AWW.. SIAN tries to hold back his tears… [The Return of Superman/2018.11.11]

AWW.. SIAN tries to hold back his tears… [The Return of Superman/2018.11.11]

It’s the final stretch of journey to Heaven Lake. Can you see Mount Paektu ahead? It’s really far. Let’s play a game. ♪ When you go to Mount Paektu ♪ – Tiger. / – A tiger. ♪ There’s an alligator too ♪ There are no alligators there. (Then…) ♪ There’s a dragon too ♪ ♪ There’s are clouds too ♪ – Long life plants. / – “Long life plants”? Why do you need that? It can cure any disease. Who are you going to give it to? Grandpa. The old lady at the rice cake shop. She’s sick too. (We’ll help all of you to heal.) Seungjae, is Sian sleeping? No. (Sian is deep in thought.) Sian? I guess it’s time for him to contemplate. (What if I climb Mount Paektu?) (When I get to Heaven Lake…) I think it’ll have everything. He was thinking. (I want to see you soon, Heaven Lake.) They traveled for three days and two nights to see Heaven Lake. (When you go up 2,000m above sea level,) (you will pass an alpine meadow.) Where only alpine plants like grass set root, Paektudaegan Mountain Range starts with Mount Paektu 2,744m above sea level. Despite the tiring schedule, the kids didn’t complain and followed well. (Jiyong is the only survivor.) I can’t believe I’m seeing this view alone. It looks amazing. Once you climb up the ridge, the sky looks close enough for you to touch it. You can see people climbing up the stairs! (Where?) (The stairs are starting to appear.) This is the furthest their bus can get to. From here on, the kids must climb up on their own. All right. Guys. Let’s get off. Let’s go. (They can feel the clean air and the sunlight.) It looks amazing. (I feel like I can touch the sky.) Look at that. (Look at the mountain we’re about to climb.) We’re going to go up now. (We’re going up on that?) – Really? / – Gosh. (It looks more dizzying in person.) Look at those steps. – How will they climb that? / – My goodness. We’re going up Mount Paektu. – We’re really going now. / – Okay. Ready, set, go. – Mount. / – Paek… Tu. We can do it! – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Turn around. Let’s go. 1,442. – 1,442. / – Yes. (That’s nothing!) Two, three… (He’s full of drive.) Mount Paektu is the highest mountain in Korea. (Gasping) Really? Isn’t it Mount Gamak? It’s not Mount Gamak. It isn’t? (Will my friends live on this mountain too?) Monkey! Monkey! Tiger! Deer! Seungjae is here! Sian is here too! – Let’s go. / – I’m tired. You can’t be tired yet. We have a long way to go. Dad, what number is that? That’s 90. (The numbers are marked on the steps.) 100. 101. 105. – 245. / – 245. We’re far away. Good luck, Sian! – Let’s go! / – Good. – We can do it. / – We can do it. Good job! I can walk 40, 1,000 and 100 steps. Really? (Seungjae is full of drive!) Let’s go. We can do it. (The members are in high spirits.) We can do it. – What about here? / – 275. 275. (Wobbly) Gosh. (What’s wrong with my body?) I feel sorry for them. – Let’s go. / – I’m tired. You can’t get tired yet. We have a long way to go. How many steps did we climb? We’re still far, Sian. Are we still far? Yes. We have to hurry up to 1,000. – 1,000? / – Yes. I think we climbed 1,000. – Are we there yet? / – No. – Hurry. / – We only started. I’m getting hot now. – I’m hot. / – Take it off, then. I’m hot. I didn’t know it would be so sunny in China. (Sighing) Dad, my body is burning. (At this tiring moment, what did they see?) Look, it’s a palanquin. That’s crazy. – They have palanquin? / – Do people ride that up Mount Paektu? That must be comfortable. It looks comfortable, right? (It looks comfortable, but…) But they won’t take it. They’re going up on their two feet. We should applaud them. Let’s cheer up. Ready, go. (I get more energetic when I sing the national anthem.) (Until it dries) (Sighing) – I’m tired. / – Aren’t you? I’m going to stop talking. (He’s strategically saving his energy!) This is the mid-way point. We’ve reached the mid-way point. Let’s catch our breaths for a bit. Dad, what’s there at Heaven Lake? (Seungjae continues to climb.) – Is there a dragon? / – A dragon? – Jiyong. / – Is Jiyong there? That’s the same “yong” for “dragon”. He’s better than me. I’ll take a picture. Stand right there. Stand there. Let’s take a picture. One, two… (He’s taking a picture without realizing.) (Where am I? Who am I?) (Don’t tell anyone I’m tired.) – Try calling Dad. / – Shall we call him? Come here. (They’re video calling Sian’s dad.) Is it a video call? He must be reminded of his dad the most. (I have to show my dad how brave I am.) – It’s Dad. / – Dad. (Dad!) It’s hard to see me, right? Hello? I see you now. – He’s here. He’s here. Say hello to Dad. / – Hi, Dad. (He’s getting teary after seeing his dad.) Really? Dad! (But…) You should call him “Uncle”. I can’t see Sian. He called him “Dad”. Let Sian talk on the phone. Dad, we’re going to the top of Mount Paektu. (Sian is trying to hold back his tears.) I climbed up 500 steps. Your legs must be so strong. Uncle didn’t piggyback me. (He didn’t piggyback me.) – Did you climb by yourself? / – Dad, do you miss me? I miss you. How much? I love you as much as Mount Paektu. I love you as much as Mount Paektu too. Also, I like you. Also, I miss you. Are my sisters well? – Sisters? / – Yes. Your sisters say they miss you. Me, too. Sian, listen to your uncles well. Okay. Bye. (Don’t worry about me!) – Take a lot of pictures. / – Swag. Swag. Show your dad some Mount Paektu swag. Bye, Dad! (Seungjae is calling his mom too.) Mom. Let’s call Mom. It’s Mount Paektu. Hello. – Mount Paektu. / – Mount Paektu. Did you see Heaven Lake? No, we’re on our way up now. It looks like the weather cleared up. The weather… – He misses Mom. / – He’s getting teary. (When he saw his mom’s face,) (he was reminded of how much he missed her.) – Here… / – Mom, I miss you! He says he misses you. Say bye to Mom. If you do this, you’ll make her feel bad. She’s going to hang up now. Hurry. (He’s only a five-year-old in front of Mom.) He was doing so well – Do you miss Mom? / – until he saw his mom. Okay. We’ll take lots of pictures at the lake. – Bye. / – Bye. (Take care, Seungjae.) (Mom, I’ll come home as a brave boy.) (A cry suddenly rings in the air.) The twins had to stop on the steps before reaching the mid-point. One more time. (What happened to Seoeon?) What on earth happened to Seoeon?

