BFF Thrift Store Makeover Challenge – Shopping While Blindfolded / JustJordan33

BFF Thrift Store Makeover Challenge – Shopping While Blindfolded / JustJordan33

(upbeat music playing) – Hi guys! It’s Jordan and
today we’re with my friend! – Hello! I’m Illeana. – And we are going to be giving each other extreme makeovers at the thrift store. But, there’s a twist… We are going to be blindfolded. (laughter) Oh no! So this is kind of crazy,
we’re going to literally just go into the thrift store and try and pick out
outfits for each other blindfolded. Dun dun DUN! – And with the thrift
store, you have no idea if you’re going to find
something absolutely amazing or if you find something super terrible, there’s no in between. You never know what you’re going to find. – Yeah I’m a little nervous because whenever we do these
blindfolded challenges it’s always like, it never
really turns out good because you can’t see,
like, what’s matching and what’s not, so this is
going to be very interesting. We’re doing thrift store edition! Let’s go to the car and
head to the thrift store. We’re in the car and we’ve just
arrived at the thrift store. I drove! There’s a
steering wheel. (laughter) So, before we head inside, Illeana, do you have any
strategies for this challenge? – I am going to go around and I’m gonna, like, touch everything and if it feels not regular,
I’m going to grab it. – Oh, so you’re going to try
and go crazy for an outfit? – I’m going crazy for you. – Okay, I was thinking of
going a little normal for you. – Okay. (laughter) – I think my strategy is,
honestly just like grab the most random stuff, like,
I’m gonna try and feel and make sure it’s like, a normal,
like, fabric that I would typically wear. Like, I’m
gonna go for comfort for you. – Oh yes! – So if it feels comfy,
’cause that’s my style, like if it’s comfy, I’ll wear it. – I love comfort. – So like, if it feels comfy,
then I’ll get it. But… – What I think is going
to be hard is sizing. – Sizes are gonna be so hard! – I feel like sometimes in
a thrift store, stuff is just kind of thrown everywhere. – Yeah. – I don’t even know. – We’re gonna see… Oh no,
what if we get like, one that’s not our size, like not at all. – If it’s just all oversized,
or too small, that won’t be good. – We’re going to have to
just figure it out and style, and see if we can make it work. Oh no, okay, well… – We’ll have to try! – Let’s head inside. – We made it to the store,
all right, put on your blindfold! – No. (laughter). Okay. – [Jordan] If you come this way. Go! That’s the rack. Oh my gosh.
Go ahead and start feeling. – Oh this one is so soft. – [Jordan] Wait you like, what? – It’s just really soft, I like it. – [Jordan] You like this
one right here? Okay. – Um, maybe. – [Jordan] All right,
that’s a possible option. – Where are your sizes? I
wanna pick not your size. – [Jordan] You want not my
size? Okay, you can just… Do you wanna go to a new rack? – Yeah. – [Jordan] Okay, all right let’s go. Here’s this one right here. Oh my gosh, I’m kind of
nervous to see what she picks out for me, honestly,
because, I don’t know. – [Illeana] None of this…
They all just feel like regular… Oh, wait, whoa, whoa. – [Jordan] Oh, she just
found something that does not feel regular. Are you going to go with that one? – [Illeana] What about this one? – [Jordan] What, that one right there? Are you gonna get it? – I don’t know, we just
hold on to this one. – [Jordan] Hold on to it? Okay. – Then if I find something better… – [Jordan] That’s what
she picked for right now. We’ll see though. She likes
it because the texture, so, we’ll see. Are you –
you’re gonna keep it on hold? – Yeah. Just hold it. – [Jordan] I’ll hold it.
