Are Meat Sweats Real?

Are Meat Sweats Real?

– So, the other day I had a barbeque and I ate a great big giant burger and then a friend of mine
looked at me and said– – Oh, looks like somebody’s
got the meat sweats. – and I started thinking to myself, why do we call it that? And more importantly, are the meat sweats a real thing? Later that night, I discovered that there’s a lot of
debate on the internet as to whether the meat sweats
are just an urban legend but even a legend starts somewhere. I figured that if I found the beginning, I could find the truth,
so here’s the definition I found on a novelty hat. The uncontrollable perspiration caused by consuming mass quantities of meat or meat by-products. Seems reasonable, but who decided that? I discovered that before the cats, the mugs, the t-shirts, and the posters, most people heard the term in
that one episode of “Friends” November 22, 2001, Monica
makes a Thanksgiving turkey that no one will eat, and
then Joey eats the whole bird and then right before the credits– – “Here come the meat sweats.” – [Colin] That still had me wondering, how did Joey hear about it? That’s when I found a book
that led me to this guy. – This is the famous David Kreizman. Kreizman, did I say that right? – Kreizman, yes. I was the head writer on “Guiding Light” and “As The World Turns”
and “All My Children” and also was the head writer
at WWE for a little while too. – Well, what I’ve read,
you are the inventer of the term “meat sweats”. Is this true? – I don’t know if I’m the inventor. I’m one of the inventors, I would say. – [Colin] David says he came
up with the term at a Sizzler in Virginia with college
buddies in the mid ’90s. – From me, it got to the
world of competitive eating because a friend of mine, George Shea, was in charge of the
hot dog eating contest, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating
Contest at Coney Island on the fourth of July.
– Okay. – And that was probably also around 1996. I said about 10 hot dogs in, I could see the competitors start
to get the meat sweats. – [Colin] And, as many of you know, the Nathan’s Hot Dog
Eating Contest spawned what is now a multi-million dollar competitive food eating industry. All this history is fine and good, but I decided it was time
to call in an expert. – Meat sweats isn’t
necessarily a scientific term. – [Colin] In fact, the
scientific term is thermogenesis. – The body’s trying to let you know something’s out of balance here. Some people say that it has to do with the sodium that’s in the meat. Some people say that it’s
the overabundance of protein, of amino acids, and
then the other theory is just that it just kicks
up that digestive fire and makes it burn really strongly. – [Colin] Do you think the meat sweats are a real thing? – I think they’re real. I’m going to say yes. – [Colin] With this vote of confidence, I decided to put the theory to the test. – Press this down. Oh, cool, it sort of like
erupted through the bun as I crushed it down. – How am I supposed to eat this? – I eat a lot of meat, but I’ve never gotten the meat sweats. – [Colin] Each of my test subjects were given one pound of
beef with all the fixin’s. I figured that would do the trick. – He’s pretty dry.
– [Colin] Really? – Yeah, do you feel sweaty?
– I feel sweaty. – I do not see any sweat. No serious, visible signs
of the meat sweats yet. – [Colin] Results were inconclusive. In fact, I was the only one
who was certifiably sweaty. It was time to find someone
with a little more experience. – I’m the L.A. Beast. I am a professional competitive eater. – [Colin] L.A. Beast eats
anything and everything. I especially recommend his
hot dog swallowing video if you never want to eat again. – The most meat that I have ever consumed in a single sitting was
an 87 ounce steak meal. Eating a giant piece of meat
is like going to the gym. It’s a workout. You’re cutting for about
30 or 40 minutes straight. You’re throwing down
meat down your esophagus. You’re, you know, hard of breathing and that just induces sweat. – So you would say that the meat sweats are definitely a real thing? – Without a doubt in my mind, the meat sweats are 100 percent real. – [Colin] And that’s when
I asked him to prove it. – I’m here at Buzzfeed and I’m about to eat 10
quarter pound patties to show you that the meat
sweats are indeed real. – [Colin] It was pretty
brutal watching this man cram two and a half pounds of
ground beef down his throat. Every bite looked a little
more painful than the last. It only took him six minutes
to finish off that beef and in the end, there wasn’t a
single drop of sweat in sight. Despite all the professionals
insisting they’re a real thing it seemed impossible to
induce the meat sweats. The myth remains to be tested another day. – Oh, gross.
– Oh, I’m sorry.

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  1. Dammit. I was doing so good without food and now I'm hungry but not enough for a whole meal. Just a snack, but an unhealthy snack. Grrr. Curse you chocolate.

  2. They are definitely real but I didn't get them until I got older. The only way I know to prevent them is to ear less meat.

