AmputeeOT: How to Reduce Sweating in Your Prosthetic

AmputeeOT: How to Reduce Sweating in Your Prosthetic

Hi everybody, this is Christina the AmputeeOT in this video I’m going to talk about
something that plagues plagues many an amputee in the summer and that is: sweaty residual limbs. So you might be noticing that it’s not
winter anymore and along with the warmer temperatures you also be finding that the environment inside your socket gets kind and warm and with that it gets kinda sweaty now if you’re not an
amputee let me kind of explain what happens when you get a sweaty residual limb.
Imagine if you put on your foot a latex glove and then on top of that
latex glove you put on two or three really thick socks, and then you put your shoe on. You can imagine your foot would get really sweaty and
probably stinky this is a problem a lot of amputees have with their residual limbs it’s also probably worth noting that
sweating inside of your liner is not just Annoying. It can cause is your leg
to not fit properly because liners start slipping down your leg. A lot of amputees will find that their residual limb will acclimate to using a liner after a couple of months and their leg won’t sweat anymore which is
really interesting because some amputees have a problem with compensatory
sweating in which their body will sweat somewhere
else instead of their residual limb. For example my friend
Jarod his leg doesn’t sweat but his head sweats all the time now, and that didn’t used to be the case. bodies are weird in fact if I’ve been
outside for any length of time and I take my liner off, my liner be like: seriously and I have not found a
solution to this that effectively completely gets rid of
the sweating Though I have found solutions to manage and
reduce the swelling so one of the things you can do is really
obvious if your legs start getting super duper sweaty you can take off your prosthesis take your liner off and dry off Your leg. For that I recommend in the summer months of sweat is a huge problem for you keeping a towel with you, especially a microfiber towel or a camp towel because those tend to absorb water a lot better and
not take up as much space as regular towel this is a microfibre towel I keep in my
bag at all times I use this to wipe off my residual limb and my liner if my liner happens to get really sweaty on
the inside which happens pretty much whatever I’m
doing anything that makes me sweat at all. I have hyperhydrosis already which means I have hyperactive sweat glands in my hands and my feet and my underarms have been really sweaty since I was about seven or so and so my leg sweats a lot too. It’s either my hands or my leg. one thing
I’ve been using my hands for years is a perscription aluminum chloride which comes in the trade name Drysol or Hypercare or Dryclor. These
prescription antiperspirants come in a liquid and you put them on at
night and then you leave them overnight and wash them off in the
morning and I have used Hypercare more Drysol on my residual limb with
some success but I have to be careful not to apply it
to many nights in a row or my skin will get irritated. That’s one
problem with those types of antiperspirant is if you have really sensitive
skin your skin become really irritated Or if you have broken skin it burns a lot and i cant even use that stuff on my underarms because it itches really bad. If you don’t want to get a
prescription from a dermatologist or your GP or your primary care
practitioner you can get something called Certain-Dri
which basically the same principle as Driclor only you can get it over-the-counter. If you do that you definitely need to get the roll-on and not the stick You can also try Alps prosthetic anti-perspirant spray it an aluminum chlorohydrate spray You spray on your residual limb before you put your liner on. Another thing you can do to combat perspiration Is to wear what’s called a liner-liner. That’s a liner that’s meant line Your liner. Basically what that is is a 1-ply sock that is made specifically to be anti-microbial and to absorb sweat this you put on before you put on your
roll-on silicon liner and it acts as an interface between the roll-on silicone liner and your residual and it absorbs some sweat. This won’t totally absorb all of it but it will probably allow you to
go for longer periods without having to Take your limb off and take your liner off and dump the sweat out. another thing you’ll definitely want to
do when you are drying out your liner is to pay it [dry] instead of rubbing it. These liners are made a very smooth silicon finish or a gel finish and if you
rub it too vigorously with a towel then you can cause microtears on the surface of it which will then cause it to not stick as well and cause it to have a little bit of a rough texture So if you are using a towel to wipe off your liner Pat it like this and don’t rub it. there’s also one other more invasive
option would I personally have not tried but I’ve heard people on the
Amputee Coalition of American Facebook page talking about having success with and
that’s Botox injections No its not to remove all of the fine wrinkles of your residual limb to make
it nice and smooth and pretty what Botox actually done is it deadens nerves that are responsible for causing sweatglands to operate so you don’t sweat but
the only problem with that is that you have to get a lot of injections in your residual limb – like hundreds in order to see any type of results so
if you’re not so into getting your limb poked two hundred times with needles then
that might not really be an option for you but something to try it something
I’d like to try in the future and if I do I’ll definitely let you know how it goes So far I’ve not totally solved my sweating solution but I found ways to manage it
and make it better when I would not recommend doing is
putting baby powder or talcum powder on the inside of your liner that can damage the inside of your liner and also it doesn’t really work very well. It would only work for a little bit sweating if you get a sweating problem like I do then it’s not going to work at all it’s just gonna kind of gum up the inside of your liner. The last piece
of advice I’d like to offer that’s almost more philosophical in nature I know that
having to take off your residual limb and dump out the sweat and dry it out if kind of a pain, I understand that but
you’re out having fun enjoying yourself it really only
takes a couple minutes it’s not really that big a deal and so
if you can think of it as just you know another way in which you have
to manage having a prosthesis then not that big a deal to you. if you guys
like this topic you can thank Lola because it was her idea and she asked me
to do this topic from my AmputeeOT Facebook
page okay everybody that’s all for now I hope
you enjoyed this video if you have any questions you can leave
them in the comments section below you can subscribe if you like I put out new videos every
Wednesday you can follow me on Facebook that’s and see ya later, bye!

