Ariana Grande – No Tears Left To Cry | Reaction + Rating

Ariana Grande – No Tears Left To Cry | Reaction + Rating

Today’s a big day, and I need all of you to fully appreciate today for what it is It’s the day that Ariana Grande’s new era starts. I’m a part of it now I wasn’t a part of it before, before in the last albums I am now and I want you to know that I’m fully committed in fact just this morning After I got into the shower I took a q-tip off the shelf I wiped around my ear a little bit And then I shoved it all the way in you know to get all the wax out so that I can hear this as best as possible tonight I mean yeah, sure a little bit of blood came out and I’ve I’ve had a headache pretty much all day And I passed out twice, but we all got to make sacrifices. Rumor has it Music video is coming out as well. It’s 11 o’clock. I’m in central time zone It’s supposed to releasing midnight East, and it should be out any second now. Just sitting here refreshing the page I don’t know if the music video’s dropping tonight or if we gotta wait till tomorrow for that. Is it out? Is it out? Oh here it is, here it is, here it is. Ariana Grande’s no tears left to cry the music video I’m just so happy that she released the music video simultaneously with the song. That’s so awesome. Let’s check it out Is it possible to orgasm within the first 10 seconds of a video because I’m right on the edge, man But that was like some inception shit This is inception, this is inception too – I’m expecting Leonardo DiCaprio to walk out from behind the wall there What? She’s fell through the fucking wall What is happening? Why’d she say she said shut your mouth so pleasantly I just I feel insulted, but at the same time I’m like you get it girl Jesus Christ that I just this I just want to stare at this this is my new screensaver this looks so gorgeous Oh, no don’t, okay, that was gonna trip me out too hard if she Seamlessly walks from the wall to the floor, but they cut away. Thank God because that was gonna trip me out too hard Shut your mouth man Oh They’re mirrors. I was so freaked out. I thought those were a bunch of tiny little heads that she was sitting around Like from my distance it kind of looks like a bunch of little tiny they kinda look like little potatoes, but with faces but their mirrors This I love when she talks not saying just talk The perspective manipulation This is taking every last cent of your budget and putting it into the special effects of a of a music video I love it man focus on the song Dylan, okay, we’re gonna start with the song And then we’ll get to the video part well, it sounded so slow I was like are we gonna get like oh like usually comebacks They’re more frenetic and upbeat because you want to get people hyped up and feeling good, but after this beginning I was like I guess we’re gonna go slow Ariana’s switching it up and then And then she just speaks that’s like the perfect transition, I’m picking it up. I’m pick it man don’t be falling through the floor that I can’t man. I can’t handle this video. I love it so much And this is a really good feeling good song I mean no tears left to cry means you’ve cried yourself out, so you’ve been through some dark times But we’re on the other side of it now She said I’m in a state of minds that I like to be in and I want to be in forever. We’re out here vibing One thing I really want to focus on in Ariana Grande’s upcoming album is vocal maturity I felt like I don’t know maybe I put too much stock into that with ”quit” ariana grande and cashmere cat (song) But she just sounded so much more polished there and this song here, too I’m just hearing more refinement in her voice I mean, it’s not like leaps and bounds better than she’s ever sounded, but I there’s improvement there for sure Then we got the potato Ariana Grandes Okay, I like the con… No
I can’t say the concept for the video because I don’t know I was thinking when she’s on the ceiling like her her world’s flipped Upside down, but I don’t think the lyrics really related to that concept So I don’t know what the idea behind the video was as soon as she pulled her face off. I was like Damn, Ariana you’re gonna want to keep that cause it’s cute REM sleep God is a woman successful sweetener breathing And is that is that the album tracklist one two three four five six seven eight not nine Songs no more tears left to cry if that’s that could be one of the first two songs, and maybe it’s underlined Maybe God as a woman as underlined as well because that’s the next single I don’t mean to say that I stumbled onto the tracklist or anything here guys, but I think I’m onto something Let’s give us a rating. Let’s do a rating video was top notch I mean they they put so much work into it and I can appreciate that this is like a Probably like a three or four day shoot most music videos you get done in one to two days This was a three or four days shoot And then the amount of time they spent on the CGI this product took like a whole studio Several weeks in order to get this done like a team of people working on this This this has a budget, and I appreciate that but her rating. Let’s give this a 9.4. Let me know what you guys would rate this in the comment section down below hit the like button on this video subscribe check Out my other channel Dylan is in trouble, and I will see you guys in the next one

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