Benefits of Niacinimide for Skin

Benefits of Niacinimide for Skin

Do you have dry, dehydrated, aging skin? Or
how about hyperpigmentation and large pores? If you have sensitive, reactive, red,
blotchy skin, and you’ve tried Vitamin C, and you’ve tried Retin-A or Retinol, and
you ended up getting a rash or blotchy skin, then today we’re going to be
talking about another anti-aging alternative, and we’re going to be
talking about “The Six Anti-Aging Benefits of Niacinamide”.
Hi, my name is Christy with Go See Christy Beauty Boutique, located in
Southern California, and I have been treating clients with Acne,
hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and other skin conditions for
over eleven years, and we’re going to be talking about Niacinamide. I actually got
a couple requests the past two-and-a half weeks about Niacinamide.
One person in particular heard a lot about it on YouTube, put it on, and she
actually got really red, blotchy skin. So we’re going to be talking about
Niacinamide and how you can incorporate that into your skin care if you have
Rosacea, sensitive skin, or reactive skin. So the first one is, Niacinamide has multiple benefits. So it is an anti-aging ingredient, it actually improves
elasticity, it actually helps reduce hyperpigmentation, and redness, and
blotchiness, sallowness of your skin — which is the yellowing of skin. It
also helps with increasing hydration and helping this, the fine lines and wrinkles.
Niacinamide also has shown in clinical trials to be more tolerated by all
different types of skin types. Unless, some people have found it to be reactive
when mixed using Vitamin C and AHA’s — Retin-A’s and Retinols. So, also, if
you are using any of those products that is leave-on, and then you put Niacinamide
on top of it or it’s mixed, you tend to develop redness and rashes if you are
more on the sensitive side. If you are using an AHA-based exfoliant or
cleanser that’s rinsed off, that tends to work better with Niacinamide. It also has
been shown to SHRINK the pores. So, it is not only better tolerated by most skin
types, but if you have oily, or combination-oily, or breakout-prone skin,
with regular use it actually helps minimize the appearance of large pores.
Now this can also be because it actually increases the skin’s ability to hold the
water and increases the hydration capability of the skin. So with oily and
Acne skin types, when you have MORE hydration your skin produces a LESS oil. So, not only does it INCREASE the hydration capabilities of your skin, it’s
actually a moisturization-booster in moisturizers, and it actually helps speed
the Epithelialization of the skin, and helps the photo protection of the skin which
can then lead to the improving of the skin’s natural barrier. So whenever, so
for example, well-, when you’re reducing inflammation, or decreasing dehydration
of the skin, this actually leads to the overall health of your skin, slowing down
the amino-aging of the skin. Now before we get to the other benefits of
Niacinamide, if you are finding this information
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benefit! In clinical studies, when Niacinamide was applied directly onto
the skin, they showed results in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles,
reduction of hyperpigmented spots, yellowing of the skin, and blotchiness of the skin. In a
clinical study that was done on 50 Caucasian females aged 40-to-60, and it
was a blind test, placebo controlled, left-right randomized, and split-faced
test assessing two tropical products… Not tropical… TOPICAL! Tropical! Okay. Two tropical! I need
a little fruit thing on my head. Chiquita Banana! Sorry!
Like, I’m going cuckoo here. Okay. Assessing two topical products. So one of
them was just a moisturizer controlled product versus a moisturizer plus 5%
Niacinamide in it. And so what they found was, in that
testing, the people that use the moisturizer that had the 5% Niacinamide
had significant improvements in their fine lines and wrinkles, in their
hyperpigmentation spots, as well as the redness, blotchiness, and sallowness of
skin over just the moisturizer control products, so the one NOT containing the
Niacinamide. So like i mentioned before, some people have experienced some rashes
or skin irritations using the Niacinamide and it’s usually because
they are mixing, or using another product that has L-Ascorbic Acid — which is
Vitamin C — or Retinol, Retin-A, or AHA’s. And so if you haven’t seen the video of
“Anti-Aging Ingredients You Should NEVER Mix”, then go ahead and click on that
above or below to check that out. So if you are thinking about or considering
using Niacinamide and incorporating that into your skin care, then please hop on
over to my blog, we’re going to go ahead and put it in the links. To avoid making
this video much longer, I’m going to be evaluating some of the Niacinamide
products according to their ingredients and what I think may be a better fit for
your skin type. So, all the links, including to the clinical trials, or
products, or any of those will always be in the description below. And remember
that make-up is always an ART and skin care is a SCIENCE.