  3. I'm gonna be honest. I read the tittle as "Are meat sweets real?". I thought the video was going to be about people eating sweet meats.
    Sometimes I wonder If I can even read.

  4. I don't think meat sweats are real because people normally eat meat when they're nice and hot. Judging from the experiment with the LA Beast, he was waiting patties that are probably warm at best. Eating hot food with excessive amount (or none at all, but that's different) of force required may cause one to perspire, just like how you may start to feel a little warm or stuffy from eating a bowl of noodles (but that's relative because your body temperature rises when your face comes into contact with the heat emitting from the soup). Basically, simply eating meat that's warm probably won't give you meat sweats, but eating hot meat could. Just my speculation.

  5. Go subscribe to Skippy62, A.k.a (L.A Beast) He was in this video and he is trying to bring crystle pepsi back, IF YOU WANT CRYSTLE BACK SHOW SOME LOVE AND SUPPORT TO L.A BEAST!!!

  6. yum meat is it bad that I'm eating two packets of burgers every day i am not fat or have any muscle at all and
     I'm actually under weight? 🙁

  7. From what I understand from what he said …and personal experience, it's mainly about the exertion you put into the meat your eating, THEN the amount of meat. Ground meat isn't hard to chew or process, but if you eat something that requires you to chew something a multitude of times, you'd get the meat sweats.

  8. Meat overdose?…….


  9. Maybe they aren't getting sweaty in the video because they aren't eating the amount of meat that triggers that sweaty response

  10. In the US a nutritionist is not a protected term, a dietitian is. In other words saying the woman who is a nutritionist is a scientist MAY be true, but then again she may just be a woman who likes to tell people what to do. Just to save people some trouble with the terms a non protected term means that there is no requirement of certification in law in order to call yourself a nutritionist, even if all your "training" is purely experiential and without basis in any sort of actual research or science. Dietitian on the other hand can only be used by someone who has received training and board certification under threat of prosecution for misrepresentation. In other words it is the difference between going to see the guy at the sunglass kiosk in the shopping center and seeing an optometrist for your blurry vision. My apologies if she actually is a dietitian, but use the term that actually means something in the future.

  11. Sounds more like the sweat was due to the surrounding temperature, or perhaps slicing through tough cuts of meat. Nothing to do with actually eating the meat.

    Also, if there's too much sodium in the meat, it makes no sense for your body to expel more liquid. The sodium should make your body try to conserve as much liquid as possible instead.

  12. I would say it's real; after watching Man v. Food. I think the quantity of food he's using in the video is too small. I'm thinking minimum four pounds and up to induce meat sweats.

  13. maybe try doing a barbecue, and put half of the people on a vegetarian diet for the day, and see who sweats more. I think you need to give them more time to digest before they start sweating

  14. Its time to COLIN an expert.

    Get it? Cause he's called Colin? No? Ok den…..

  15. i think it's real because my brother and I always get really hot whenever we eat more meat than we're supposed to, and we're expected to eat vegetables or fruits to balance that out. If we didn't, we would feel comfortable, hot, and like your head's burning up, but it subsides after awhile if we downed ourselves with cold water. However, we tried this with our sister and she doesn't get any of the effects. So I concluded that it might have to do with the blood types as my brother and I are As and my sister is an O. idk seems legit to me HAHA

  16. This was beautiful. I really love the fact he's being so professional and scientific with his testing. lol

  17. I think the meat sweats are like the food coma. You feel it but there aren't any outward signs. I've never had the meat sweats, per se, but I've had a similar experience with other foods. Not at all sweaty but feeling about 100 pounds heavier even if I didn't really eat a lot. Some foods just do that to me. I'm not a huge meat eater, tho.

  18. It puzzles me that it was hard to eat that meat in the end of the video. Without any side dishes I eat that amount of meat often.

  19. Should've had the L.A. Beast guy eat that 87oz steak for you,wait for half an hour(let the digestive tract start working) and then I bet you would've seen the Meat Sweats.

  20. Meat sweats are different for all people. Spicy food is normal to sweat on and especially if you're the griller at the bbq, but sweating when eating normally is a defection in the parathyroid glands which controls calcium levels. By this being too high or low sweating profusely is a sign of really off levels, while slight sweating may be caused due to being overweight, lighting, and again, spicy or steamy food. This is probably why the LA beast doesn't sweat when eating those quarter pounder burgers, he has functioning organs that work properly enough to not sweat while eating.

  21. That is disgusting I can't even get a whole hot dog down……these people r trying to race to eat them….f that

  22. The meat sweats require you to eat a substantial amount of meat and at least an hour to kick in. They aren’t immediate and there in no guarantee they are going to make you sweat but your body heat will increase.

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