And we’ll see if she can find anything else. So far, that’s her options. I
mean, are you ready to choose from those options? – I think, yeah, I’ll pick from these. – [Jordan] Okay, so hold
up all four of them. Which one do you want? (laughter) This is gonna
be so hard ’cause you can’t see any of them! So you’re like… – I forgot which one this
one is. I don’t think I’m gonna go with this one. – [Jordan] Not that one? – No. – [Jordan] Okay, alright. – This one though, this
one seems exciting. – [Jordan] (laughter)
This one seems exciting? Are you gonna go with it? – I don’t know, ’cause I
feel like this one is coral. I feel like this one is
colorful, more colorful than then others. – [Jordan] Which one? The one
in front? The long sleeve? – Yeah. I don’t know. – [Jordan] Well, I’m not
sure. I can’t give any hints. Like, I really, I wanna say something but I can’t say anything. – I want a colorful one so bad. – [Jordan] All right. – Okay. – [Jordan] Which one
are you going to pick? – All right, I’m just going to…. – [Jordan] Final decision
in three, two, one. – I want this one. This one right here. – [Jordan] This one? Okay, all right. – The first one that I picked, right? – [Jordan] Yes, that’s the very first one. – I think that one is the best choice. – [Jordan] So here’s what
she chose for my shirt. – I just really hope it’s colorful, ’cause I want it to be colorful. – [Jordan] Okay, let’s move on to pants. – Okay, they’re skinny jeans. – [Jordan] Okay. – But I don’t know how big
they’re gonna be. Like, they seem kinda big. – [Jordan] Well they do
feel, they don’t feel like regular jeans, like
actually when you feel them. They’re kind of like, I
don’t know how you’d describe them. – They feel like they
are colorful. I can… I’m sure they’re colorful
jeans, ’cause colorful jeans and denim have a different,
like, feeling to them? – [Jordan] Yeah. – I don’t know, I’ve had enough
jeans in my life to know. Okay, I’m gonna hold on to
these. Because now every pair I feel like I need to hold on to. – [Jordan] Okay, she went to another rack. – I’m getting these, these
have to be embroidered. – [Jordan] Let me see…. – Just feel it. – [Jordan] Okay. Okay, these are Illeana’s
three options that she picked out so there’s these
lovely pants, there’s these ones and there’s also this
skirt that she picked out. – I don’t know which is the
front or back, but skirt! – [Jordan] Okay, so which
one do you think you’re gonna go with? – Oh, I don’t really know. If these are skinny jeans,
I’m going with these. But, they’re bootcut. – [Jordan] Oh, we can just cut them. – Oh, they are bootcut. – [Jordan] Oh! They do cinch! – I’m getting these then. – Okay. – I’m gonna take these. – Okay. – I want the embroidered
ones, and they’re skinny jeans. – All right, we’re going with that one. Okay, no we’re gonna go to the shoes. Okay, I lead Illeana over
to the shoe rack, and there are a lot of choices. Okay, we are in the shoe
rack and everything, and Illeana’s looking right here.
She’s feel around for shoes. But you guys, I’m going to
keep this a surprise, so you guys won’t be able to
see what shoe she picks out until the end when we assemble the outfit. So this is going to be really interesting. – [Jordan] Illeana, you can
take off your blindfold now, you’re all done with the challenge! All right you guys, it’s
my turn. I’m putting on my blindfold, I’m trying really
hard not to look around right now, it’s so hard.
But we’re going to start off with shirts, and then
we’re gonna move to pants, and do like, all the same
order that Illeana did. And, I don’t know, I think…
I don’t know. I kinda just wanna go, like, for totally
random. Like I think I’m just gonna pick out and be
like, “Eh, this is good.” So we’ll see what happens
with that. Okay, here goes the blindfold. Illeana, where should I go
for my first rack? Just like, these two? – [Illeana] Let’s go,
yeah let’s go this one. – This one? – [Illeana] Yeah this one. – Okay. – [Illeana] Jordan, you’re
gonna hit your head! – (laughter) I found one! Just kidding. – [Illeana] Oh my gosh. – This is so weird, I don’t
even know where you guys are. This is so weird because
like, I literally have no idea what it is. Like, I’m
like “oh, I like this one, let’s check the price, That’s a steal of a deal.” – [Illeana] Oh my gosh. – We’re going with that one. – [Illeana] Oh my gosh, okay. – We’re actually gonna go with
that one. ‘Cause I feel like, Oh, whoa. We’re going with this one now. – [Illeana] Okay. – We have to go with this one.
It’s the first thing I pick. – [Illeana] Okay, that sounds great. – This is what we’re doing. – [Illeana] I love how, when
you checked the price, you looked at the wrong side too. – Now, oh, these are like jeggings. They’re like stretchy, kind of, ’cause they’re like… – [Illeana] Love them. – It’s really comfy. Oh my
goodness. Where’s my basket? Okay. Um, I don’t know. I
wanna find like, sweatpants, ’cause that’s comfy, and like,
that’s like the best pants ever. So… or leggings.
