Benefit Porefessional Primer Review – 11h Wear Test on Super Dry Skin!

Benefit Porefessional Primer Review – 11h Wear Test on Super Dry Skin!

hi guys in this video we’re gonna be
testing a primer by benefit and this is the Porefessional as you can see this
is not the full-size I got mine in a gift set and you can find this one in
three sizes this is the smallest one and the price of it is $13 we have 7 point 5
milliliters in this one the original size of it contains 22 milliliters and
the price of it is $32 this is one of the cult favourite products in the make
up history it is a very over hyped primer and also a very popular product by
benefit I was always very curious to try it because I liked pore minimizing
primers I really want to say how smooth it can
make my skin this product can last all day long so I’m going to do a wear test
and we’re going to see if it is actually long-lasting this primer is oil free and
it can give a matte natural finish I really want to see if that is going to
work on my dry skin it also contains vitamin E and you can use it under your
makeup and over your makeup I have never tried that before let me know in the
comments if you have a favorite drugstore or high-end
primer so that I can try it in a future video and let’s start with this tiny
tiny product headband on I’m gonna start off by applying the primer only on
half of my face so we can clearly see if it does something for my pores I didn’t
apply a lot it has a silicone II feeling so I think my pores are looking the same
but they have a matte finish now and it’s not a very dull matte finish it
doesn’t make my skin drier but I wouldn’t say that this is natural it is
very soft on the skin and it makes it very smooth so the texture is like a
very thin bomb it’s not liquidy it’s not like a moisturizer
and it also has a very light beige color it has a very light chemical scent but
you almost don’t smell it let’s continue with the foundation
because we don’t see anything with only the primer and I’m gonna use infallible
24-hour mud by L’Oreal I have the shade 13 base rose and I’m gonna play it all
over my face with a sponge by Catrice cosmetics on my cheeks that my pores are more
noticeable I’m pressing the sponge very lightly I can definitely see that my
skin is smoother on my cheeks it looks very nice and it gives a very blurred
effect on the areas of the have an enlarged pores it looks very nice on the
skin do you like it so it is very lightweight I don’t feel that I have a
pore minimizing or mattifying primer on my face my foundation is not overly dry
dull and matte it actually has a very light natural Sheen that I like my face
is not very sticky so I’m not gonna use a lot of powder
they did it in pink after that I’m gonna use the fitme concealer by Maybelline I
have the shade 10 with this product I’m covering the under-eye area also my
eyelid for any redness and veins I’m also applying some to highlight my face
like the sides on my lips on my forehead and chin the foundation didn’t move a
lot on my forehead or between my brows on my smile lines it is like I don’t
have any but I do and now I’m gonna set everything with a lot of Mercier
translucent loose setting powder usually with this foundation I need more powder
but because of the primer today I need even a less and I really like that
so after that I want to contour a little bit my face and I’m gonna use the wet
and wild contouring palette in the shade dulce de leche with the BH Cosmetics
brush number 3 I’m going to diffuse the darker shade on my cheekbones also a
little bit on the forehead and on the jaw line
with this one I’m going to sculpt my face and give a new shape with a smaller
brush by BH Cosmetics this is number 7 I’m also defining the sides of my nose I
really like this blush by Catrice cosmetics this is the blush box in the
shade 30 golden coral and with the same brush I’m gonna use it on the highest
points of my cheeks adding a little bit on my nose to give
like a sunburned effect one of my favorite drugstore highlighters is this
one by wet and white and this is the highlighting powder in the shade
precious petals I’m gonna use this with the brush II forty by Sigma on my
cheekbones hi guys it’s been eleven hours and let’s see what happened with
the primer I kind of forgot about the wear test because I was watching a very
old TV show well it’s not so so Walt but I was watching Gossip Girl it used to be
one of my favorite TV shows I don’t remember why but I didn’t watch the
fifth season and also the six actually have watched some episodes of the season
5 but I don’t really know what happened after that
also I don’t know who is Gossip Girl so don’t tell me don’t let me let me know
in the comments if you liked Gossip Girl or if you have a favorite TV show back
to the primer review I don’t have a lot of foundation around my nose because I’m
sick I also don’t have a lot of foundation on my forehead because I was
out I went to the mall and I was wearing a beanie heart that I bought from
Primark and you can see it in my primer card so also my scarf has removed some
of the foundation on my chin so I have a light glow on my forehead nose and
cheeks and I think a little bit on my chin as well the foundation is looking
very smooth and I like how it looks on the area that I still have foundation
because it’s been almost 12 hours that I have the primer on I didn’t have any
issues with all the face products that I have used today everything blended very
easily so it didn’t create a lot between my brows also on my forehead or in with
my lines that’s very nice I think I am a little
beat shinier but it’s been so many hours this is something that I can fix very
easily I’m gonna show you how take just the tissue and try to wrap it like this
on your hand without any wrinkles just Pat it and you’re taking the shine
away you also take a little bit of the
foundation but it’s not a lot and you press very lightly on the shiny areas
for this area here I’m going to wrap it around two fingers not four and just
stop it again if you have oily skin you can use also a little bit of powder and
you have to drive you don’t need it I think my first here are still looking
very smooth and I can say that this is a very nice for minimizing primer and I
like it a lot I also like that I don’t need a lot of powder to set the
foundation on top of this primer if you want to see my Primark haul you can find
it here if you like this video please give it a thumbs up don’t forget
subscribe and click on the notification well and I will see you in the next one

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  1. Hi gorgeous! Today we're testing a very overhyped primer by benefit! Do you have a favorite primer? You can find here yesterday's video: 💛💛

  2. I have this primer but don't reach for it a lot but I use it around my nose ware pores are then I use a hydrating primer every ware else

  3. Hi Vasilikis! My favourite primer is Light Correcting Serum primer in the shade Candlelight from Catrice. Sometimes I use it just to give my face a nice shine, without anything else ( for a natural look). I also don't use foundation, just BB or CCcreams.
    What's your favourite primer so far?
    Love your video as allways! Kisses! 😘

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