Barbie – Don’t Waste Water! | Ep.165

Barbie – Don’t Waste Water! | Ep.165

Barbie – Don’t Waste Water! Good morning Miss Rogers Good morning class Miss Clarke has invited me here to talk to you all about saving water Why we need to save water? That’s a very good question Our city is going through a bit of a drought at the moment and… Drought? Yes When it rains, water falls on the mountains and runs into a reservoir or a big lake That water then goes to our homes so we have drinking water and water to shower with and clean the dishes So that where water come from That’s right! But what happens when it doesn’t rain? Water not go on mountains and into lake and we have no water for home Exactly! That’s what a drought is, so we need to start saving water at home Who can tell me how we can save water at home? Not leave the tap running? Good Don’t take long in the shower Oh, that what I going to say Very good! Let’s come up with a list of ideas on how we can save water Then you can go home and tell your family how important it is to save water You’ll never guess what happened today! What? Well… Mummy! Someone come to our preschool to talk to us about water Annabelle! I was talking! Sorry, I be quick What about water? About saving water She say we have a doubt here A doubt? Yeah and we need to save water Oh, you mean a drought Yeah, that one That’s nice Annabelle Anyway, what happened was… She tell us where water come from That sounds interesting So… She say we have to save water at home Good idea! When the girls… So we think of ideas so we not use too much water When the… Lots of ideas! Annabelle! Sorry Your turn Thank you! So when… Lots and lots and lots of ideas! Grrr! Hi Auntie Skipper You have a good day? Yes I did Annabelle You know where our Daddy is? I think he’s still in the shower How long he been in there? I don’t know, maybe five minutes Five minutes! I take care of this one Annabelle! (Singing) (Knock! Knock! Knock!) Daddy… (Knock! Knock! Knock!) Daddy…! Right! He want to pretend he not hear me! Hey! What are you doing? I teaching you to save water Save water? But I haven’t finished… What is going on here? I’m brushing my teeth Now, you not see anything wrong here? No Ummm, you wasting water silly! But I need it to clean my teeth Yeah, but you not need it on while you brushing do you? I suppose not Good And remember… I be watching you… Where’s your Mummy? I think she upstairs Why your hair look silly? Because someone turned the water off while I was having my shower Well next time you not take so long Anyway, tell your Mummy I’ll be outside washing the car Are you serious? What? You not allowed to wash the car! Yeah, lady tell us we not allowed to wash cars while we in a drought Look, I’ll be quick No one will even know But… I can’t believe he going to waste water like that I very ashamed of him Maybe we need to teach him a lesson… But I only just starting washing Doesn’t matter sir But I didn’t use that much water What going on out here? Someone told on me for using water to wash the car Really? Oh, that no good Hey, you’re the little girl who rang me I recognise your voice What! No! It wasn’t… I didn’t… Well you not supposed to waste water Daddy! Sorry sir, but she’s right There you go You have thirty days to pay that fine Isabelle, can I speak to you Sorry, we too busy… Hmmm… Alright, well I’m going to go have a shower now Good idea! Auntie Chelsea, you like to save water Sure! So what if I have idea for your shower that save water too? Great! I think we should all save water Wait right there! Here you go Enjoy your shower! What’s this? It’s dirty water It from washing machine Lady say we can reuse water so you use it for shower I’m not using this for my shower It’s dirty! And she say she want to save water Some people only think of themselves… Don’t take too long in the shower Auntie Chelsea! What you doing Mummy? I’m washing the dishes Well you not washing yet and you wasting water The water is heating up Well you can still use the cold water too Yeah you could fill up a bucket and use it for something else You know what, you’re right! That is wasting water Thanks girls! You welcome! What is that smell? I not smell anything Me either (Sniff!) Have you two cleaned you teeth today? No We saving water Go clean you teeth Fine! And have your shower too No! We waste too much water! Then make it a quick shower We will! This be the quickest shower ever! Ok, I put timer on for one minute Good idea! That plenty of time. Ready, set, go! Quick, quick! I washing myself… Scrub, scrub, scrub! And rinse it all off, and… Ohhh! The water so nice! It so, so warm! Come on Isabelle… Just a little bit longer… The timer about to ring Come in Annabelle The water is really good! Ok, but just for a little bit Move over! Well, what you think? This is so warm (Beep, beep, beep, beep!) (Beep, beep, beep, beep!) I could stay in here for ever! 20 minutes later Alright, we better get out You right I think we use little bit too much water Come on, let’s go get our pyjamas Oh, ummm… Hi guys! (Slam!) Oh ohhh… I think we in trouble for our long shower

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