Another Round with SWEAT: Creating a Community On Stage

Another Round with SWEAT: Creating a Community On Stage

So many people can connect with it, regardless of background or where they come from. Because it’s just human beings up there. I mean, you fall in love with this community of folks, right? And there’s something about being dropped in humor and love, where you just don’t have to pick a side. You can just be with these people and fall in love with them. I think that’s why art is so important. I love that Jason loves what he does. It’s something that I can identify with. He’s a guy that, growing up in school, there wasn’t that much he was good at. So now he’s found this thing where he’s standing out and people are seeing him, commending him for what he’s doing. And Lynn, definitely wrote that. She put that on the page. What [do] you love about your character? She’s a little bit of an outsider in that she doesn’t have a husband, a wife, a child in this bar, like a lot of you, or a parent, like a lot of your guys’ characters do. She’s fun and she just wants to have a fun time with her girls. They love each other very much and support each other, and it’s a very tight-knit community. What’s interesting is that what this play does so well is we live in a community. So how do you translate that because that’s what we all need, is that community, right? They have all this history and relationship and love, and it’s complicated and messy and awesome. I guess what I love about Brucie is the fact that he’s a survivor inside of all of that. How long will he be able to survive like that? You don’t know. That’s a real guy. That’s a real person out there. Oh God yeah, God yeah. I may have dated him. I had practice for this role. With Cynthia I love the fact that she’s ambitious, she’s young and bright–her energy is. She’s just doing what you’re supposed to do, right? You’re supposed to graduate high school, get married, have a baby, you work– Fall in love You want more and you push for more. She’s a real leader in the play, I think. There’s some way that we as a society can do better, Not just hearing people but using what Americans are best at: which is our innovativeness. I think we haven’t been putting our hats on, looking around the country. What I love about this conversation that Lynn has started is that at the very end you think: “What could I do?” “How did I not notice and what can I do?”

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