Boxing Training With No Trainer? – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Boxing Training With No Trainer? – Sweat Inc., Season 1

I want to introduce you to the Focusmaster G-1000
striking machine. Focusmaster is a kickboxing,
boxing-inspired workout. This piece of equipment
simulates working with a boxing coach. Picture your favorite
boxing coach holding mitts. Anything they can do, these machines can do,
if not as good or better. What is the business model? We’ve been selling
to home users and, you know,
martial artists
and fitness junkies. What we see here
to the home consumer? Exactly, yup. – Okay.
– What’s the cost? $899 for a single unit. On the consumer side,
that’s a pretty pricey
price point. At 900 bucks per unit, the Focusmaster
is pricing itself out of the market. The average consumer only pays around 650 bucks
for a home gym station, so he may need to work
on his price point. Everything we do
is broken down into 30-second intervals,
and it’s a circuit-based. The point of differentiation is that it’s striking,
punching and kicking, and kneeing and elbowing,
hitting our machine. You’re going to work
a particular combo for 30 seconds,
hop off, do an exercise. Back to the same combo,
a minute break, then you rotate
to the next combo. And then you’re also doing the functional
body weight exercises. This is for any age,
any fitness level, anybody looking to get
the best shape in life. Here’s the first round.
Take a look at your combos. Left foot forward,
right foot back. Hook, hook,
uppercut, uppercut. All right.
Tito, you’re going to work
those leg kicks, all right? One, let’s go. Right. Two now.
That’s it. Come on, baby. Back to those Navy SEAL day.
Let’s get into it, baby. That’s it.
Show me the speed there. Jill:
I think Tito might break
the machine, man. Kyle:
Bop, bop. That’s it.
Left. Right. Left. Give me two body shots
and the uppercut. On the Focusmaster, I really
wanted to get a little bit more give on the Focus pads. I don’t want to hurt my hand. [ mumbles ]
Two, one, rest. Did the arms feel hard
when you hit it? – It’s a little–
– A little stiff, right? Yeah, and it’s a little… It is hard for me to hit
a hook up here. We’re going right to it now.
Wide push-up, here we go. He’s delivering
a cool workout. It’s almost stronger
than the machine itself, and he should really shift
the focus of his business model to somehow
monetize the workout instead of the machine. Obi:
Huh. Good work.
I love it, man. I burned 93 calories
in seven minutes, but I didn’t really get
a lower body workout. My biggest concern
with Kyle’s workout is most
of his strength exercises engage the upper body. So, there’s a real imbalance
in his program. He needs more
lower body moves. I have problems
with these machines. The sturdiness
of the bars themselves, when you hit them,
you’re hitting something hard. Anybody for their joints,
ligaments, when I’m hitting something,
I want to have a little bit of the giving
for the resistance. So, I don’t want to hit
a brick wall. Hit a brick wall,
I’m going to hurt myself,
hurt my elbows. These are
right out of the box, and what happens
is they start breaking down. They’re like a catcher’s mitt
after a while, but yes,
when you get them out, they’re a little stiff,
they’re a little rigid, and this program
is not necessarily for Tito and professional fighters. People that buy our equipment,
it’s somebody who’s got the basement,
the garage, and just likes– He’s a boxing, kickboxing fan. It’s fitness
that’s what you– – Jill: No, uh-uh.
– That’s what– I don’t want to hear,
“It’s good enough.” There’s no such thing
as good enough. I don’t give a [no audio]
about good enough. Good enough
can get [ no audio] out of the building right now. It’s good,
it could be great. ‘Cause I did feel it, and I felt it
in just a few minutes. Kyle:
I’m bummed Tito Ortiz doesn’t think the surface
of our target is something that he wants,
but I think what we have at Focusmaster
is a whole ‘nother level. It’s programming. It’s a working model, and I hope
the judges see that.

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