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  1. I have AFO leg braces that cover everything below both of my knees and living in California with our 100F summers can get very irritating when I sweat. Thanks for the tips except for the Botox because getting more shoots sounds like the stupidest idea ever.

  2. very thorough as usual, thank you Christina.   This time of year is awful for the beginning of the sweating in the liner season, not so bad once you get accustomed
    to it again and also as you say don't think twice about taking it off and drying it off and cooling it down, feels so much better when you do that and it doesn't take long.

  3. Last summer I was amputated and new to my leg, it got sweaty but not bad except when I was practicing outdoor in the pea gravel pit.  I was told to use the microfiber towel as Christina said.  Found a 3 pack "The Big Magicfiber towel" I liked for $8.99 + free shipping on Amazon.  They work great and I still am wondering if there is a better microfiber towel that wont cost me over $20 for 1 of them if possible.    

  4. I was working with some friends in December. The leg got sweaty. I slipped on the wet grass I fell flat on my back and the leg and liner went flying off to land next to my head. A good thing or I might have seriously injured my knee. In any case a sweaty liner can REALLY cause an injury.

  5. Thanks for your videos, I've seen a lot of helpful tips over your channel,  I recently came from Dominican Republic and in my country amputees are more unlikely to get a good prosthetic that not only withstand the forces that we put on a daily basis but one conftable for us as amputees. They are very expensive but now that I'm living it in the U.S I'm changing my prosthetic for a renegade which is more lighter than the one I have. I'm a below knee amputee since I was 8 years old but I Definitely have  learned a lot things from you, thank you. 

  6. Great topic and useful guidance as usual. I'll add that the warm wet environment created in our sockets is an ideal breeding ground for fungi. So stepping up a prosthetic cleaning routine is a good idea in the warmer months (leg amputee pun there 😉 ). I have a vacuum fit socket (no liner), so at the end of the day I use a medical type anti-sceptic wipe around the inside of my (dried) socket

  7. I asked my chemist as this is where all limbs false come from here he said use baby powder for sweeting on the limb NO I don't do that for a line yes for a srinker.

  8. I've found that a wicking sock works great for me! I bought one from Swiftwick. Actually got a a few and it works well with my sweat down here in S. Florida!

  9. a few years ago i got gel sox there good to stop rubbing they dont make more sweat than wool but they stink like i powder a nd spray the limb and the sox i even started soaking the sox in a bucket overnite  but after a short time of wearing the smell is back?

  10. I have a BKA and use over the counter, non-scented anti-perspirant on my stump. Also, I keep the hair down to a stubble, which helps my locking liner adhere to my leg better.

  11. I'm a triathlete, the only thing that has helped me are nylon knee high, an polyester trouser socks.  (I find 3 work when I'm running, 2 for everything else, NO NOT SWIMMING) The bulk of the sweat wicks away an up the socks where the air hits it.  Granted any running over 13 miles I stop use a baby wipe to clean up an put on 3 new socks (carry them in ziplock bag) then keep going.

