Back to School Lookbook 2016 | Dress Code Friendly

Back to School Lookbook 2016 | Dress Code Friendly

Hello everybody and happy whatever day of
the week it is! Today’s video is a back to school lookbook
with some tips for styling within a dress code. I tried to make all of the outfits in this
video something that you could wear if you went to the high school that I went to with
the dress code that it had. And also, just bring in some tips and styling for pieces
that you have that aren’t in dress code and how to rock them in a way that will align
with what your school desires for you to wear. Also, my first tip is generally just don’t
buy things for school that aren’t in dress code. Just get, like, a taste and feel for what
your school will and won’t allow you to wear and then, that way you won’t have, like, that
problem where you buy everything and then you find out you can’t wear any of it to school. And my second tip is for if you do have items
that aren’t in your dress code that maybe you were wearing all summer long, try and
style them in a way that kind of makes up for it. So, in the lookbook you’ll see that I actually
styled this dress that I never would have been able to wear to school. And I also paired it with another piece that
would have been out of my dress code which is just this cropped sweater. And when you put them together they both get
new uses. My next tip is to go bold when you go shopping,
because you may not be able to play around with a lot of cool cut outs, or lace detailing,
or like any kind of caging or anything like that. Try looking for items that are really big
statement pieces. One of my favorite ones that you’ll see is
this huge american flag print sweater. And my last tip will be to play around with
accessories a lot. That’s something that I tried to do in this
video. I brought in a lot of like rings. And, as you can see, I’m wearing my current
favorite bracelet set – or at least, part of it right now. I like daintier jewelry, but if you like chunkier
jewelry just go with it. Pile it on. It’s really hard for jewelry to be out of
dress code as long as it’s not, like, excessively loud or anything. So go with accessories. And with that all said, let’s get into the
actual lookbook. Whispering: There’s a rainbow lizard on my
porch. It’s kind of cute though.

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