Answer To A Dr. Oz Question About Excessive Sweat (Hyperhidrosis) – Dr Sten Ekberg

Answer To A Dr. Oz Question About Excessive Sweat (Hyperhidrosis) – Dr Sten Ekberg

>>CHIROPRACTOR DR STEN EKBERG: Let me go back to something I heard on Dr. Oz the other day. and uh… There was this lady and she was asking Dr. Oz why do I get this huge sweat stain under my arm on one side only and not so much on the other. And he was giving the standard answer. And he said well you know sometimes people sweat more on one side, so here’s what you can try. Get a little bit stronger antiperspirant. There are certain things with salts in them and if you put that on the one side. But let’s go back to what we just talked about. We know that the sympathetic nervous system is what produces the sweat. We measure the sympathetic sweat response on your hands when we did a stress test, and the same thing holds true for the underarms. Now remember the cortex inhibits the sympathetic system. The stress response is inhibited by the cortex, so that means the side with the more sweating is the one that has a stronger sympathetic response. That means that side has not been inhibited as much. And it’s the brain’s job to inhibit that stress response, so if it’s not happening that side of the brain is weaker than the other side. So the answer to that question is well the side that you are sweating more on has a weaker brain because these inhibitions run on the same side. A lot of things in the brain will cross over but these particular inhibitions will run on the same side. So what can you do about it? Well the antiperspirant is temporary. It’s not really a solution. What you want to do is to build the brain so that you can inhibit the stress response And how do you build a brain? Well you start by using… you start getting adjusted on the right side of your body. You start using the right side of your
body to build the left side of the brain and since the girl was a female and she is typically right brain dominant her left brain would typically be the weaker side. So if you checked a thousand people that were women and were mostly right brain dominant they would tend to have more sweat on their left side. Now most people wouldn’t have an imbalance large enough to show it significantly, but there probably would be a little bit there And you can also do things that will focus on the left brain. so if you listen to music for example and if the music wants to make you move. If you feel like you want to move to it that’s a left brain activity. If the music makes you emotional then and there’s a beautiful melody you want to follow that makes you emotional that’s a right brain activity. If the music has a beat to it, then the left brain is going to try to keep that beat You can also to focus on you can practice logic and linear thinking. You can practice things that require those things and you will build the left brain and you will reduce the stress response
on that side and the sweat will decrease So that in my opinion is the better answer to that question. Thank you.

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  1. Unfortunately that is that is probably a place you are likely to sweat while riding a bike, limiting evaporation while putting a great amount of heat and moisture. Sweating the body's natural way of releasing excess heat. Sweating while exercising is good, so I don't know if there is anything you can or would want to do about it. Maybe look for shorts that don't show the sweat mark.

  2. I don't have those huuuge sweat stains (thank God), but I've noticed that I am always the first person to feel the hotness, like my friends can wear t – shirts and I am feeling too hot even in tank tops…And in winter everyone is freezing and I am feeling fine, I am the last one to feel the coldness… Also mosquitos ALWAYS attack me more than any other person..does that mean I have warmer blood?

  3. Gud day Dr. Ekberg Im velmor from Philippines 36 yrs old… Ive been experience this sweat on my right side body for many years but sometimes i comes sometimes dont… but the thing is its not just the underarm but the abs, arms neck.. but its not excessive… sometimes it happened when the weather is hotter or when i do cardio my right side gives more sweat compare to the left body… is it the same explantion u given to this video or more serious.. it really freaks me out… thank you doctor in advance…

  4. Good info i know someone who needs this . I am here to support you And I will be back to check out more of your video.

  5. Am Sheila n my daughter is 9ys old and suffering from hand sweat she can't write at school what should I do I need it help

  6. Thank u doctor the problem I have is the teachers they know the child problem but still they think she is lazy she is slow on writing and the lessons too is only one hour for every subject ..she can't finish becouse 20 min for only write am not happy at all I will try what u told me n see the results thank u

  7. Hi Dr. Ekberg I am a 50 years old woman and i was diagnosed with mild osteoarthritis of right hip bone 10 years ago and i had hip pain even before that.
    All my problems are happening in my right side of body for example my right eye sight is weaker (+2) then the left eye. Right eyebrow got lot of white hair.
    My right knee started making click sounds and a lot of pain ( which i controlled after cutting sugar intake and 34 days of dry fasting approximately 12-14 hours every day). Lock joint feeling in right elbow and painful heels and right foot heel developed foot spur.
    What is the reason for this and how can i fix it.
    I don't do makeup at all. I stopped eating junk and processed food which i was already eating very occasionally. I am a small built woman with 150 cm height and 47 kg weight. Never drink or smoke. I have a lot of trust in holistic approach.

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