ASK IN A BOX: BTS(방탄소년단) ‘Blood Sweat & Tears(피 땀 눈물)’

ASK IN A BOX: BTS(방탄소년단) ‘Blood Sweat & Tears(피 땀 눈물)’

Hello ASK IN A BOX viewers
We are BTS BTS is back with 2nd regular album ‘WINGS’ A lot of fans have been
waiting for our new song What kind of song is the
title song ‘Blood Sweat &Tears’? This song is about boys who fell
into temptation, and their confusing hearts It’s a bit different from our
strong sides that we used to show For the first time, we included
everyone’s solo song It’s a bit more special to us We are waiting for your love
Let’s start ASK IN A BOX that All of our fans have been waiting for! About rumors!
‘I HEARS BOX’ The title of this ASK IN A BOX
Is ‘I HEARD’ BOX It is a time to approve or
explain rumors about BTS What is the truth about the
rumors of BTS? Rumor? We will open the ‘I HEARD’ BOX right now! Bangtaened sen dthis question
I heard Suga dyes his hair in the color of the album Really? This is no It shouldn’t be For Part1, I did want to do pink Part2, I didn’t mean to do that The color is a little bit similar though I didn’t do that That’s not it j-hopes abs are finally back home Is this true? I have a good base, nice body What are you talking about
I’ve been leaving with you for 7 years I’m in the same room as him I never saw it at home
but it’s in the video The photoshop skills these days
are really amazing Everyone was really suprised
when we starting shooting Probably surprised at the the video? It was hot Thank you Jungkook is impenetrable?
asked byw5410 Do you remember that post-it? I think so If you see a really pretty girl
after going to school, what will you do? Answer is? Just pass her by Everyone is surprised Best He is impenetrable V was good looking since he was young? What do you think? I was really cute and smart
when I was little That’s hard to say with your mouth I was really cute when I was little He is good looking Yes! JIN is actually dancing machine? It’s true I think he’s dancing alpago I like his dance My dance makes a lot of people happy Bangshihyuk praised Jin’s dance recently What did he say? Can he dance in the front line with this dance? Let’s have choreogrpahy
point lesson from JIN Should I show you guys my wave dance? He is dancing machine JIN is Manggae rice cake Manggae rice cake
A rice cake of kyungnam provice Don’t compare a human to rice cake? He is like a rice cake He is like it It’s really cute I really like it I like it since fans like it ASK BTS
Lucky draw box It’s time to open BTS Q&A
Where fans ask and BTS answers! Ask Rapmonster! When you’re tired or can’t make songs
Is there a saying that cheers you up? I do This letter is on the back
of V’s jacket too It’s a saying by Nietzche One must still have chaos in oneself
to be able to give birth to a dancing star Does that mean dancing? What? Dance? He just cuts it off What’s wrong with him? What did I do? ASK SUGA~
Talks about Minholy, what’s Minholy’s charm? He is smiling It hurts my heart I didn’t like dog I went to his house He loves minholy Can you see him doing that? How about SUGA praising others
since he is not good at it j-hope is talented in
a lot of different areas Rapmonster centers well Jungkook is good at everything too Jimin can grow a lot musically V shows more than what he has JIN is…just That’s it I think he should follow the flow better Look at Donguibogam or something Which color hair do you like best? I like Black! This is my natural color Once you start dying your hair
you have to continue endlessly It’s tiring So I like black hair Let’s go with black Suga ASK J-hope~ Say hi in languages you know 1. Korean
Hello, I’m J-Hope of BTS 2. Chinese 3. Japanese 4. Thai He already stope 4 languages What about english? Russian? 6. Russian He can speak 6 languages I feel like my head will burst He’s a genius Please dance the feeling that
you are getting from coming back with 2nd regular album I knew this was coming This is healing all the time It’s great When are you most tired? After dancing,
and before washing It’s the most difficult question in
the world, should I take a shower or not I have a hard time deciding Should I wash now or later,or tomorrow ASK Nochu~ I thought it was just us who knew this ? What does it mean We went to United States
and there were 2 rappers And one of them rapped to me No chu, come true He does it really well, so he’s nochu You are getting popular,
