Another Example of Pale Skin Does Not Mean Cool Skin Undertone | Why Covering Coloured Hair is Key

Another Example of Pale Skin Does Not Mean Cool Skin Undertone | Why Covering Coloured Hair is Key

video features Kourtney who I know
through my affiliation with Studio Fontana I’m going to further look at the
topic of pale skin does not necessarily mean you have a cool skin undertone
Courtney has a warm skin undertone and I’m gonna walk you through why or how I
arrived at that conclusion in this video I’m also going to further advance the
topic of last week where I touched upon covering colored hair for a color
analysis is hugely important to getting accurate results stay tuned hi everyone I’m Carol Brailey of I said in the opening I’m going to walk through my color analysis
of Courtney and how I have arrived at her being a fully warm skin undertone
and if you are somebody who has pale skin who thinks you have a cool skin
undertone I am really targeting this video towards you because I see on an
ongoing basis this situation where people think because they have pale skin
they have a cool skin undertone and I’m I’m gonna continue to produce content
fighting this myth because skin undertone is very different from skin
tone and when you say the word pale skin you’re talking about your skin tone Courtney may look cool and her hair
color is cool in the photos that I’m going to be showing on your screen but
it’s colored hair it is not her natural hair color I will also say that Courtney
often models and predominantly for hair colorist and so when hair colorist are
putting hair color on Courtney they want to feature her hair color not Courtney
or a designer wants to feature their dress not Courtney and so you you know
so that they want all eyes on what she is wearing
not her and so that is why you know she may appear cool in these photos because
her hair color is cool in many of the photos that she has participated in for
her modeling career here is a picture of her in a swimsuit where you see you know
she does definitely have the pale skin meaning not tanned I am going to walk
through her my analysis story of her virtual fashion but I do personally know
Courtney I just don’t have fabrics or pictures of her with fabrics against
hers so that that is why I’m walking through this virtually but so if you
followed my virtual color analysis three-step videos here is a picture of
Courtney’s eye pattern that I would use as part of step one to inform the
virtual analysis here is a picture of Courtney’s natural hair colors so you
see it’s in the medium/deep range you might not necessarily see if it’s warm
or cool in this photo but you can definitely see her natural hair color is
in the medium to deep range so first step that I’m gonna just speak about is
warm versus cool ones on the Left cools on the right so you know maybe you’re
having trouble seeing this but I definitely see the warm on the left is
better you’re more inclined to focus on Courtney her eyes are sparkling and and
what-have-you when I say sparkling I mean it’s in harmony with the colors on
your screen on the left here is a picture of warm brown versus cool grey
eye I feel like the warm brown is is more in harmony with her the grey is is
taking away power from her and it appears this disharmonious here is warm
orange versus cool pink the warm orange is more in harming my opinion and here
is gold which is warm versus silver which is cool the silver is is taking
the focus away from Courtney and whereas the gold is adding the harmony factor to
Courtney so if you’re having trouble seeing that I totally get it
this may be your first rodeo so here is the four primary color seasons I have
then put on your screen here so let’s say in the first sort of segment of this
video you said oh I like the cool coloring better on Courtney what you’re
saying is that you like the bottom colors on your screen here better than
the top colors the bottom colors on the bottom left is winter on the bottom
right is summer top left is autumn top right is spring and so the the top
colors are warm bottom colors are cool and and so when you are saying somebody
has a cool skin undertone you’re really saying you like the cool seasons against
the person better than the warm seasons and in the next slide I’ve just circled
the the season where ultimately Kourtney leans to to hopefully also help guide
your eye and then if you’re still having trouble seeing that on the left here is
a true autumn orange and on the right here is a true winter pink so so the
orange on the Left is warm the true winter pink on the right is cool I
definitely see the orange which is the autumn Orange adding more vibrancy to
her and and the way reason why I chose to focus in on the true autumn versus
true winter on this particular screen is because her hair leans medium to deep
naturally and so these would be the medium to deep seasons that I
potentially may be focusing on for her and then I’ve thrown in the eye picture
here so that you can see how the the true autumn orange would bring out the
vibrancy in her eye color and them sparklemore the next slide is true
autumn brown which is warm versus true winter black I definitely see the black
on the right overpowering her love her in more of a brown and so that you know
if that is why I like to take things one step further for those of you who think
pale skin equals cool skin because you know again that’s what you’re really
saying you’re saying the cool color seasons on the bottom are better than
the warm color seasons on the top against you or whoever you’re looking at
so I’m not doing a full color analysis in this video I’m primarily just
addressing warm versus cool and really targeting the statement pale skin equals
cool skin undertone because I continually to meet people who think
this is the case and that definitely is not the case also I want to just go back
to the picture with Kourtney’s hair covered mning the hair color which is
her colored hair color out of the equation is key here because people have
a tendency to want to match what they’re wearing to their hair color and and that
in many cases would not add ideal vibrancy to somebody so if if we for
instance had chosen to map Kourtney’s hair color which is our colored hair
color factor it into this equation we might have landed at her being say in
the cool color season family are one of them which would not ultimately bring
out her sparkles so not covering colored hair can also really influence a reading
and so that’s why I always take colored hair out of the equation I hope you have
found this video useful have a lovely day

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