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  1. Some of the Niacinimide products are reviewed in the blog.
    Which Niacinimide Serum do you think is better?
    Paula's Choice 10% Niacinimide Booster?
    The Ordinary 10% Niacinimide Zinc 1 %

    I have reviewed them according to the ingredients list.

    Please note that the vitamin C that can cause the inflammation when mixed with Niacinimide is L Ascorbic acid and not necessarily the Vitamin C derivatives. Who is using Niacinimide in their skin care regimine?

  2. Thanks for the Video. I need some advice. I use Cera Ve foaming face wash with niacinamide then neutrogena water boost and cetaphil moisturizer with SPF 30. But my entire face is darker than it was before I started the regimen. Oh and I also use the bha/aha peel by The Ordinary. Help!!! I don't wanna use hydroquinone to lighten but I feel like look aweful. I will admit that the acne has decreased.. but the darkness is overpowering 😟

  3. S always another fantastic well informed video. You are bubbly and always love your bloopers and sense of humour 💖 I have been using niacinamide for around 3 months now at night straight onto my face and as yet no results in pores fine lines. How long before results are seen?

  4. Hi Christy, I’m hoping you can Help Me, I’ve just started changing my skincare routine with a few of The Ordinary products, fist I cleanse, then I add Vitamin C, then I mix a drop of each Matrixyl 10% + HA, Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, Ascorbl Glucoside Solution 12%, Hyaluronic Acid Pure by Timeless, then Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA The Ordinary, followed by La Roche Posay Sunscreen And My Face is One Big Pilling Mess, I was using Zo Health skincare before switching it up and Never Had this problem…What Am I Doing Wrong..I have to remove it to be able to put my makeup on because of the Pilling being So Bad….Much Love From Queensland Australia 🇦🇺… I did try Image skincare for awhile but found it did nothing for my skin…..🥰🥰🥰

  5. I’m 20 and still get mild teen acne that always leaves PIE and have super oily skin, I recently started using The Ordinary niacinamide+zinc serum and was wondering how long do you think will it take to see improvement? It’s pretty concentrated, at 10%na

  6. I’m using Vanicream on my face. ( The one in the huge tub). Christy; I have rosacea. The kind that doesn’t have the papules. The most common one that starts with an “E”. Lol I have VERY sensitive skin and dry. If I bought the brand called “ The Ordinary” niacinamide and use it with vanicream; that would be fine? What is the actual “ feel” of niacinamide? Oily, watery, slippery, etc? Ty ty ty. For reference; I’m half white and Native American, 43, and I live in Southern Florida.

  7. I've been using it and the supplement may help with Type 1 Diabetes and arthritis. Thanks for the video

  8. How do you fit niacinimide into a skin care routine when using tretinoid at night ? Thank you so much for your wonderful and informative videos.

  9. I dont know where to buy pure niacinamid here in Cambodia. What i have is laroche posay depigmentclar with niacinamide & it really works well & i luv it!! ♥️🥰😍

  10. Hi Christy, love you and your channel! I'm using nicotinamide (7%) on my skin for about a month, and I'm loving the results!

  11. I just adore you. You are fun, professional & possess a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate you sharing your amazing intellect & massive amount of information on skincare, product/ingredient knowledge, application & the do's & do nots. I look forward to seeing your next video. I'm already a follower. Cheers 😉 🌷

  12. Thank you for all your information… I have. Question, can I used Niacinimide with hydroquinone if I wait few minutes in between? Also the Hydroquinone I am using is for AM with vitamin C from Obagi, is ok to used in the morning? Please help me..

