BOTOX Experiment gegen Schweißflecken

BOTOX Experiment gegen Schweißflecken

You are watching “Total Versext” and today I am in Rosenheim (Germany) at the beauty clinic “AMOSARO”. Maybe you can already see it or suffer the same Problem as me I am not kidding, thats how I sometimes look during summertime. Especially with this type of fabric. As male, you might know it from suits. Your shirt gets all sweaty in the back. You need to take 5 shirts with you, or beeing nervous before a date. I am here today to see if there is a solution for my problem. Dr. Sandweg, thats the boss 😉 Hello! May I call you Mr.Doctor 😉 Maybe you can see what my problem is?! Yes A “slight” underarm wetness It is not that illogical that someone sweats this amount. This form is extreme yes but there are a lot of people with the exact same problem. Especially during summer, when it gets warmer. But also in winter there are people sweating because of nervousness or the sweat of fear. There are people with excessive transpiration. “hyperhidrosis axillaris” This a real condition it happens without an occasion You can do something about it. what? “Axillaris” thats a real name! The easiest way, we offer here is to clog the sweat glands with Botulinumtoxin or Botox! With Botox we can clog their activation. This will last for 6 months. I would recommend that. First we put a creme for anesthesia on your skin. And afterwards we inject the Botox next to your sweat glands. after 3 to 4 days the sweating will stop. Are there any negative side effects? Like an allergy or a swelling? For the next 6 Months? The best thing about Botox is that there are nearly no side effects. There are NO allergies. You might get a bruise. But thats only a problem if we inject Botox to your face. No swelling, no paralysis so no worries. I am a bit nervous, although I am not scared of needles. But hopefully this condition will be history. We start now with the ointment. A lidocain tetracain gel to sedate the skin. I will also mark your skin later. We focus on the part where hair grows. There are also the sweat glands. So if someone has a lot of hair under his arm he has more sweat glands. But also people with less hairy zones can sweat a lot if suffering from the condition of excessive transpiration. But can’t this be unhealthy too? If I am sweating a lot under my arms maybe my body needs that?! Yes the sweat needs to go somewhere but the rest of your body keeps sweating. Sweating helps your body to regulate the temperature. You can handle that with the rest of your skin. We only treat 5% of your body surface. So that’s like nothing. But there are also sweat glands responsible for your odour. We also clog them. I haven’t heard that that’s having any impact on your organism. There are still other glands on your body doing that job. It is only occuring to me that I sweat under my arms. So I was a bit worried that this might be unhealthy to stop that. But obvious this will happen somewhere else. I just wanted to show you what doctors do during the waiting time: That’s Julia by the way. They are checking their blood preasure. As you can see we are having a lot of fun 🙂 And I totally feel numb already 😉 I don’t know 😉 OK: Nathalie my camerawoman. She just wanted to stab me with a scissor. You know that Botox works with a small needle right? NOT WITH THAT! That’s just for grabbing stuff. I touched it, it’s not sterile anymore. Your one time chance to see my armpit. If your are into armpits. They will be botoxed in a minute. Doctor 😉 What a service, he even swiped of the anaesthesia gel. I just wanted to let you know: If you are into armpit sweat: During Sex, the smell will only be a little less strong. So you can still get this as a present for your girlfriend if you are into armpit smell 😉 And again my armpit 😉 Just for you It’s for desinfection. Because I am wearing deodorant. I actually tried every deo on this planet. He is now marking my hairy zones. I should shave better next time 😉 That doesn’t matter… Shaved or not I see it. A little shaddow. I also tried the extreme dry deodorants. And of course the normal ones too. And all together and the onyl thing that happened was a rash. You should maybe stretch bevore doing this. Just kidding 😉 I am just excited thats why I talk so much. Like a grid. You might feel a little prick. Ok I feel nothing 🙂 Ok maybe a little bit 😉 I inject the botox now where your sweat glands sit. Close under the skin. It’s not a deep sting. That’s funny. At some areas I feel it a little like here. That’s because your nerves are spread differently. You are so fast! It’s the first time I am doing it 😉 Just kidding 😉 Doctor Sandweg is actually the intern here 😉 But he can still talk while he is working. A good sign 😉 Once I went for a blood sampling. And I need to apologize at this point. Because… Ok I cant tell the story 😉 You cant talk during the treatment 😉 We are nearly done. There was an older guy and a young doctor. And I thought that the older guy must be the experienced one. But it was the young doctor beeing an actual doctor and the older guy was the intern. And afterwards he thanked me for beeing his first patient. That was a prejudice. Now some cooling. A little product placement 😉 Doctor am I a brave girl? Are there people complaining more? Oh yes! Really but they come voluntarily?! Why do they complain if they pay for it? The degree of suffering is different for everybody. And if you sweat a lot you are not really voluntarily here. I get it. How much Botox do you inject? 50e. or 125 Compared to the forehead? how much would you inject there? Less! The amount of one armpit could treat the whole face! Forehead, eyewrinkles, glabella wrinkles How long will it take to operate? After 3 days!!! Why does it take 3 days? Damn it i have an importan appointment tomorrow 😉 Botox blocks the nerve who is responsible for your facemuscle or perspiratory gland so he cant activate any more. Sweat gland are activated through a nerv. and the botox needs to link to the responsible nerve. That takes 3 days and afterwards the transmission is blocked. The botox will stay there 4 to 6 months. Afterwards it disappears and the nerve will activate again. So the plus side is if you dont like it: it’s gone after 6 months. or you need to come back after 6 months. Matter of expense: 500 to 600 Euros? 580! Will last for 6 months. Will save you a lot of trouble. I will give you an update after a few weeks. How I like it 🙂 And if it works. I will also give you a heads up. And you can also make an appointment here: And you finde Dr.Sandweg on his Website. The Website is linked in the infobox. Below the video. Thanks for watching 🙂 A few weeks have passed. I am living with Botox under my armpits now. AND I LOVE IT It’s just a dream. If you are suffering from excessive sweating: DO IT for yourself. All 6 months you have to repeat it. But I can wear this kind of shirt now. I am not afraid any more when I raise my arm. There are no more yellow spots on white shirts. From sweating or deo. I don’t smell. I can wear shirts more often. Spare time doing laundry I went shopping and buyed complet different stuff. For the first time I bought dressed with sleeves. It’s just amazing. If you are afraid of needles… well thats the only down side: You need to endure 20 stitches. But it only takes 5 minutes and then it is over again. I can only recommend it. I will for sure do it again! It’s nothing you need to be ashamed of. Just go to AMOSARO. They are such a nice team. And Rosenheim is worth a trip 🙂 Maybe it’s not far from your home anyway. And now: Thanks for watching. All the best to you! Click here to subscribe. Here is the next video.

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  1. Ich habe es noch nie gesehen bzw. davon gehört, dass es so was gibt. Ich überlege noch ob ich es mache. Bin ein ängstlicher Mensch. Wann kommt dass Video zum Thema Englische Erziehung?

  2. Bitte mal ein Video zum Thema Peitschen/ Gerten, Weiblicher Po, Richtig fingern, Größe, FKK machen

  3. That's the first time I'm hearing about this…
    3:44 Saluting you for not being ticklish 🙂 I have a friend who could never hold her arm up in this situation

  4. Der Arzt verharmlost die Wirkung von Botox total. Außerdem kann Botox zu Lähmungen führen. Viele Neurologen nutzen die Wirkung des Botox um gezielt bestimmte Muskelareale zu blockieren z. B.: Bei Parkinson, Spastiken und ähnliches.

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