Authentic Guatemalan Food Cooking Class!! // Antigua, Guatemala // Hopscotch the Globe & Vivid Roots

Authentic Guatemalan Food Cooking Class!! // Antigua, Guatemala // Hopscotch the Globe & Vivid Roots

Hello. I am in Antigua Guatemala and I am about
to do a cooking class. Are you a good chef? Heck no. I am here in Guatemala as part
of a volunteer trip with Vivid Roots and tagging along
with Hopscotch the Globe. Stay tuned, subscribe,
live videos. It’s gimbal time. He is getting real serious there. Oh, wow! It’s his house. Wash those hands. -And to our hostess.
-Thank you. Gracias. Welcome to Aroma Food. This is pretty much like family
and friends working together. We’re gonna cook Jocón. -Jocón which is a green sauce.
-It’s a green sauce. And rice which always
accompanies all the main dishes. And also with the rice. -Chocolate.
-Chocolate beans. Because that’s the dessert. It’s called, the dessert
is called rellenito. This is leek. -Leek.
-Yes, leek. Celery. I forgot the word for this. That was me. Chives. -Green pepper.
-Green pepper. -Green tomato.
-Green tomato. Ketchup, mustard, we put cheese. Yeah, yeah. Elote loco, and we’re gonna
be making that too? Yeah. All this food,
I just want to eat really. We haven’t got our ingredients yet. They’re gonna cook for us, over there. And then we just eat over here
in this sector. -This is the cool site, right?
-Yeah. The cool site,
the one that just eats. I’ve been given the duty to cut the tomato. So, you’re supposed to cut it
in half and half, so four. And then each little piece again in four. Just like that. -This is for the dessert.
-Yeah. We add water sugar
to the plantains. Yeah. As you can see we cut in,
you know, this pieces with the skin, OK? It has to be cooked with the skin. -Is that sugar?
-Yes, that’s sugar. It has some kind of fat,
you see there? I have a question, how do I cut
something round into cubes? I’ve always wanted to do
one of these cooking classes so I am extremely excited. By the way, I have an Instagram
account that is all just food but for me, I just keep track
of like my recipes, the things that I cook. And I’m actually taking a master class… This is like, this is on a whole other level,
this is so cool. You guys are going to make
the elotes locos. Joaquín he’s gonna be in charge. Right now,
you guys are gonna grab it and just put the ketchup. It’s hot. I’m like… It’s like having a hot dog
with corn on top but there’s no hot dog. When it gets yellow on the edge is when you know you have to flip it. Just do it, just do it. -There you go.
-You got it. I got it, I got it. Got it! -You can move it over here.
-Don’t mess up. And turn it around. That’s cheating. No! What are you doing! We know the tortilla is ready when it starts to get a little bit like fluffy, like that, yeah. There is a chocolate bean mix
that’s been made. Which I have on my finger right now. And then we’re like matching
these plantains and the chocolate bean stuff
is going to be inside of the plantains. Finally! Putting some work in. Yeah! you did it! Yeah! One more time. Wow! Wow, we’re so dumb. -Are you ready for this?
-Oh my god, I’m so hungry. Wow. We just finished our meal. I am exhausted and full. I can’t anymore,
the dessert was delicious. It was so good. -I am ready to go to sleep.
-Yeah, me too. -I really need it
-He’s already going to sleep. Look at that. If you enjoyed this video
then please give me thumbs up. Well, that’s a lot of thumbs.
OK, that’s… Wait. I will see you when I see you, bye! Be sure to follow BGMeetWorld This video was made possible by my patrons
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  1. The cooking class looks it was a lot of fun by all. Nice dishes. I Can’t wait to see you make them. Hats off to you and all the volunteers ??

  2. It is a nice experience of taking cooking classes in different countries and learn the different ingredient that they used.Guatemala and specially Antigua is well know for its culinary. I am subscribed to your instagram and you are a very good cooker .Keep with this new way to present your videos

  3. What was the main course, I just saw the chocolate filled maza ball things… which looked good!

  4. Tengo qué reconocer the White People son muy llevaderos con la humanidad por favor rescanten esos valores que sus ancestros an cultivados en ustedes Gad Blessing U.S.. Y a mi amada Guatelinda.

  5. ?????????I love you guys I watching this video at 7:30 USA u guys made my day my first smile for the day gracias por visitar mi país

  6. We need an authentic Guatemalan restaurant in Santa Clara County, California. It is the most populous county in Northern California. My request is for the city of Santa Clara.

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