Blackheads : The Low Down 🤓😨

Blackheads : The Low Down 🤓😨

hey you guys how are you today in this
Monday January so I am Joan and I am the Scottish skin guru now there is a
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today I want to talk about something I get asked about all the time so blackheads
what are blackheads? what causes black heads? what do I do when I get them? how do
I stop getting them? oh my goodness all of it the blackheads so I think what
we’ve got to start with is explaining exactly what a blackhead is right so the
word is Commodo. A Commodo is a form of blackheads and a Commodo simply is
where the hair follicle or pores you’ve got all over your body there is a
sebaceous gland attached to the hair follicle and the hair follicle produces
sebum your own natural oil that comes up to the top it’s there to lubricate your
hair and also lubricate and protect your skin so it comes up to the top and then
it comes out onto the skin surface but it’s got a really good job and it is
very very good to have sebum. it’s great to have it especially the older you become
you really want to keep it so the issue occurs when it becomes blocked this hair
follicle and that’s what Commodo means a blocked follicle ok so there’s two
types of blocked follicle and we mentioned the first one is the blackhead
and this happens when the oil comes up the top and it mixes with skin debris
dead skin cells and the whole thing mixes together oxidizes with when the
air hits it and it turns the opening black
so hence blackhead but you’ve got the other type of commodones that are when
it comes up to the top surface the oil mixes with the dead skin it sometimes
can complete over the top and be closed and it looks like a whitehead
so the whiteheads are the other form of commodo
okay so commodo is singular commodones is plural and you’ve heard of terms like
non comedegenic comedogenic, comedogenic which means
this would give you like heads okay and that’s good terms to look for although
I’m not sure to believe every single product when they say it doesn’t attract
blackheads so let’s get in to it a bit further so what should you not be confused about
is the black heads and sebaceous filaments and these are easily confused
so when you think about a blackhead and if you expressed a blackhead you would
get a worm like thing yes sounds horrible doesn’t it? doesn’t it and I’m sure some of you have
done this but always best to do it in hands of professionals if you can if not
a really good blackhead like the pimple popper quite like that
you know blackhead extraction – mm-hmm so what was the meaning about this
there’s a sebaceous filaments they also resemble blackheads because there’s much
smaller in size and they can be black but if you express them it would be a
thin creamy and hair like that would come out okay a hair like thing that
would come out so it’s very different from a blackhead so don’t get it too
confused this is one of the reasons why I’m not so keen on the Biore Pore strips
no hey listen I know before your big night out before your dinner your pals
your partner whatever you look your best and that’s when you tend to buy types of
things like Biore Pore strips you put them over and when you take it off it
looks as if all the black heads have gone and I understand why that’s a good look
right but I do think that some of these things do pull out the sebaceous
filaments and I don’t think that’s a good idea
you see sebaceous filaments okay what they are for is in the hair follicle
they produce dead skin cells that go around it you know the inside of the
hair follicle and acts like a channel almost sebaceous filaments act like a
channel to allow the oil to come up onto the surface seeping at a nice pace
okay that’s what that’s for it’s really to create
this channel to enable see him to flow nicely onto the skin okay so they got a
job to do sebaceous filaments but he lets go back to the bad guy he’s the
black heads so one of the things I keep getting asked as all my sons skins
dirty all the time, he’s got so many blackheads I’ve had that a lot and I’m
here to tell you it’s not a sign of a dirty face having blackheads it’s just I
simply It looks like an overproduction of the oil gland and that is all is it’s all
to do with oil production of sebum flow in that person’s skin and we can all
have blackheads right and we can have them at different times during their
lives, puberty’s a classic one when oil productions in full force and you can
see that a lot of teenagers girls and guys we’ve all got them across here
especially me right across there and the t-zone where you have more oil
production you tend to see them there quite a lot in this area too and all you
need to know is that it’s just to do with oil production it’s not a sign of a
dirty complexion however what I do think you’ve got to do is a few steps to
really get them to look better to stop them from forming and all of that can be
done so what can you do the first thing is if your are prone to blackheads is
absolutely cleanse your skin morning and night now when i say cleanse your skin there
is one super ingredient that’s gonna absolutely cleanse your skin really well
and the ingredient that’s you’ve got to be looking for in cleansers is salicylic
acid so you may ask what salicylic acid salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid
what that means is it’s oil soluble so I know we’ve all heard of acids and fruit
acids and there’s glycolic acid lactic acid mandelic acid and all these acids
that we use to shed skin get the skin to flow and shed off the skin and that’s
great doing that to enable the skin to look smoother but the only one that’s
oil soluble is salicylic acid so why is that important
because it’s going to get into the pore and dissolve the oil in the pore yes it
is it is so you need to be looking for salicylic acid in your cleansers
definitely now cleansing your skin in the morning
using your cleanser i’m still of that school of thought that I do like you
using a face flannel especially if you’ve got the blackheads going on
so rinse the face cloth out in luke warm water you have massaged in the
cleanser over the face and neck you’ve taken time paid really is more
blackheads are prominent you’ve taken a time to do that get the face cloth and
take the cleanser off the big thing is taking off gently make sure that the
water there’s lukewarm water than it not hot hot water or not cold cold water
lukewarm water to cleanse it off and then Pat the skin gently dry skins gonna
feel a lot better and you do that and do that at night but at night I want you to
double cleanse at night I know that’s a term
everybody in their grannies talking about now double cleanse double is like a
trend happening well I’ve always been for the double cleanse I’ve always been
