AVON Distillery Complete Overview – Clean, Vegan Skincare

AVON Distillery Complete Overview – Clean, Vegan Skincare

a while ago AVON launched their new AVON distillery line, a line that aims to Distillate the essence of the product into clean Vegan beauty products. I’m not into clean beauty, but I’m all about products that perform, So I put the whole line to test and I’m ready to share my thoughts. Hi I’m doctor Anne, I´m a medical doctor with a passion for skincare that works. On this channel We explore the science behind skin and do quick reviews So you learn to pick exactly those products that work for your individual skin concern! so if this is something you’re interested in, please consider subscribing and ring the notification bell. The AVON distillery line comes with several products, first being the so called AVON distillery clean break cleanser, which is a balm cleanser. looks like this, smells slightly of Cucumber and when you scoop it out off the pot it melts instantly on your face. It removes all traces of makeup, it even gets rid of waterproof mascara and it rinses Clean-ish, it emulsifies, Even though I actually prefer to use a washcloth with it. It’s based on apricot kernel oil and cocoa seed butter and has no other special claims or treats, It’s just a basic nice cleanser that breaks down makeup. I do like it but when it comes to balm cleansers I am partial to the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm that I actually Prefer, but it is a nice balm cleanser If you want to try something new. Next up is AVON distillery shade the Day Day Cream SPF 25, and SPF 25, Let me get the elephant out of the room first, I really don’t like my moisturizer to contain my SPF because that gives you a false sense of security. This is of course SPF 25 if you apply the correct amount and if you apply Kind of a teaspoon full of this one. You’ll end up with a white greasy messy face. No one applies as much makeup or moisturizer as they should apply sunscreen, so We will never get 25 if we just apply a kind of a small dollop of this product. That out of the way I’m actually not the biggest fan of this product in general. It is heavier than I had expected it to be, It’s actually the heavier out of the two creams, the night cream is much more lightweight, and it gets its SPF 25 From zink and titanium dioxide, and as it’s the fact with many products that contain these ones as sunscreen, it has a tendency to leave a white cast and This is so common that it even has a disclaimer on the website where they state that the white cast is normal and will disappear If you massage it into your skin, which is true but kind of a hassle and if I notice a white cast on my skin type, I don’t think that this will work very well for anyone with a deeper skin tone. The main humectants in this one are glycerin and butylene glycol. They are paired with different silicones, emollients and one occlusive. I’m not really sure why this cream feels so rich, but for my oily combination skin It was a little bit too much. It also contains Polymethyl Methacrylate, which are tiny plastic spheres that aim to Fill up fine lines for a smoothed out effect. This one claims to be mattifying which I did not find to be true. It wasn’t too greasy either but it did not mattify my skin. In general I am NOT the biggest fan I will for sure not keep using that. Maybe if you have dry skin this might work better for you. Next up is the Avon distillery sleep potion, which is their night cream. It’s a gel texture and it’s no secret that I do love my gel textures. this one is a little richer than your average gel texture and takes some time to sink in. Not like in 20 minutes, but 2 or 3 minutes I can feel it sitting on top of my skin. On the plus side This really packs a punch in hydration. It claims to offer 28 hours of hydration, which I have not measured But if I apply this one in the nighttime, I really wake up to plump skin. And I’ve used it in the mornings as well with no problems. It did not pill up or interfere with my makeup. It contains niacinamide which is always a plus in my book, and several Humectants, the usual suspects like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Butylene Glycol, but also Urea which you might know from foot creams, Which is a very potent humectant that occurs naturally in the skin. This one has no emollients and no occlusives So if you have dry skin this might work better as a hydrating serum step for you. If you have combination oily skin, this is a great nighttime or daytime moisturizer, especially if you are oily dehydrated. AVON distillery purify face oil was one that surprised me because One: I love the color. its main oil is Jojoba oil, So I expected this one to be lightweight because jojoba oil is more of a lightweight oil, but this feel actually quite nourishing, borderline too heavy for my personal skin type. And the reason for that is probably Phytol. Phytol is a complex, a blend of different oils So I can’t really tell you what is exactly inside, but Phytol is marketed for nourishment for more mature skin And this is how it feels: really nourishing. It also contains colorants to make up for this beautiful green color. For my skin It was too rich and I admit I was not the biggest fan. To be honest I don’t really use face oils anymore Anyway, so if you like face oils and have more mature and dry skin, This might be a lovely one to use. And last but not least: the Avon distillery C-Shot powder, Which is basically ascorbic acid in powder form. This one claims on the website to be vitamin C and E in powder form, But while it does contain vitamin E It’s pretty far down the ingredient list, so I wouldn’t count on getting any effects out of that. The thing that makes this vitamin C powder special is that it’s actually a powder form, So it’s really stable. Vitamin C is notoriously unstable and degrades when in contact with light and water, because it reacts, but when in a powder form It doesn’t start to get activated unless you mix it in and this is exactly what you do with this one: You just screw off the lid and then you apply two Shakes of it into your cream, get the powder, you mix it in and apply the mixture onto your face. You could probably add this to just water if you don’t want to add it into another cream I have used up to four shakes without feeling any irritation, redness, Tingling or stinging on my face, which might tell you that it’s not that effective. I don’t know because I have no means to measure the concentration of this one. Other than the ascorbic acid It contains silica, mica, other minerals to again make up the powder and the before-mentioned Vitamin e very much down at the ingredient list, so basically It’s like a vitamin C shot that you add to your other products. Now if you ask me if I would rely on this one solely if I wanted an antioxidant effect, I don’t think so, because: There are three things, first one I don’t know how effective this one is going to be because I have no means to measure how much this Scoop actually is, the second is I don’t know even if it’s enough if this will ever do anything because vitamin C needs a special pH to work its best and Depending on what you mix it in I don’t know which pH it has so I don’t know if it’s really that effective on the skin, and third Yeah, I’m just in general not the biggest fan of mixing and matching things, because if you mix Something into a cream you can never be sure that you have an even distribution So you might have patchy application of a vitamin C. I do however still love it. I still enjoy using it Why? Well skintertainment! it’s just so much fun This one and add it to your face that I might even repurchase even though I’m not sure if it’s the most effective, but hey, we all have our guilty pleasures, Don’t we? To sum up the AVON Distillery collection: Which ones do you need? I Think the cream cleanser is a nice one If you’re looking for a cream cleanser, The purify oil is also a nice one if you have more dry or mature skin and love your face oils. I think that Shade the day cream might work for your if you Have dry skin, but overall. I’m not really excited, not excited about the whitecast, not excited about the texture So this is the one that I’d suggest you pass and with these two, I think this one is a really nice hydrating gel cream that many skin types will enjoy and it has a nice blend of ingredients and this one, yeah, Doesn’t break the bank. It’s fun. You can mix these two together So if you get two, make it these ones. Have you tried any AVON skincare lately? If you have please tell me in the comments below I’m going to link to more videos on the screen now, and I’m going to see you all very soon with another one. Bye!

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