Beyonce Leaves Kobe Bryant’s Wife in TEARS (VERY EMOTIONAL)

Beyonce Leaves Kobe Bryant’s Wife in TEARS (VERY EMOTIONAL)

What’s up everybody! It’s BROTHER! I’m Terry! I’m Terrell and I’m Kaniyia and we are back with another reaction video and everybody everybody Everybody! Everybody! Today, we are reacting to Beyonce Live Performance – Kobe Bryant Memorial Service Rest In peace Kobe and Gianna and all the ones that suffered from this tragic accident it’s terrible man Anyway, Beyonce has known Kobe for a long time. Her and Jay Z. they were great friends so I hope you guys enjoy this I know Beyonce is gonna sound amazing rest in peace Kobe we want you all to like, comment and subscribe Turn on your post notifications where the bell is at, so you can be apart of the notification squad and join the family Wow I’m here because I love Kobe and this
is one of his favorite songs so I want to start that over but I want us to do
it all together and I want you to sing it so loud so they can hear your love ready? My goodness Wow Yeah Yeah That’s it! Yes Yeah Yeah Beyonce! Woah the darkest night Kaniyia: Yes ! Beyonce! Yeah! Oh Yeah!! Yes Woah I’m about to cry, I know I am. Oh.. man Beautiful Oh! Oh, man! Yeah Sing Kaniyia: Yes Yes Come on Sing it Oh Jesus, Jesus Thank you Jesus Thank you Lord My goodness Yes mam! Jesus Oh man Terrell: Jesus Yes Yes You can see Vanessa in tears Thank Lord Beyonce, she sang with her whole heart. I always feel Beyonce’s heart whenever she sings but it was something special about that performance Terrell: I really felt the anointing Kaniyia : When she said “he will be your, she will be your halo” Terry: Yeah, that hit me, I got teary eyed when she said that Beyonce looked amazing Oh my goodness. This was such a beautiful
tribute Kobe was a inspiration not only to basketball players but to everyone around the world The arrangement was beautiful too with the orchestra and everything I really love the texture of her voice is It’s really full Kaniyia: It’s so mature! Terrell: It’s full and thick The texture of her voice Yeah, I love it Beyonce looks so pretty Yeah she looks amazing She’s Aging really well Kaniyia: Aging like fine wine Again, rest in peace Kobe. I hope you guys enjoyed this I want you guys to like, comment and subscribe. Turn on your post notifications where there bell is at, so you can be apart of the notification squad and join the family you

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  1. PLEAAAASE react to Alex Newell singing I know where I've been! (It's the video with the only men choir!) So much love from Brazil for you guys!

  2. I cry through the memorial. Im so proud of Vanessa for being strong through this sadness. Continue to pray for her and family and his family. 💛💜💛💜💛💜

  3. From beginning to the end I felt chills after chills.. This touched my soul in so many different ways..
    Beyonce God bless you!!
    R.I.P Kobe and GiGi

  4. Its sad that kobe died…but thats just a good reason to perform for these people…too much#! She could of let it be more dsimple…this aint no concert..
    See you aqgain was 1000 times better

  5. She was staring right at Vanessa when Halo started… I sobbed yesterday while watching Kobe and GiGi's Celebration of life.

  6. 2:25 when you put your hand onto your nose like that. I was actually doing that at the same time because I felt it there. I felt the tension of that sadness and release right there. And my eyes just won't stop right now…

  7. Nice your guys reaction is serious on beyonce… and the rest of the reactions on other videos is humorous which I love. If I had a YouTube reaction I'd treat #TheKingOfPop this way, and only for him. I miss him such. And #RIPKobiAnd Gigi🙏🏽🌹.

  8. que ele e a filha dele descansar em paz lá do céu como nos DEUS abraçodos com ele ,ele e ela ouviu e viu e chorou muito e sorriu de alegria por te ouvido as músicas e as palavras das pessoas que ele e ela ama muito

  9. I held my breath during the performance. I guess I should be relieved Beyonce did not sing, I was here. I might have lost it if she did.

  10. Damn Beyonce my throat already hurts from being sick and I was holding back my tears. Now my throat is on fire lol. My God that was so beautiful! ❤️🙏

  11. Hello, I'm a fan of you, I would like to know why you like Brazil so much?
    Would you like to know which place in Brazil?

  12. Oh guys, it’s always emotional when she sings halo for those who left us to soon, please react to her tribute to Michael Jackson she also sing “halo”

  13. Can you please react to ERNIE ZAKRI – KU BERSUARA #AJL34 . she is incredible and a vocal coach, u guys would never expect about her high note!!! She ia a singer from Malaysia!

  14. I was balling my eyes out yesterday while watching her perform during my professor’s lecture🥺😭😭 This performance made me so emotional!

  15. People care more about the death of someone "famous" more than their own family members nowadays… "fans" isn't another term for "friends". It is sad for anyone to pass away but atleast it isnt someone close to you. He is just a basketball player. Not your dad or mom…or sister/brother… people gonna hate on me for this but it is true. Not dissing this video btw. I love this youtube channel.

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