for it so especially at night where you’ve had all the dirt these dirt,
Grime & bacteria and even if you wore makeup all of that so that’s all on the skin you
need to double cleanse at night yes you do however are you a gym buddy? which i
think is great if you do exercise of any kind during the day that’s fantastic for
skin because you’re getting that oxygen all round feeding and nourishing the
skin oh I’m absolutely for exercise but after exercise you’ve perspired the
sweat on your skin mixed with the daily grime and bacteria so that is an absolute
case where you’ll get blocked pores because oil likes to stick onto the skin
so you have to cleanse your skin again after after that so carry a travel size
cleanser in your gym bag always a good idea mm-hmm so what else so I’ve told
you about the salicylic few other things you need to watch out
for is using a skin scrub I do think using a skin scrub two or three times a
week is great when you have got blackheads because you want to define
the pores you want that to happen now if you double cleansed at night and I do
prefer especially if you get sensitive skin using this skin scrub at night
after you’ve double cleanse the skin use a skin scrub but gently it remember it’s
all about gentle skin scrubs I don’t want anything scratching the skin you
know because I don’t want you to get any irritation I don’t want any inflammation
going on on the skin at all so we want a nice skin scrub it’s going to polish the
skin surface okay I’m happy for you to do that twice or three times a week
now the guys however they’ve got thicker skin then the girls out there so guys
can use a skin scrub as a gentle daily wash they can do that I’m happy for them
to do that they can use it during the daytime but really if you’ve got sensitive
skin or finer skin really using the skin scrub at night is the way to go so
exfoliation so you’ve got the exfoliation going on with the salicylic
acid and and the skin scrub taking off your dead skin cells so you’ve
cleaned out the pore you’ve taken off the dead skin cells the skin started to
look a bit fresher what else can you do? now I need you to think about this one
because it’s hard to get this round in your head but the UV rays outside and
inside if you’ve got UV anywhere inside when that goes on to the skin penetrates
outer layer the skin it does it does I could scream that it penetrates the
outer surface to hit the way the collagen lies and the dermis layer so if
you do that and you let UV do that it’s degrading and damaging the collagen
fibers the support network that you’ve got in the dermis the thing is when you
do that actually right it causes the pores it causes the
skin to lacks that causes the pores to open more yes it can give you open pores
so here I’m saying it again but you’ve got to put the sunscreen on every
single day no matter the weather put that on is the last thing on your skin
every day and protect that collagen protect against open pores lack skin
that’s what you do it so what else can you do well the thing about it is fake
tanning and all fake tanning is that the safe tanning well is the see if tanning
isn’t it turning but I have to tell you that Dehydroxyacetone the acts the
actual ingredient in fake tanners that make your skin the surface look tan also
aggravates and gives you blackheads the way that it works just a general way
that tanning lotions work that’s what they do they stick in the pores and on
the face and on this area here wherever you’ve got any open pore going on that
will look like it and it will become a blackhead just by using fake tanners and
that’s not solution for that area so what to do is use a fake tanner on the
body just don’t use it on the face or neck if you can okay better with
bronzers and that’s the other thing make up you know make up the things to look
for a make up as the dye colors and I think it’s yellow dye and red dye that’s
in makeup they can actually aggravate and make blackheads more prone because
they will stick in to this the pores and stay there so be looking at makeup and
look for that word non-comedogenic hard for me to say that I’ll tell you on
a Monday especially so I think I’ve told you all about the things to do what to
do how to prevent black heads and the last things to think about is yes it’s
great to go and get a facial I’m all for going and getting facials and speaking
to a trained esthetician someone has experience in doing a lot of different
facials and you can have a microdermabrasion and or dermaplanning is
very popular just know that is all fine and well and even chemical peels have
got their place and helping your skin to not have so many blackheads because it’s
unblocking the skin but here’s the thing facials give you a temporary fix so even
if you went for a facial today because your blackheads are annoying you
it’s a temporary fix and yes the therapist will spend time absolutely
squeezing the blackheads out now hey i’d rather she was doing it, than you were doing it
but but but but it’s not getting to the problem and it’s all about fixing the
skin problem and understanding what’s going on and normalizing the oil
production in your t-zone if that’s what’s going on so you have to do that
so that means the homecare the skincare you are using is paramount to having as
Least as least blackheads that you’ve got or less of a skin problem so be thinking
about that I’m all for facials and skin care and together Wow that is our thing
facials and skin care but there’s skin care for me is a bit higher up the scale
to make sure the effect is long-lasting to get you to healthy happy skin it is
one last thing I’ve gotta mention is please please don’t squeeze
blackheads yourself I’ve already mentioned the epidermis then you’ve got
the dermis and the collagen fibers if you squeeze the blackheads yourself or
pick it the skin you’re really can affect the dermis where the collagen lies
and you can scar your own skin by just going in too deep yes you can cause
inflammation infection you can turn that your pore into a real full blown cyst
something like that just because you’re too rough with your skin uh-huh
so if you’re that type no I want you to think gently let’s calm the skin down
let’s give a nice deep cleanse use the skin scrub and go for a facial if you
really want one I’m absolutely good for that so I hope
that’s been helpful about blackheads today have you got any questions about
your skin if you’ve got a question about your skin an issue that you can’t solve
please put it in the comments below and I’ll answer them I promise okay or you
can email me if you want a consultation that’s free about your skin I’m happy to
do that you just email me at [email protected] but have a great
week and I hope everything goes well for you this week have
a terrific week bye for now you

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