Banks Accused of Assaulting Jake Paul’s Assistant (Diss Track?)

Banks Accused of Assaulting Jake Paul’s Assistant (Diss Track?)

I kinda want to get involved in this drama too! We should drop a diss track just to like, the nail in the coffin you know? Oh Logan just dropped a new video! Ooh new Logan video ooh! Jake Paulers… we were talking and I Just found out some news from these three and nick Originally it was just like an offline conversation like no cameras involved, but when I heard what happened. I was so distraught I was so in shock I was so disgusted. What happened? what happened? Wanted to bring this Situation to light so that anyone watching can learn from this so that we can stop this kind of thing together as a community and simply build up the long story short of it is that meg was assaulted by a man last night who is in the same like community and space as us and It’s not like if you guys see like when she literally has a bruise I don’t know if you can see on camera like here not to be like sure who did who did this to Meg? her whole entire neck so I was out with friends last night and We saw someone that we recognized because he is in our same for work and I didn’t really know whether or not. I was him at first because he Has a girlfriend and he was making out with other girls that I knew wasn’t his girlfriend He was cheating?! when I was leaving he sort of clotheslined me and put their arm out in front of me know tried to like pull me into the Place that they were in to his table like put his arm out like this And I was looking up at him and our faces were really close And he sort of like was right here.I feel he was more extreme. It was more extreme!? Who would do this to Meg? Meg you gotta tell us who this is! Jake Paul, say some names who is doing this to you guys? Mag said that she you like lossed your breath Yeah, like he knocked the wind out of me. He knocked the wind out of her neck! This is no, you should never hit a girl man. What are you doing? Whyd he put hands on you Meg? Time and I looked up at him, and I realized immediately that it was Banks. what? What wait a minute wait a minute? She’s just very very cold I realized immediately than it was. Banks. So you’re telling me, Banks, my roommate, was at a club and purposely just decided to choke you out? But are we talking about the same Banks? The guy that got kicked out of Target with me? The guy that let me tattoo his leg? The guy that I did the 24-hour Elevator Challenge was when he shit in a corner is the guy that assaulted this innocent girl I don’t know man Banks isnt really someone to put hands on a girl like Yo, Jake has just dropped a video there are two sides to every story But everyone skews things in certain ways and I know who you are as a human being more than anyone else in this world He never once explicitly said that it did not happen which to me as a viewer Means there’s a very good chance something like this went down like I did happen That’s why he never directly denied it happening And he knows that there’s footage and the police are getting the footage at with the police filing the police report it Oh, you filed a police report. I don’t know he looks really familiar to that one copy of your other video That wasn’t real so like are these actors again. We just don’t know nowadays I talked to Megan, so you’re still a little purple and green even a couple days after yet I honestly can’t even see a bruise and it just looks like it’s kind of dark there But I mean is it really a bruise. I mean, how do you even get one from a headlock? I’m an actor I see through it I can see through people on youtube like I don’t know why logan is even involved in this he has nothing to even do with this but he’s kind of like butting in and I mean Banks is one of my roommates that he’s upstairs right now and I kind of wanna get involved in this drama, too Yo, bro, it’s usually me in drama, but it’s you this time bro how you feelin right now? umm it’s been a long day Honestly, ???????? You had to do what you had to do, but I just feel like just to top it all off We just I feel like we should drop a district just either like the nail in the coffin you know You want to hit the studio right now? And just lay something down? Yo Banks is down to hop on the song this might be the best diss track ever people are like wait rice What do you mean a song on jake yeah, but like there’s new information out. There’s more things or rap about now Jake Paul, you guys know that I live with him for two years and.. what a minute whos that guy in the white Hoodie you so out of place honestly? He did assault me a few times.if we never agreed on something or something happened He would spit in my face, and this has happened multiple times He was like spit at like my feet the ground that I walk on he actually spit on Erica one time to learn she came She would come into my room all the time and like slam my door shut like I cannot deal with jake right now juice He’s the most sexist racist homophobe of the video. We were filming a video and he had a part We was like shoved me into like the pricker bush or whatever like like storing a cactus or whatever was so he pushed me way too hard he even told the camera guy before he Pushed me. He’s like you’ll make sure you get this movie funny. He could’ve just shoved me. He Shoved me all the way to the bush. He took my phone threw it at the wall We got into a fight I ran upstairs. He dragged me down the Stairs there like two or three girls. They’re like yo, jake assaulted me, too He would push me down in the ground was just very aggressive. He’s never shown up. He spit on them too, yeah Yeah, he would never you know what I kind of want a list of violet on the hook of the song, I think she would kill it. I mean she did good on the last one we did Alyssa, I know you like always want to stay outta a drama stuff But you have such an amazing voice like could you sing a hook to my new song? I Know but your voice is just so amazing and on the hook come on like just it’s everyday, bro So quick you now what I mean? Can you buy me chick fil a? Wait food? Like the chicken? I thought you were vegan! NO. Okay yeah ill just order some right now Oh, yeah, okay, okay? All right perfect But yeah guys I just wanted to make this video to tell the world that like – I’m sitting over here im bored I’m seeing all this thing unravel in front of my eyes. I’m just like you know I want to get involved on out, so look we got a song on the way I’m working we’re about to be working all that overtime. Thank you for making it to the end I’ll be posting video tomorrow you guys are the best But our squad is going up because Logan and Jake are losing subs! Im lowkey creeping up! Our squad is going up! I love you guys!

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  3. Team ten will beat you kid if you mess with them I wish your sub's will go down and Jake Paul will rise up and get more sub's and they will beat you up

  4. Play Jake Paul. Logan boss start saying Jake Paul like Easter saying Logan Jake Paul I'm saying now I'm saying Rock hair dish towel

  5. Boi f u jake Paul so jake says he is changing the world for the better but he is teaching little kids about assaulting and he is lying he wants views and the fact that
    People believe that what jake said is true but jake even doesn’t except the fact that he was cheating and assaulting her so jake you are a mistake your family knows it so jake just shut the [email protected]&k up

  6. damn when u realise jake paul ruined yt,by everytime lting about violence.and yt be like oh no thats 2 dangerous for kids 2 watch

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