurd, “Black Beatles”) ♪ – Why do they always
put it to hip-hop music? – This IS the flash mob of 2016. – I like his manicure. – See, the way you move the camera really depends on how it turns out. I’ve seen some where it’s, like… You know? Like, come on, man. This isn’t the Earthquake
Mannequin Challenge. – (anchor) I feel like we’re gonna
be seeing a lot of these in the days ahead. Social media… – Oh, everyone is getting in on this. – (laughs) That’s awesome! – Wow. – (anchor) No one onstage is moving. – (amused) All right,
this one’s pretty good. – Oh my goodness. – I always like when you can
see behind the scenes too. – I thought this was just like,
the kids are doing this. No. – (anchor) Oh look, Fantasy and Friends. That’s awkward. They’ve been
off the air for about an hour. – (chuckles) – (anchor) So they’ve been frozen
for a really long time. – Oh, that guy smiled. I saw it. – (anchor) And what about
the control room? – No way. Everybody’s in on it. – Oh, his arm’s wavering a little bit.
That iPhone’s heavy. – (stammers) So dumb. – I really want to do the Mannequin
Challenge with my friends. I haven’t been able to do it yet.
I gotta do it though. – I really, really want to be
a part of one so bad. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (FBE) So this was called
the Mannequin Challenge. – Ah. One of those challenges. – (FBE) And clearly the challenge here is to act like a mannequin in a flash mob, but called a freeze mob. – I was just trying to do it
right now. (laughs) – (intrigued) Oh, a freeze mob.
All right, I didn’t know that. – (FBE) We’ve been covering
a lot of challenge trends lately as the audience has requested it. But they also are annoyed at things
being called a challenge when it isn’t really a challenge.
– Yeah. I could see that. – (FBE) Why do you think these
challenges, while so popular, also irritate people a lot?
– I don’t know. I feel like, if it irritates you, maybe you should just lighten up. – Can we just have fun? Everyone’s clearly
just doing this for fun. It would be challenging for me
to hold a pose like that, so I don’t know what
they’re talking about. – I’m like, okay, call it something else. How challenging is it really to put 100 layers of makeup on your face? – Because they’re also everywhere. I mean, you know,
it’s in your news feed constantly. – It’s just so saturated now,
and it’s so quick. You just see so many of these
over and over and over, back to back, get sick of it quicker. – (FBE) So what do you think?
Do you like this challenge? – I think it’s awesome. There’s so many millions
of combinations to be creative. – I absolutely enjoy this challenge. – I think it’s a cool challenge, one of the cooler challenges for sure. – I am obsessed. I’ve literally been looking
through the hashtags on Instagram so I can see more. – No, I think it’s stupid and a waste of time. – Some of them were kinda entertaining, some more so than others. You see maybe two or three of ’em, and then it’s like,
“All right, I think I got it.” – It’s entertaining for
about a minute and a half, and now I’m pretty much over it. I want to know where it comes from though. – (FBE) This trend seems to have
started with high schoolers, which is often the case with trends. Why is a high school so conducive
to these types of things? – They have nothing else to do. – Isn’t that where “Damn Daniel” started? When you’re an adult, you don’t
have time to do that stuff. – More so than ever,
kids now are concerned with their social online image
or getting stuff to go viral. – If it starts at one high school,
I feel like initially, another high school will automatically want to try to one-up them. And that will make something
like this spread very quickly. – You have a lot of willing
participants, you know? You have a lot of kids
that are aware of social media. They’ll want to get in on something if they think it’s gonna be big. Like our school. At 11:11, the Mannequin Challenge
was gonna happen, like, district-wide. And sure enough, later on that evening, teachers posted videos of it
in the classrooms. And it was all over the place. – (FBE) This challenge, as you saw, is not just being done by high schoolers but also by many other people,
like professional athletes and TV talent and movie stars. Why do you think people in the public eye jump on trends like this?
And why did this one cross over? – Well, I think they are now
taking their cue from what the kids are doing. – Everyone’s just trying
to be young and cool, and they’re also trying to get
the attention of high schoolers. – It’s just to have fun with something that people
are already doing. You shouldn’t, just because of the fact that you’re in the limelight already, not be able to do something
fun for that reason. – It’s just being valid on social media. And it kind of makes you
part of a bigger community. It’s like YouTube. I mean,
you’re just part of a bigger community and something bigger than yourself. And it’s so cool to be
connected to so many people. – (FBE) Do you think this
challenge is gonna blow up to be as big as something
like the Harlem Shake and just be everywhere?
– Maybe. I feel like the Harlem Shake came and went the same way as this is happening. – Judging by how it’s already
on the news and the media, I think it will probably
be the next Harlem Shake. – I don’t know if it’ll get
Harlem Shake big. The Harlem Shake was real big. – No, because I don’t think
it’s as fun to watch. Like, I think watching
anybody dance is very fun. – It’s just gonna die down. Back then, there just
weren’t so many things. Like, if it was one
kind of original thing and then now there’s just so much and you see so many things every day, it’s hard to pick one out
and keep rolling with it. – (FBE) Finally, you’re gonna put together your own Mannequin Challenge.
– WHAT?! Okay. – By myself? That’s not fair. – (FBE) But we’re gonna have
some FBE staff help you guys out. – Oh, cool. I’m down. Let’s do it. – Okay, let’s go. Let’s do it. – ♪ Black Beatles in the city ♪ ♪ Be back immediately ♪ ♪ To confiscate the moneys ♪ ♪ That girl is a real crowd pleaser ♪ ♪ Small world, all her
friends know of me ♪ ♪ Young bull living like an old geezer ♪ ♪ Quick-release the catch,
watch it fall slowly ♪ ♪ Frat girls still tryna get even ♪ ♪ Haters mad for whatever reason ♪ ♪ Smoke in the air, binge drinking ♪ – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. – Let us know in the comments what viral trend we should react to next. – (stiffly) Hey, guys.
Thanks so much for watching. We appreciate the support. – Hey guys, it’s Kyle,
associate producer here at FBE. There are so many challenges out there. We want to know which ones you guys like, so we can get our reactors
to react to them. Let us know in the comments. ♪ (industrial music) ♪

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  1. Wasn't this performed to perfection at the end of the tv show Police Squad? Let's see some like that. Like maybe during a surgery the doctors freeze but the patient is bleeding and nervous?

  2. When they have big crowds do it, it reminds me of the Car Radio music video. Twenty One Pilots invented the mannequin challenge

  3. My classroom did this at the end of the school day, I was having my head smashed on a desk while the person smashing my head was reading a book, there was a guy that did a water bottle flip, and one standing in a desk, looking like they were going to scream their head off, it was amazing.

  4. When The Guy Said They Just Did This At My School Yesterday I Was Thinking Of Primary School But Then I Realize That He's Definitely In College

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