and you must know it So describe it with a picture What did he draw? Can’t believe he drew that in 10 seconds Ask JIMIN~ What are membered save as in your phone? Please read it Jin bro
Kim Tae Hyung Youngest member Jungkook
Moni bro Suga bro
Hoseok bro I like mine JIMIN sounds really business-like It used to be ‘BIGHIT Park Ji min’ Are you guys at a different company? What about now ? Is it the same It’s debut Park Ji min Please show your brushing your
hair and winking at the same time Even the fans know it! Now everyone knows Everyone is watching I can’t wink It’s still cute Please make a poem
with Pi ddam noonmeul Pi-Pig Jin Ddam-is eating while sweating Noon-His eyes are tearing Muel- but eating chicken It was good up until Ddam Warning Can V do this for Jimin? Pi-Blood Ddam-Sweat Noon-and tears Muel- Please love our song tha’s
colored with the above I love you I thought he was going to
say something weird This is great ASK JIN~ He cuts off the flow well Our team is strong~ That’s what I’m talking about I have no power How is it to color your head pink
which is a color you like normally I’m even more good-looking
I’m so happy since I can coordinate in pink Are you going all pink? I’ll do it one day When going to a music program When he needs attention When I need attention How do you feel when you
hear you’re good looking? You’re good looking I love you The flow is gone When you make a mistake on
stage, what do you do? I think he just gets it wrong That’s right He just goes on I get really red and
continue on naturally I saw a video
your shoe came off He stopped dancing and
put the shoes back on If you can change one thing
about yourself, what would it be? I don’t really like my fingers
I want Jimin’s cute hands How about you guys compare He has the biggest hand Do we have to do this ? Yes Cute Ask V~ Please make a ugly face! One,two,three It’s ugly The best How was first shooting It’s going to aired in December
I acted for the first time I was really nervous But I had fun Let’s see his eyes Sing your solo song BTS’s choices
Personal Taste Box Next is Personal Taste Box
to figure out personal taste of BTS BTS is most passionate
when doing this! OOO is most passionate when
he is with A.R.M.Y Bomb Let’s see fan’s answer first JIN likes it so much that
it’s shining mode as his favorite They know it right He likes it soo much
so that he mistook it for mike It looks similar The answer is JIN It’s like his signature OOO is most passione
when washing I think J-hope could sing
‘I was able to eat well’ while showering ‘I was able to eat well’ I don’t do that JIMIN? Since he has the nicest skin Jungkook since
he is most sensitive about smell Jungkook likes fragrant It’s Jungkook I’m really sensitive
so I don’t like to be smelly What’s your favorite smell Soap smell I like that too Soap should be made into perfume OOO is most passionate when
lying down We have the answer Don’t say it It’s almost me The answer is out Of course SUGA, everyone will agree A.R.M.Y knows us well Suga! He is lying down all the time
I want to make him lie down when he’s standing Me too , I want to sit when standing
and lie down when sitting Do we have to reveal the answer? Together Suga is most passione when
lying down I want to be more passionate OOO is most passionate when
working on music Rapmonster! He is passionate
but sexy when he’s doing music It’s the best compliment I’m happy that everyone likes it
I think that’s why good msic is out The answer is obvious for this too Rapmoster is most passione when
working on music BTS’s ASK IN A BOX
We hope your questions are all solved We have to say bye here
Please love our 2nd Album ‘Wings’ And the title song ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ Lastly, our mission
Let’s say one thing that will make A.R.M.Y’s heart flutter One,two,three!
Please get my blood sweat and tears! Ya! Is that the end? I love you! Thank you Wait just a bit This was BTS ASK IN A BOX
back with 2nd regular album ‘Wings’ and ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ Thank you, bye!

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  9. wait I feel so bad for yoongi at the end…he works so hard for his music even at night, that’s why he’s sleepy at daytime…I think he’s more passionate for his music than sleeping lol anyways this video was released ages ago, but it still bothers me

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