AMAZING Target Dollar Books | CharisseAudrei

AMAZING Target Dollar Books | CharisseAudrei

Hello, my name is Audrei and welcome to my channel today. I’m gonna be talking about Targets $1.00 book at the Dollar section talk a little bit about little women and Anne of Green Gables I picked up a little women because I always wanted to know about this classic And this is a good introduction to the classic and both of the in all of their little One Dollar section books they have a foreword to the readers to know that It has been has been revised and censored for those little kids 7 and up To know that not every detail is in the book and once you’re ready to Read all those details. You can pick up the original book hey, I enjoyed this book when you read it, its just like….. This book is really good to make up for a little kids little girls, especially If they have siblings Because it teaches you a lot of lessons because the girls in the book go through a lot of lessons like balancing work and play and just growing into little girls into little women I Think it’s just a nice book to buy for your kids and not pay like ten or five dollars for the original Book and you don’t even know if they’re Gonna read it or not so it has nice lessons in it. And then Anna of Green Gables is the same thing as well. It has like I said the forward message for the little readers, and I like this more than a Little Woman They’re a little they’re opposite because Anne is An orphan and she goes to a farm called Green Gables I like this book because I wanted to pick up the original because It goes through a time lapse to where she was like 13 or over 10 all up until her teen years. So I think that’s a big gap and one details are being missed by it but between both of the books. They do have This book has a couple other books following along Little Woman and Anne of Green Gables. They have a couple like four books I don’t know. They have more books than just one and I just want to explore more of this book and also I wanted to read this little book to know details about Anne of Green Gables to watch the Netflix series and I will watch it. But both of these books all I’m pretty sure all of the books in the target dollar section are really good for buying for kids as a gift so you don’t have to pay as much money and You can either that has little illustrations both of the books. I’m pretty sure all of the books do Here’s some from Anne of Green Gables It’s a really nice read to read with your children and like I said it’s a nice gift to give to children a section at Target or a dollar store and buy these books, and they’re Just as good as the classics but it’s a nice introduction for adults around my age or Any age to read and get a glimpse of what these will be and you don’t have to pay a lot even though you can go to a Library and check them out you can buy these and if you have children you can just pass along to them or nieces nephews pass along to them and You won’t feel guilty at all purchase purchasing these books because they’re just a dollar I hope this is more informative, and you guys will go and check out your target dollar sections to find these books and Have a peaceful day

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