well hello my angel pies and welcome back to my channel today we are looking at autumnal fall fashion on yes I went there I went back there I know I’ve done previous videos on Wish but to be fair I have actually been pleasantly surprised I thought I would check out the affordable fashion on which is what I will show you in today’s try on haul and if you are new here my name is Sophie aka Sopherina and I make many videos every single week so I’m wearing pink in today’s video because the day I’m filming this is October 3rd if you do get that link then you get extra brownie points I’ve actually unpackaged everything and so far things are looking and good without rambling let’s just get to the video ok so we’re starting big I mean kind of big so obviously this season is the season of teddy bear things AKA teddy bear coats teddy bear jumpers and I looked at the teddy bear range on wish I found a few bits first thing I found is this teddy bear hoodie and to be fair it feels quite nice it’s definitely thinner in real life than it is online it feels a super duper cozy oh stuck to my hair and the sizing looks good obviously I’m going to try it on now it feels really nice this was only six dollars so really really affordable let’s try it on okay so here it is on okay like I think it’s okay it’s not as baggy as I wanted it to be so maybe I should have got a large or an extra large bearing a mind that normally I’m a UK size small I did already size up and it’s still not as big so if you do want something like this size up like two to three sizes if you wanted to look at how it looks like on her I’m not sad at this I think it’s cute it’s really cozy and it’s so warm so freakin warm I love the white I feel like the white is going to be a vibe this winter like it looks cute I mean I am wearing it with PJ bottoms right now the hood… oh… it isn’t as big as I want it to be because this just looks like et that I mean I’m not really feeling how small the hood it is I wish I had I mean look at that looks like my shoulders start here what I might do is Actually purchase this in two sizes up because I feel like this is something I will wear and it’s really affordable to be fair keeping in the teddy bear range I also picked up this teddy bear hoodie this is cute I do like it it’s a lot thinner in real life again so online it looks so thick and warm and cozy but this is a lot thinner in real life and it doesn’t look as a nice quality as it did online I do know that with wish the pictures are always like majorly overdone so if you are buying from wish and you’re buying clothes just know that whatever you’re buying is probably going to be ten times thinner when you get it in real life but I do kind of like it again it feels super cozy it doesn’t have a weird smell that sometimes wish stuff does purchase mine in the size medium this was $10 so I mean not too bad not the cheapest you could probably get something similar from Primark and pay the same and it might be better quality but who knows I’ll try it on so I have it on to be fair now I have it on I actually really like it it’s super duper slouchy and I think it’s actually really cute for me now I have it on it’s a lot thinner than how I thought it would be I honestly thought it would be like this chunky and it’s so thick and cozy but oh well it feels more like again a pajama top I don’t know like I feel like this could be a look I don’t mind it I could wear this with like jeans or just chilling around the house this would be so super cozy it fits really well again if you’re going to get something like this I would size up and it let’s do the hood test I mean again the hood isn’t the biggest yeah I mean it doesn’t look I mean if I straighten my hair and I put it back in plaits it might fit a bit better but the hood really is not the biggest so if you really want a big cushy hood and a big cushy jumper then size up two or three sizes mark my words I’m helping you out here girls next I purchased some dungarees and these are corduroy dungarees and obviously corduroy is a vibe at this autumn and winter you need to get on it I actually really like these they’re described it’s like overall dungarees and the navy blue is actually really nice because it’s like this royal Blue color so I’m really impressed with the they’re meant to be like skinny fits at which I don’t mind but I kind of like these these feel really well made to be fair and they feel like really good quality so I’m praying that they fit me I got mine in a size medium because sometimes in wish if you buy size small it’s like literally the size of a child so I had to buy a size medium just to make sure they fit I could team these with so many things like I could probably team them with the top I’m wearing now and I could also team them with jumpers and just cute stuff like that these were actually only twelve dollars which is really affordable okay so here we have them on I’m not really sure I’m feeling them as much now they’re on I don’t know you’ll have to let me know in the comments what you think like do they look cute maybe it’s the top I’ve teamed them with but they go down a lot further I wanted them to be like quite high like even up here might be more and yank them up the more cameltoe I’m getting so there’s there’s a limit you know I do like them they are still really nice on like as in they feel really nice they fit well I think for getting something like this off wish it’s such good quality it’s probably the best quality thing I’ve ever got of which it has a big pocket in the front I just really like the color I feel like I could team this with so many things they also have a mustard one of these which I don’t think I bought they have some buttons here that kind of pop open so you have to be careful about that because they were showing my knickers because they weren’t done up but hopefully they’ll stay done I don’t know I think the kind of cute I think these are something you could wear throughout autumn and. winter everyone needs some corduroy dungarees and overalls in their life this winter and autumn say if you want some affordable ones go for Wish get your size actually know get to size up if you like