Amanda about Subban Galaxy Spin

Amanda about Subban Galaxy Spin

We are riding on August 24th : the
day last year where my son was diagnosed. We were at the hospital. My mom
peeked out of the room and she saw that P.K. was there with his entourage. My mom checked in to say, ”There’s a little guy that would like to meet you”. His
coordinator looked at my mom and said ”He’s not on the list”. P.K. looked at my mom and then he looked at his entourage, and he said ”We’re
gonna go see the little guy.” P.K. just walked into the room, said hi to Joshua and chatted for a little while. That is when we introduced Joshua to hockey. Hockey brought my kid to life. Just the perfect thing to keep his energy and his focus on something else other than the hospital visits and chemo treatments. For
people who haven’t joined the Galaxy Spin I would tell them giving to
children through the foundation is really something truly amazing.
It’s a fun event! To see P.K. being P.K. I want to beat him on the
boards. You are going to need a bit more practice! 3 rides. 120 bikes. Let’s go!

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