  12. I am a AK amputee from Malaysia. I am using a ossur Iceross seal-in liner and It gets pretty hot here in Malaysia. Sweating is and issue and it can cause blistering when the skin and the liner stick because of the sweat. Tried everything and finally found a all natural powder that works very well for me. No skin reactions because it's natural stuff and my residual limb stays dry and comfortable for an entire day.

  13. My problem is that my stump healed really…weird and I can't put my liner on by myself so taking it off and putting it back on isn't an option for me 90% of the time. Thank you for your suggestions and I will try what I can and let you know!

  14. I have a bk prosthetic. my FAVORITE liner that helps tremendously is the smarttemp liner. it holds the heat in the liner. its hard to explain. but I've used mine the last two summers. NO MORE FARTING LINER!!! LOL

  15. My prosthetist told me my boby would just acclimate and stop overly sweating. After years (decades), this was still a problem. I now add a regular ankle high sock to my bk legs, and it works great! It wicks away the wetness. It's also great that in the morning, I can add my coconut oil to my legs (keeping the skin soft and healthy) and then cover them w/the socks. After the ankle socks, I add the prosthetic socks. WORKS GREAT!!

  16. I can't stand the feel of a 'wicking' sock (liner liner) inside of my silicone liner and any wicking sock will get to a saturation point at which time it becomes increasingly less effective. I would rather not put any chemical (anti-perspirant etc.) on my skin if not absolutely necessary. Any silicone / urethane liner is a moisture barrier, so the best solution I have found is an Endolite Silcare Breath (or Uniprox Soft Skin Air) BK liner used with an elevated vacuum system and an outer sleeve. Both of these liners have micro-pores (tiny holes that allow moisture to transfer through the silicone). These transfer sweat to the outside of the liner / inside of socket wall where it can be displaced by the vacuum pump. Vacuum has very effective moisture eliminating properties and is used in many processes, including HVAC, for eliminating moisture. Works well for prosthetics too.

  17. Try ordering some prosthetic anti–Perspirant Spray. From Alps. The phone number is 1-800-574-5426. Kirsten.

  18. I tried rubbing alcohol before and after! That makes skin oil dry. I've been having slushy leg problems for long time but I use all types of fittings to all leaving red burns and hurts more.and I keep loosing socks to much to put on! So I found that rubbing 70% alcohol makes my leg stay cooler longer. Ohh and try peppermint wash for leg cooling it's awsome for hot days! Thank you for your videos iv had more better results using your ideas! Very appreciative much love from hawaii

  19. The solution to excessive sweating problems is the excessive sweating treatment solution “tomvoko press” (Google it),which is the best in the market. Normally I sweat really bad when I`m nervous and it can be viewed through my shirt. For individuals who wish to be relieved of the ailment, this product is perfect for you!

  20. Christina I tried the prosthetic anti- persistent spray by alps. You can get by calling this number 1-800-574-5426.

  21. Any idea how to help this problem with nose prosthetic (one attached with neodymium magnets,not adhesive )? [ Allergic to adhesives.] Lost my nose to cancer. Thanks!

  22. its funny how active i was able to be as a child in the 80s with my old heavy, strapped AK prosthesis compared to the more modern, lighter, liner-based prosthetics. in the 80s i could walk 5km or more and the only issue was chafing between the skin and the top, inside edge of the socket. Nowadays i have to pre-plan every time i leave the house to either make sure there's a changing room somewhere to dry off the stump/liner or else make sure i wont have to walk more than 400 yards or so. So frustrated. I cant believe Ottobock and their partners or other manufacturers still haven't been able to find a solution to this major problem the past 20-30 years.

  23. You can use ENDOLITE'S SILCARE BREATHE SILICONE LINER. It has perforations that can help you. These perforations helps in escape of sweat while the prosthesis is on, keeps your stump dry & maintain moisture.

  24. Aluminum based anti-perspirants can have neurological and arthritic problems. Aluminum contact with my hands causes my arthritis to flare and my carpal tunnel syndrome to get worse. Just be aware if you have these side-effects.

  25. i found washing my myself in menthol shower gel if you don't like that then just wash your link and liner in it as i found it keeps it much cooler longer.. worth a go

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