me I’m a 5 foot 3 and I am a size UK small ok I’m not sure I’m actually feeling this one guys so this is another teddy bear coat slash jacket and the color is like really gross I don’t know what I was thinking I wanted a brown one because brown ones look really nice but this is like a poo brown color so I’m not really sure it’s also advertised as a coat slash jacket so I thought this would be a lot thicker but it’s super thin like I can actually see through it it’s just a jacket so it has no zip you kind of just throw it on and it’s meant to like wrap around you which is kind of cute it feels soft not As soft as the other two teddy bear items I have but it feels okay it also has a funky smell not going to lie but let’s try it on first of all where’s the rest of my sleeve yeah I’m really not feeling this actually it looks quite cozy I’m not gonna lie it looks cozy and maybe the sleeves are meant to be like this but I can’t go out in this like I I cannot go out in this the color is just not what I wanted and the material on the inside feels horrible I don’t know if I can you guys can see that like shiny scratchy material it just feels like really cheap materials so if you are looking through the teddy bear stuff and you come across like a jacket or a coat teddy bear don’t do it like if you live in the UK go to Primark if you live in America I’m sure like forever 21 or somewhere like that does a nice teddy bear coat I really just don’t like it normally with clothes I don’t like or don’t suit me I tend to donate to charities but I feel like I can’t even donate this because they’ll be like what the F the sleeves are odd if I pull it down to where my wrist is it does that so yeah not really about this one hood test any girls out there with big hair and big heads we’re checking a hood test is okay the hood it isn’t too bad like I would still want it to be bigger to like kind of roof over my face okay the next item I’m not sure if it’s like a love or hate item but I think I actually love this I purchased the most autumnal seventies style dress ever now 70s is a really insane hand me out with this item this is like a flannel shirt dress I mean it’s so autumnal it’s unbelievable the pattern is a bit cray-cray not gonna lie it looked a little bit more subtle online this was actually $15 on Wish so I think that’s like my most expensive item I’d ever paid on Wish know it could be a vibe you know I feel like a little Russian doll while wearing this but I think actually I really love it I don’t know what you guys are gonna think in the comments you’re probably gonna slate me I hope you don’t either little doll it’s so well made I’m actually so impressed with how well… so impressed with how well made it is it fits perfectly it’s a little short so I’m glad I did get a size medium and not size small but I think it’s really cute it’s pure 70s vibes which is what I’m going for this autumn and winter like I love the vibe they have going on it’s all like flower peace collar is a little bit weird though I feel like I’m gonna have to iron up for the first time in my life I feel like I’m gonna have to iron the collar down because it’s sticking up a bit too much but it’s like this cute Peter Pan color which gives us like really cute look to it I dunno I’m getting all the Russian doll vibes for me I feel like a little china doll and I just think it’s really cute I can’t tell you how nice the material is if you are like me and you like clothes that make you look like a three-year-old or a granny and then get the same as what I’ve got this is definitely on trend though so like for this Autumn and winter it’s definitely on trend so I would recommend looking at wish and seeing what you can pick up because I’m actually really impressed with their the sleeves are a bit peaky because they have like really like I don’t know if it’s because I have small arms or the sleeves are just really big and round I don’t know other than that I feel like as crazy and as loud as this dress is I’m loving it okay so I purchased this fluffy Gillet and I actually had high hopes for this one and I’m severely letdown already I don’t know how well the camera picks it up because obviously I’ve got lighting around but it looks like a green color like it looks like it’s gangrene I don’t know it’s gone weird and can you see it’s like a green I actually ordered it in a color really like nice light grey and it looked so cute on the girl online like she looks really cute again it’s a lot thinner in real life like it feels like really thin and not the best quality it does feel really really soft it’s just the color looks so off let’s try it on because it could be really cool okay so now I have this on I don’t actually hate it as much as I thought I would I can’t really show you what it looks like open because I took my top off to try it on because it just didn’t look good but actually it looks pretty cute I’m just upset about the color because although I think on camera it’s coming across just gray to me it definitely looks like it’s got some green tinge there I’m personally not about that green tinge line oh well I think it actually looks quite cute I literally love the length like I’m actually wearing tights at the moment and you can’t see anything because of the length and also I just think it looks cute so I might actually get this again but get a completely different color so hopefully it doesn’t turn up green but I would recommend this like even though I just said I didn’t like it I would kind of recommend this the only thing is it doesn’t zip up so you would always like you would need something underneath and if you wanted to walk wrap up warm that you’d have to hold the jacket here it’s definitely really really thin so it’s not something I’ll be able to wear in the winter while I’m out but maybe lounging around the house feeling cozy I’m definitely going to wash it ASAP because it has slight musky smoky smell and I don’t like it at all so whatever that smell is it needs to be gone so if the hood is not too big again I don’t know if this Oh actually no it is okay like the hoods are not too bad I don’t kind of to be fair the hood is a lot bigger than the