  13. My dermatologist was talking to me about this last week and it was the first I'd heard of it. Niacinamide is so amazing all of the things it can do…thanks for discussing all of the benefits

  14. My dermatologist was talking to me about this last week and it was the first I'd heard of it. Niacinamide is so amazing all of the things it can do…thanks for discussing all of the benefits

  15. My dermatologist was talking to me about this last week and it was the first I'd heard of it. Niacinamide is so amazing all of the things it can do…thanks for discussing all of the benefits

  16. Christy thanks for the information. I just want to know that present I don't have any skin issues except puffiness under eyes and dark circles & some slightly tanned area near my forehead . I m 35yrs old can i use this Niacinamide for future expected fine lines & wrinkles.

  17. Your videos have helped my skin so much! Based on your advice I've purchased serums, spray toner, sunscreen, day and night moisturizers and eye cream using the different products you've mentioned in your videos. I was having so many problems in my early forties like oiliness, large pores, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sensitivity and bumpiness. I had no idea what to do, but almost every problem has cleared up over the last few months. I'm thrilled and so grateful to you for explaining everything so well. My skin looks so healthy and so much younger now. I'm shocked! You're a great teacher Christy. Thank you, Elizabeth

  18. Question, what would you recommend for 2 patches of textured skin on the sides of my chin. I have a complete skincare regimen am/pm, I double cleanse when I where makeup, I mask once a week, I exfoliate weekly, & moisturize thoroughly. Any suggestions? Thank you. Cheers 😉🌷

  19. Hey there… Im really loving all your videos they are really helpful… I was looking ad your videos and I didn't find one video's whit tips for a completely daily routine for different ages and scene types… I really think it would be helpful for you us to make the videos explaining the daily routine because your GREAT doing it !!!!

  20. Hi Christy…thank you for this video…Please can you help me…I have yellow patches on different parts of my body ..I am dark skin and it is really noticeable…I have Hashimoto's would that have anything to do with it…Thank you in advance

  21. Thank you for sharing these informations! I own a niacinamide based cream that’s too thick for my face. Rather than tossing it, I used it on my finger where the skin barrier is compromised (I had quite severe contact dermatitis months ago and the skin is still dry with minimal redness). Pure oils, petroleum jelly and other lotions irritated my finger but aloe gel and the niacinamide cream has helped my skin barrier tremendously!

  22. Please what can I used for bumps on your arms????please if you can give me advice greatly appreciate…

  23. Christy thx for this awesome information, can you pl name a niacinamide product that i can buy on amazon, thx

  24. Your blog where you talked about tge naicinamide is not opening it say access denied so pl tell which one to use, thx

  25. I dont think the olay microsculptung / regenerist line contains retinol.
    Thx fr the reply Christy
    I bought DHC collagen spray ( has AHA too)and Lena and lina trio ceramides mist from costco
    Shd i buy HiQ cosmetics Co Q10 anti aging facial serum ( has B3, B5, HA acid and org green tea extract )
    I am presently using kakadu vit C but is is going to ne over soon
    I bought Shunly B, C, E + ferulic treatment serum ( has 20%vit C and hyaluronic acid) i also have shunly Vit A , E + ceramides treatment ( is this to be applied at night) as this has 1% retinyl palmitate.
    Now how do i apply both the sprays w these shunly serums . I will be so thankful if you can help w that.
    I did turn on the humidifier last night as im in north CA, it did help i think applied vit c waited 10 mn sprayed the DHC collagen spray and then applied micro sculpting cream as i was home , no spf .
    After days my skin was nit tight i dont know what helped. Also pl let me know if i buy the HiQ serum when to apply.
    You are a big help.

  26. I thought it was just my imagination maybe that my skin was getting yellow and sallow but I’m so glad to know I can do something about it with niacinamide.

  27. Hi from Tel Aviv Christie Thanks for the info. I use Niacinamide + Zinc and Hyaluronic Serum every day. What to put first and how long to wait between them. Thanks!

  28. If I use vitamin c serum then use niacinimide straight after does that damage skin I have heard that you shouldn't use those two products together

  29. Do I need to use Hyaluronic acid and Vit C serum if I start using niacinamide. If yes then when to apply what.

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