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  1. Sian is so respectful and mature. Seungjae…. sorry but is he younger? Because he seems to know nothing yet lolol I hope he grows up to be respectful and mature like Sian.

  2. Sian is well-behaved for his age. He has good manners too. I remember from another episode OF TROS, Donggook said that he was rough on Sian because he's the youngest out of 5 siblings and on top of that he onky have sisters, they all tend to dote on him so to maintain balance Donggook did that.

  3. Wow Seoeon and seojun are big brother who know what are the thing that the mountain have and they are kind too.

  4. Imagine those camera men having to climb up 1000 steps with the cameras and all the sound equipment. The real MVPs

  5. Wow…. I've never seen anyone look up to their father as Sian does. He really wants to be brave and be like him.

  6. If Donggook was there with them it will totally be more fun because sian will be happy…?

  7. imagine how hard it is for the staff caring all the equipments and the cameramans walking backwards…

  8. Sian has the most stamina in here..Thanks to his appa for.The everyday training…. Hahahha…??

    Seungjae cheerful as always…???

    And the twins stays together??

  9. Imagine what would've happened if Dongkook came especially with all that summer and winter training. I can't imagine what he'd do here, lol?

  10. It wasn't until that five year old comment that I remembered I didn't live with my parents until I was five so I never really got the chance to miss them at that age. Hmmmm

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