other ones I’ve tried on so I’m not too sad about that either I’m actually liking this so I purchased another cute little autumn dress this is really cute I do like it like I like the color I know it doesn’t look nice like when it’s not on but I think when it’s on it will look better but it’s definitely got all those autumnal vibes in the color I don’t know if this is gonna make me look like a granny though like I feel like it looks cute online but if I wear it I might look like a granny the material is not nice I’ll tell you this the material feels like really thin swimming costume material so I don’t know if I’m gonna be a sweaty Betty hopefully it’s gonna be really cold this winter and I won’t sweat in this and dunno I’m feeling like I’ve gone for like a granny vibe here and maybe I shouldn’t have as a zip at the back and the neckline looks quite wide this is actually only five dollars so really really cheap yeah really not sure about this one it’s not giving me like the really cute on no vibes that the picture online showed but I don’t know I feel like I look like an old from the woman I mean I’m not feeling this also the material is super sweaty Betty like oh I feel like I’m wearing a big baggy leotard and yeah so I’m not feeling this it looked so cute and so autumnal online but it’s just how it fits just makes me feel really frumpy also it goes quite long I thought it would be a little bit shorter I felt like it feels a tiny bit shorter I could get away with wearing over the knee socks and some boots and nothing else and it would look quite cute but the fact that I would have to wear tights with this and then boots I dunno I just feel like the feel like I should go and drink some tea and watch some Antiques Roadshow okay it wasn’t too expensive because I really highly doubt I’ll wear this again to be fair though I could make this into some sort of Halloween costume I’m feeling like it’s like a 1920s vibe so I could be like eh I did a corpse dancer of the 1920s we have some blue overalls so these are really in at the moment like big baggy blue overalls and then like wearing a tight top like this underneath and then a rucksack or something so that’s kind of the vibe that I wanted for these they’re quite thin it’s like a linen material you feel quite nice like they would be quite breathable when they’re on they’re really big like can you see that is super wide I’m actually normally a UK so small so these are super wide but how it’s on the picture it’s meant to be wide – I dunno these could be a vibe and they could be really nice and look really edgy but they could actually look really stupid these are $8 so again really affordable obviously I will try link everything down below in the comments but obviously if I forget or anything that you need me to link for you just let me know there are the overalls I’m trying to do the map they’re a bit confusing you kind of have to not the top I think these are a vibe but I think these are cute they are the comfiest freaking things I’ve ever worn to be honest I think these are perfect for literally lounging around or popping to the shops they actually come a lot shorter on the length and I thought they would say there’s actually no need to roll them I have this like feeling they’re making me look a bit like a clown you know when they put the colorful balls down their pants and like run around I don’t know other than that I think they’re quite cool I think they’re bit quirky they’re super comfy they’re super loungy but also you could dress them up you can even wear some like nice trainers with these like a white long sleeve top through there maybe a polo-neck one with some white trainers a backpack and I think that would be such a cool outfit I hope no one takes the mickey out of me for the next items but I bought these over the knee socks they’ve got teddy bear faces on them and teddy bear ears I actually think they’re so cute they have a really weird smell as well but I think these are so cute I don’t know why I went for them I don’t know why I’m trying to dress like a three-year-old toddler but you know sometimes you just got to like relive your childhood and I found these over the knee socks and I actually thought they were so cute even if I just chill at home with them on I think it would look cute but I was thinking like wearing sheer black sheer tie and then I kind of have these over your knees and then some boots on because everyone loves over-the-knee socks with boots that’s so cute these were two dollars and I also got these black cat ones I love black cats personally I think they’re really cute I have a black cat myself and that’s kind of why I wanted these but I just think they’re really cute they’re so stretchy like they are gonna go high which is good so this will survive I’m trying to go for you know encourage me guys honestly Wish is so hit and miss out of everything I’m actually quite impressed like on the whole I’m quite impressed with everything I got the most the stuff I will probably wear out which is really good because I’ve had Wish hauls that have been a really unsuccessful as you’ve probably seen if you haven’t I will link them all below but I’ve had ones that I’ve been so bad like massive fails but this one is actually a quite a good success in my opinion it’s all affordable clothing what was your favorite thing in today’s haul what do you think I should never wear again and what do you think looked okay let me know in the comments down below as always thank you so much for your positivity on this channel what I like to do here is keep things happy and if you just need ten minutes out of your day with a smile on your face you can come and watch one of my videos in case you’re new my name is Sophie AKA Sopherina and I will see you again very very soon [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Okay so I tried out the Autumnal clothing on Wish as I am super obsessed with this season and want to know how good the clothes actually are! I got catfished with some of these things haaaahaha but its not all bad! Let me know if you've tried their clothing..?? Thanks so much for watching and supporting, means the world angel pies ???

