Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World

Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World

Alright, I got my magic band and this gives me access to everything. Even my room. Amazing. Let’s go. I feel like this is like MTV Cribs hahahaha There’s the bathroom Separate area… I guess vanity area kind of What I like is that they have a little kitchenette So you can save some money if you wanna go out and buy some bread and whatever… Cup Noodles And here’s the bedroom! And… There’s the view of the animals There’s giraffes! So cool! Perfect timing. Gonna be nice sitting out here in the morning. I know… with some coffee… These animals they come from different
zoos around the world and rescue centers. Disney’s doing a good job going around the world and from rescue centers and zoos and taking care of them. But also Disney is supporting thousands of projects around the world that help bring back species back to life that are endangered… Good job! We’re going to go check out the hotel. We’re at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Jumbo House. There’s two parts to this resort. There’s Jumbo House, where we’re at and then there’s Kidani Village, which is a smaller one. Which is cool there too because it’s nice and quiet. Here it’s a little more loud with ambient noise. But it’s actually pretty quiet right now This bridge is really cool. Come on, Candy! Hi! Everybody’s really friendly here. In April it is already pool weather in
Orlando On this side you can actually see flamingos The ping pong table… See! And there’s ducks in there too. If you wanted to see the animals at night, there’s actually a special area where you can put on night vision goggles. We always wondered what it was like to put on these night vision goggles. You know how you see it in movies… And you really can see in the dark. And it was pitch dark and we were able to see. So you’ll see an attendee and because it’s daytime, they don’t have the night vision goggles out

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  1. LOVE Disney! We have been going twice a year lately! The Animal Kingdom Lodge is on my list of places to stay next time we visit.

  2. Looks a great roomย and view. We were there in June but only visited the Animal Kingdon Lodge for dinner, the public areas were very nice.

  3. Wow! I've always wanted to stay at Animal Kingdom lodge. Your balcony view is incredible, I could sit there all day watching the giraffes. I like the layout of the room too with the kitchenette and vanity area. The pool looks like the perfect spot to escape the heat after spending the day at the theme parks.

  4. Great video, looks like a fantastic place to stay! Love that you can chill in the pool and watch flamingos pottering around, that's really awesome!

  5. Those are really cool things! My son would love being here and so would I. Wristband access to my room?! Need to go now

  6. I haven't been to Disney World since I was very little. The vanity area looked really nice. The room looked nice and spacious too. A balcony looking out at the animals is pretty awesome.

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