Leggings would be nice. – [Illeana] This might be fun, Jordan. – What is this? A zipper?
But there’s no zipper, it’s broken. Oh, we’re
not gonna get that, that’s too fancy. – [Illeana] Love it. – (gasps) Oh, we have to get these ones. – [Illeana] Oh my gosh, okay. – We’ll see, okay. We’re
gonna head over to shoes now! Whoa! They’re heels too, and
they’re like fuzzy, or like, they’re like scratchy. – [Illeana] Fuzzy. – We made it back from
shopping! (laughter) Anyways, we made it back from
shopping, and now we’re home, and we’re going to reveal
our outfits to each other and actually try them on, and
see what it looks like. Okay, we’re going to have
Illeana show me the stuff that I picked out blindfolded,
and she’s gonna go try it on. But like, I’m excited to
see what it looks like. Actually, wait, wait! Do you
want to just go try it on, and then like, I see it,
like, in all it’s glory. – Yes, yeah. Let’s do that. – As like, the full outfit, versus like… – Let’s do it. – …different pieces. Okay,
yeah, get changed and we’ll see what it looks like. Illeana’s going to try on her
outfit right now and I’m just chilling over here, with
Logan. Say hi, Logan. And we’re chilling on the
couch, and I’m a little nervous, to be honest, because like,
this is the stuff that I picked out, and I’m, I feel like, I
feel like I did not do that good, honestly. Like, I
kind of tried a little bit, but I also kind of just went
crazy and just picked, like random stuff. So, we’ll
see if any of it matches. Cross our fingers that it
does! You guys, this is Illeana’s makeover, so… All right, so, Illeana’s
telling me to close my eyes, are you ready? Oh no. Oh no. – (laughter) These don’t fit. – Oh no, I’m nervous! – Are you ready? – Ready? – I’m sorry. – (gasps) – I can’t… – (laughter) I got a stuffed
animal, and this is what I picked out. This is not
what I was expecting at all. – I’m gonna fall out of these. Seriously, – Oh my goodness. – These are a size too small. – Oh no, sorry I picked the
wrong size shoes, whoopsy! – Oh my god. – Oh my goodness, wait it’s
just these, these are the shoes? Well they’re like fluffy, I
thought they were going to be like, different. – Okay. I could be a sugar glider. – (laughter) like the chipmunk,
sugar glider thingies, little animals, that’s so funny. – ‘Kay, but the shirt’s cute. – The shirt is cute. That’s
actually really nice. Wow, actually, okay, that’s not horrible. The colors, I feel like,
if the pants were black… – I think they’d have to
be cinched up, thought. – Yeah so if the pants were
black, I feel like it would match better. But like… – It doesn’t, it’s not supposed to match. – It’s not, it’s not horrible. Like, I feel like, it’s… It’s okay. This is just my favorite
part of the outfit though. The things you find at
the thrift store, I guess. Okay, wow, um, well there’s
Illeana’s outfit, I think, should I go try on mine now? – Yes. I’m sorry. – Okay, you’re going to get
to see the outfit that you picked out for me. – Okay. – ‘Kay, here comes Jordan. – Hello, my darling. – No, you look so good! Wow. – Do you like my shoes? – [Illeana] Oh my gosh, those are amazing. Here’s the embroidered pants you picked. – [Illeana] You actually matched them. – I know. That’s the funniest
thing, I got this while I was literally changing
downstairs, I was like, oh my goodness, all these
colors actually match, ’cause there’s like,
purpleish blue on the purse, that matches my purple sequin
shoes. The embroidery… – Oh my god. – Matches perfectly with this
shirt, like, are you kidding me? This is just, you did so good. These pants actually like,
throw me back to my childhood a little bit, because like
the material is like pants that I had when I was like,
a little kid. Don’t you remember Mom? Like, a pants… – [Jordan’s Mom] With embroidery too. – Yes! Maybe these are, these
are my old pants. No, my old pants would be way too
small for me. These are like, these remind me way a tonne
of my childhood, so weird. Okay, it’s your guys’ turn!
Comment down below whose outfit you like better. Do you like
my outfit my outfit that I’m wearing right now, or do you
like Illeana’s outfit that she’s wearing right now? All right, thank you guys so
much for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up. Subscribe through the subscribe
button, from red to gray, and I’ll see you all next time. Bye!

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