  2. I'm excited to hear your thoughts I've ordered clothing from wish before and some of it was okay but some was so bad but I guess that's the price you pay xx

  3. Okay I actually love that autumnal dress it looks sooo cute on you! Also love the overalls I'm so surprised on the quality

  4. I haven't tried their clothes yet..maybe one day. You know what Soph…. the autumnal granny dress isn't actually bad. I thought it looked really cute on you, I much preferred the look of that as opposed to the 70's inspired dress. Like seriously I was born in 70 and growing up being forced to wear 70's clothing it now gives me the shivers. I'm more horrified by 70's clothing than I am by any horror movie… I ? you not! Lol


  6. Hi Sophie ? I Like Most of your Outfits ? I need to find me a Warm Fuzzy Teddy Bear Coat..? ..I do Love Overalls but not like corduroy .. I'm Loving Colorful Printed Dress ..I Love the over The Knee-Socks Oh The Pink Top.. Great Wish Haul Sophie Toodlies

  7. I love this. Some lovely outfits. And ideas. I really envy how you edit your videos. Including the screenshot is a good feature. Would you mind Some time creating a vlog on how you edit your videos please. If it's not too much hassle. Xx

  8. Absolutely love the 70s shirt dress. It would look good with leggings or skinny jeans chunky ankle boots and a leather choker. I need to have a wee nose on wish lol ?

  9. The orange dress would be cute if you hymned it a bit shorter and wore it with some black leather boots with ur hair down

  10. I love wish and i love haul videos ? youre adorable definitely a new sub! Look forward to more of your videos in the future.

  11. I have just filmed my very first wish haul! You look good in all the products I literally looked like a potato in mine hahaha

  12. So happy to know the teddy bear stuff is lighter. I live in alabama and still wanna be cute and fashionable while not burning up.

  13. I just purchased some yoga pants from wish and I had the same thought so it's from China if I get size small it's going to fit my toddler so I got size medium and surprisingly enough they were gigantic but thankfully if you hit up wish and you're in the US since 99% their stuff shipped from China they let you keep what you already have and they'll refund you the money so you can get a different size or whatever you wantso that is the cool thing about wish is if you hit them up and say that you don't like it that you got the wrong size or whatever the case maybe then they'll refund you half if not all of your money which is what they did with my yoga pants

  14. The 70's shirt is SUPER cute on you and definitely brings out the color in your eyes. Look very good on you it'd be nice if it tied n the back to where it made from right under the bust tight them the rest loose and wavy! But it still looks amazing on you I could never rock that. PS love your accent

  15. this is the first video I've ever seen of yours but wow I love your voice! that's kinda weird lol but I love this video too.

  16. Everytime I wanna buy something on Wish, I watch a video like this. And then I remind myself fast fashion is ruining lives abroad. Then I get mad and stop watching.

  17. I have to say, I actually LOVE that orange and black dress that you hated. It looks SO cute on you, not frumpy AT ALL!!! I think it's adorable!

  18. Hello angel pies! My CHRISTMAS wish app haul is now live and itโ€™s sooo festive, probably my fave??

  19. Maybe Iโ€™m wrong but you said you want the overalls to be higher up – there looks to be adjustment straps on the shoulders that you can use to make it go higher…

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